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Make up: Edgar Santos
Did you know that the area around our eyes uses 22 different muscles ….and blinking occurs approximately 10,000 times a day? No wonder that our poor orbital area is so compromised…. And no wonder wrinkles and crows feet are a given as we age. While most products target the delicate under eye tissue…. who’s minding the upper eye? Dr. Nadine Pomarède, who works with ioma.… says that the upper lids play a a much bigger role in how we look than has been taken into account. The neglected upper eyelid needs love too….. and I am pleased to report that the LOVE is finally here! 
Flash back to couple of weeks ago…. I was at the new ioma counter at Saks Fifth Avenue and they have some really cool stuff. They have a machine that will actually analyze your skin and give you the low down on what exactly your skin needs to look it’s best. I asked the beautiful girl behind the counter to give me her top product choice to try…. and try I did! 
So last week…. I wake to eyes wide shut! My eyes were so swollen from the last night’s meal…. that I almost had to cancel our photo shoot that day. I then remembered the ioma Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate that the beautiful ioma specialist gave me weeks prior. I quickly applied and within 15 minutes…. my eyes were literally camera ready. The difference was so dramatic that I was actually speechless!! Lifted, dewy skin was all that was left in the wake of application. Do I recommend the ioma Flash Youth? So much so…. that I do believe that everyone person over 35 years of age should stock this product in their beauty bag…. and especially our men that have heavy lids. One outta 10 for lifting results? 10
After we went to print… I found out from the Saks Fifth Avenue make up department manager…. that Saks no longer carries the ioma. Please see link below for purchase.


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11 thoughts on ioma Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate

  1. Good Morning Bright Eyes! Awwww! Yes ioma, they also have the toy that measures how dry your complexion is. And yes of course they have wonderful moisturizers, that your skin really absorbs. Products r expensive but worth it! At my age I definitely need injectibles and always something good, topically to slather!!
    Freeze-frame please, camera ready, Cut!!! Yay!!

  2. I just turned 35 and am starting to notice things I never saw before and I think buying this product may help me out a little!

  3. This stuff works great for me because I don’t believe in plastic surgery so I can still get the effects without going under the knife!

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