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Using 365,000 pulses of ultrasound, the JeNu Infuser is a revolutionary way to infuse product into our skin. I received my Infuser a month ago…. and of course couldn’t get it charged quick enough! Thankfully it was so simple to charge by just attaching the unit to a futuristic wall device (that came with the device) and…. 20 minutes later I was up and running. I used the MicroSphere Conducting Gel that came with my JeNu and my DNA Eye Renewal, eye cream 3 nights in a row and could actually see a difference after the first application. By night 3 I was sold…. hook, line and sinker. The best part of the Infuser? The automatic shut off. After 60 seconds the hand-held device will turn itself off so you know that area is done… and it’s time to move on to the next part of your face. After I finished my eyes (all the way around) I started in on my upper lip (also with the DNA Eye Renewal) and 60 seconds later it was stunning. As you know… we all have such different skin… so what works well on your skin may not work so well on mine and vice versa. But after pouring through so many reviews on the JeNu…. it looks like we just may have a serious winner on our hands.


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31 thoughts on JeNu Review

  1. You have stunning skin! If these kinds of products is what gets you to like the way you do, they should be paying you for your blog! Seriously!

  2. Putting the eye renewal on your lips….Brilliant idea! I would have never thought of that, but it makes good sense!

  3. I love the skin care blogs. It gives me something new to try and then I can decide which I like best. This one looks pretty easy to use too.

  4. I’m still using the Clarisonic system you featured some time ago. I absolutely love it. This is something similar?

  5. Every woman needs tips on keeping their skin fresh and youthful. Yours is amazing! Thank you for always sharing your beauty “secrets”!

  6. It looks like you only need a small amount of product, so a tube would last a little bit!? Out of work right now, so I’m trying to maximize my money as much as possible….while still looking fabulous!

  7. I’m new to this blog. A friend of mine turned me on to you. I’m glad she did. I’ve gone through some of your past blogs and they right up my alley! Every thing you have talked about, I can relate or I have been educated on. Thanks for having me!

  8. Travelling in Asia and JENU just makes my skin rejuvenated. Can’t travel without it. So small it fits in my purse…never leave home without it.

  9. Devices like this work. Sometimes it’s just genetics that help us have great skin but it takes some help with great products (like PCA skincare) and devices like this. Give it a try. It can’t hurt. Plus it is easier on your wallet than a face lift.

  10. Qo u ld like to see actually people that have used it Before and After . I have a Medical Spa and won’t like to sell something that really doesn’t work !
    Thank You

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