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The Trend Glasses

The hottest sunglasses of Summer 2015….. The Dior “So Real.” If you want to sit in the front row of the trend wagon…. pop a pair of these babies on…. simple, easy & stunningly fabulous. Made of metal and plastic…. these Dior sunglasses come in three different colors… black (black with an insanely fabulous two tone lens) Havana (brown) & Paladium (silver). I purchased the silver and I must say they are totally brining out my inner Andy Warhol.

Between $485.00 & $560.00





The Classic Aviator

You have seen these classic Porsche Aviators on me in so many different photos. They come with black and brown interchangeable lenses. Easy to pop in and out… so easy to wear and classically beautiful. Bringing out my inner Tom Cruise in Top Gun.




Laura_Dunn-Porsche Sunglasses (1)

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38 thoughts on DIOR Sunglasses

  1. Starting reading before seeing these little gems on you, and my first thought “Dior, Oi Vay, money money money, and then found myself upset after further reading plastic!!
    But when I did see them on you, Well ” they r gorgeous”.
    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

  2. Hmmmm…….I think it’s you that makes the glasses!!! The Dior glasses look like they are made for you and the pictures are absolutely stunning!

  3. Love these Dior sunglasses on you!!! I have a pair of the Porsche Aviators from the 80’s!!!! Think I’ll bring them back to life again! xoxo

  4. I could never pull off those sunglasses! I have such a hard time finding a pair to fit my face and these definitely wouldn’t work. Total bummer! They look fabulous on you though!

  5. Ooooo! I love those! Super cute! I need to invest in a good pair of glasses! The cheap ones just don’t cut it!

  6. I usually wear the aviator type glasses. It might be time to switch it up. I love the uniqueness of the Dior’s! They look great on you!

  7. I really like the aviator glasses. I’m not sure I can wear the other ones. Do you know if either of these are polarized?

  8. I have to wear cheap sunglasses since I brake and/or lose them ALL the time! I wish I could have a nice pair, but I just don’t trust myself. I can’t afford to keep replacing them.

  9. I was devastated last year when I left my VERY expensive Chanel glasses in a restaurant bathroom but I was so lucky that there was a good soul who returned them to the manager.

  10. Great sunglasses! Very hip and unique. I wonder what they would look like on me. You seem to be able to wear anything and everything and look like you stepped out of a magazine!

  11. Not too long ago, I saw Beau’s “Closet Confessional” on YouTube and almost died when she pulled out the sunglasses box! FAB!

  12. I just purchased my first pair of aviators (thank you for the inspiration) and I swear I get a whole new persona as soon as I put them on.

  13. Sunglasses are the ultimate tool for good people watching! 😉 I just hate when people where them at night…it looks so stupid. Love the Dior style. This might be my next pair!

  14. I will never forget when my Husband almost killed me for buying a $600 dollar pair of Dior glasses! And NO, I didn’t return them!

  15. I really like all kinds of glasses but aviators look terrible on me personally. But I do love Dior glasses and the So Real’s.

  16. My Optometrist has told me for years how important it is to protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes. No woman wants to speed up the production of crows feet!

  17. I was smart and saved every pair of glasses from the 60’s till today. My Daughters are in glasses-heaven!

  18. I like the aviators but prefer the big thick glasses because they protect my eyes more from the damaging sun.

  19. I need prescription sunglasses. I don’t think these come that way. Although they have come a long way with prescription sunglasses! I have a really cute pair of Chanel’s!

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