Genlux Magazine- Spring Edition


I had goose bumps when I saw the final cover of the Genlux Spring 2015 edition. I have to say that this could be one of my all time favorite Genlux covers! Elizabeth Hurley looks like a dream and I was even more excited to learn that our brand new beauty editor, Beau Dunn… helped coordinate on this shoot. On the newsstands now…. the spring edition is one to not be missed!!

The back cover ad this month. Thank you Stephen Kamifuji for the amazing design….. and always helping Fabulous365 look so good!


By the time you see this….. the most anticipated new series of the season… starring Elizabeth Hurley will have premiered on “E!”

“The Royals”



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23 thoughts on Genlux Magazine- Spring Edition

  1. Congrats Beau!!!! Bravo you gorgeous Angel, the apple sure dosen’t fall far from the Tree!!!
    Love all your pics LD, can’t wait to get my sweaty little philangees on Shinso!!
    The see – thru dress, simple Gorgeous!!
    Brava Ladies!!

  2. I totally agree with your fashion tip! I still look good and want to feel just as good in what I’m wearing. Unfortunately, we are getting older, so we have to compromise. And that is a good compromise! Although I still wear my minis! 😉

  3. There is nothing you and your family can’t do, and do it well! Congratulations to your beautiful daughter. Both the cover and the back are absolutely fabulous!!

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