Drink your way to Perfect Skin




laura dunn fabulous 354 skin cocktail green drink
Famed Nutritional Therapist, Vicki Edgson knows that the way to perfect skin is from the inside out. Vicki has come up with a cocktail that ensures within two weeks…. our skin will be glowing. While this little libation may not taste so great…. it is a skin powerhouse and something that all of us (men too) should be drinking on a daily basis. After one glass full…. I swear I could see a difference in my skin…..
Laura Dunn Fabulous 365 Beautiful Skin Cocktail Green drink
                  We are all just sips away from beautiful and glowing skin.



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17 thoughts on Drink your way to Perfect Skin

  1. Yum, yum!! I’m ready for this !
    I swear JLo sold her soul to the devil for her glowing skin. Or her make-up artist is attached to her hip. Whichever & Whatever I want it!!! Tough to drink you say, “I’ll hold my nose for glowing skin”.
    Thx love!!

  2. Too bad it doesn’t taste very good, but I do want to try it. Since it’s helping one’s skin from the inside-out, maybe it helps all the body’s skin, not just the face. Can’t wait to find out!

  3. I have taken so many vitamins and drinks that dont taste good that one more wont hurt. Like they say “Beauty Hurts”

  4. I dont think i can do this…. I have such an upset stomach that I dont think I would keep it in long enough to do something to my skin 🙁 but thank you for sharing such wonderful idea. Like always you look stunning in your pictures.

  5. would enjoy this drink more if it was advertised less severely and artificially…. just a thought. it doesn’t seem very genuine and everything seems pretty staged and repetitive

  6. My Dearest Readers,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your daily messages. It makes all the hard work that goes into this blog… worth every second.

    Eliza Darling…. This is a blog. NOTHING here is advertised. What a blog does…. is allow me to share with you (the reader) information that I have found to work in my life. I am not being paid to write these stories…. in fact I am paying to write them (How crazy is that!). I have been a research addict since a young age…. so this is a site where I share with you…. what I have found to help make my life better…. if even in a small way. Today’s story is about The Flash Tattoo and the number of people that loved those tattoos were astounding…. so I wanted to share with you something that could add a little fun into your life…. or just make you a little happier…. or not. Flash Tattoos did NOT pay me…. nor did I receive free tattoos from them. I bought all of the ingredients for this story. This cocktail, while it may not taste the best…. will truly help make your skin look better….

    Hope this clears up how this site works…..



  7. I have tried so many things that were just a waste of money and they didn’t work. Regardless of the taste, if it works, I am willing to try it out. Thanks!!

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