Old School Anti-Aging! 
I can’t even believe I am writing about these archaic strips of paper. But here I go…. 
I was at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills when I spied William Jenkins… the Kate Somerville anti-aging specialist. Now when I say William on a bad day…. has amazing skin… I am not kidding. But on this day…. his beautiful skin was exceptionally fabulous! Dying to know what he did…. I pinned him to the wall and begged for what procedure he had to have done. His reply…. He started using the old school Frownies again. I laughed my way all the way to Whole Foods where I immediately purchased the Frownies and a spray bottle of RoseWater to help adhere the Frownie to my face. That night I applied the Frownies to my entire face…. I basically applied the each individual Frownie on every inch of skin…. by spraying the shiny side with the RoseWater and then placing and smoothing on skin. I even applied to my neck. Now sleeping with hardened paper on your face and neck is not the most comfortable thing on the planet… but beauty hurts Kids! And it was worth every moment of un-comfort. I awoke to silky smooth and amazingly pore-less skin. How they work? I have no idea…. But….. they work! 
Here is our mini tutorial on how to apply the Frownies. So easy a child could do it!

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29 thoughts on Frownies

  1. You silly goose. I honestly believe u Don’t need this.
    But the mere mention of the word gives me goosebumps ! I experienced a hideous sales lady at a apothecary store, and when I asked her for a certain product she slid these little Ole’ hollywood things and said “What u really need r these for the frown lines on ur forehead”. Well suffice to say, I never went in there again, but made a bee line to my Botox rx. That’ll teach her!!!

  2. I’ve never heard of these, but am willing to try them. Do they really work that fast? One night with these and your pores are gone? Where has this been all my life?!?

  3. Men have no idea what us beautiful women have to go through to stay on top of our game and feel good! Beauty does hurt, but it’s oh so worth it in the end!

  4. This getting older thing is a lot of work trying to keep your skin nice and youthful (healthy). I am willing to try it all and see which works best for me. I will be going to WF this evening and sleeping with “Frownies” on tonight! I hope I don’t scare my hubby, heehee!

  5. I have been using these for years but they were getting really hard to find. Way to bring a great product back into the light.

  6. Even though you won’t get the results you would get from Botox Rx, it is a noticeable difference without having to get a “Procedure” done.

  7. Old school, for sure! But highly effective! I will have to check my local Whole Foods to see if they have these.

  8. This is new to me. But I don’t think I can do this if they are uncomfortable while sleeping. I already have enough problems sleeping, I don’t think I should add this to it. Can I do it during the day (while I’m at home ,of course)?

  9. Although I am not at all opposed to some “Work” now and again, it’s nice that I can do an at-home trick to support the other work.

  10. So many anti-aging products out there, it’s overwhelming to know which is best for you. Thank you for giving us information we can actually use. I’m willing to try anything, but trying everything gets to be too expensive!

  11. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could just go have a face lift! But in the meantime, I use this and it really helps!

  12. I just turned 30 and it’s refreshing to hear that there is always new or in this case old things that come back and help us keep that youthful look!

  13. I saw these lil strips at the beauty supply not too long ago and I was wondering that the heck they were!!! Eureka…thank goodness I have Fabulous365!

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