Men’s Grooming…. keep that Hipster Beard Clean!


LAURA-DUNN- Men's Grooming Keeping a Beard Clean

Men’s Grooming…. Let’s keep that hipster beard clean!! When a facial hair trend hits…. it really hits hard! Beards are not just for LumberJacks anymore… they are for the total Hipster! They are for anyone wanting to ride the hip train and anyone wanting to look so hip it’s cool! personally think it’s such a fun masculine look and think that everyman should give it a go at at least once before this trend ends. With that said…. let’s talk about GROOMING. So at this point I think we have all heard the stories about comparing the bacteria in men’s beards…. with toilet bowls. After some serious investigation we found out through SNOOPS…. That these studies are fake… and according my source…. Amber… A real “Wiskerina” (The USA’s Beard & Mustache Society) these stories were made up by the shaving cream and razor companies to boost sales.

No matter what…. If a man is going to have a beard…. he must properly clean.



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22 thoughts on Men’s Grooming…. keep that Hipster Beard Clean!

  1. I married my husband with a beard…….many, many years ago – if it weren’t for his profession, I think he would have one today 🙂

  2. I love a man with a bread. But it has to be a close bread. I don’t like the breads that are in right now. They look messy and itchy. It’s just not my thing. But a little scruffy is good!!

  3. Ooooo, I love a bread! The longer and messier (but clean), the better!! It just represents a manly man to me. Someone strong (even though it’s got nothing to do with strength). Just very attractive to me. I hope this trend lasts a long time!!

  4. As in celebrity status, who’s your favorite bread? I have to say mine would be Zakk Wylde (rocker), however, his isn’t always clean! LOL

  5. Beards are for sure in right now! I see them everywhere!! Some good, some not so much. If you are going to grow a beard, it has to be groomed, combed, styled or trimmed and definitely CLEAN!! Some I see food and that’s just gross!

  6. I find it weird that almost every man’s beard grows red hair regardless of what color the rest of the hair on the their body is!

  7. I am down with the beard trend but men, keep it short and trim! Those creepy lumberjack beards are a girl deterrent!

  8. Awwww I’m so glad your mentioning hygiene on this!!!
    Yuck!!! Suffice to say , years or ions ago I went on a date, with of course , a really nice guy with a beard. And at the end of the date he leaned in to kiss me goodnight and I’ll never forget that his beard smelled of our Italian dinner, spaghetti!!! It has turned me off to beards for over 2 decades!!
    THX LD!!!

  9. The problem is, even if it is clean, it doesn’t look like it is! I know for sure my guy keeps his beard clean. It even smells clean. But it doesn’t LOOK clean when it’s too long. Appearances are important and if you look dirty, people are going to assume you are!

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