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I recently read an article in a very well-known health magazine and was so freaking excited to share that story with you…. that I just had to tell my daughter Beau first. When I excitedly explained to her my story… she laughed hysterically and said she had already heard this information at Pepperdine. As photographer, Ana and I were shooting… I told her what today’s story was about…. and she too laughed out loud! She also learned about this information at University of Miami. WHAT? Where was this info when I was in college?

Pineapple & Sex?

Let’s talk Pineapple My Most Beautiful Peeps!

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Let’s first talk science…. according to my many days of research on this topic…. there is not a lot of scientific evidence to support what I am about to say, but in a study done on the blog www.porkandgin.com (hahaha are you laughing? cause I am!) it confirmed the next sentence. Eating pineapple and other sweet fruits will help our nether regions (aka: vaginas) smell and taste sweeter. Yum! Since an important component of the odor is caused by sweat…. foods that cause our sweat to be more odiferous will most likely do the same for our vag. If we are ingesting foods with strong odors like garlic, curry or asparagus…. it’s a good possibility that it will translate to the smell in our vaginal area. According to many other sources –  same goes for boy’s semen. Keeping clean and dry down there is also a MUST for odor control and personal hygiene. Here are a few other ways to keep our privates clean and working perfectly….

5 Vagina Rules





So let’s re-cap….

Follow the “5 Vagina Rules” and why would we NOT want to consume as many sweet fruits as possible to keep the Vag smelling and tasting sweet. Just PLEASE remember…. sweet fruits are just that… sweet and filled with fruit sugars…. so eat in moderation for your diet. We can also add to that sweet list: ORGANIC Kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, mango, green tea and parsley. PLEASE NOTE…. if sweet foods make for a sweet smell and taste… remember the stinky foods can cause stink. Another notable…. smoking can cause the “bits” to smell like an ash-tray… who wants ashy smelling bits?

With Some Seriously Sweet Love,

Laura Dunn

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30 thoughts on Let’s Talk About SEX!

  1. The good news is I love sweet fruits! Especially pineapple! The bad news is I think I consume way too much for my diet! I just can’t help it!

  2. Who wants (bad) smelly anything, let alone in the southern regions! Take care of yourselves ladies. It’s important!

  3. I’m with you, I didn’t hear about this in college either! Maybe we are “seasoned” just enough that this info wasn’t going around the campuses at that time? But good information to have now though!

  4. You aren’t lying when it comes to menopause! This sucks! Thank you for the information. I’m sure it will be very helpful!

  5. Sex! My favorite subject! This is all good information, as I am going through some of this now. Thank you for your insight and time researching!

  6. I love it when you speak to us as if we are sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace! Thank you for the great info as usual!!! You look amazing and the pictures are perfect!!! XOXO

  7. Not long ago I was talking to my gyno and she said do not douche! I guess it rids your body of the natural enzymes that your vag needs to keep itself normal. Don’t wash away the good stuff!

  8. Ever since menopause, my lady-bits have been less than cooperative! I finally went to[my Dr. mind he prescribed some real good lube and now the Hubby is very happy again!

  9. Great topic today! Most people are too embarrassed to discuss this kind of thing. But it’s real and we can’t get advice without talking about it. So thank you for your candidness!

  10. When I told some of my friends this awhile ago, they didn’t believe me! I’m going to have to send them to your blog to say “Told you so!!” 🙂

  11. Wow! I had no idea about this. Very interesting! And it definitely makes sense! And why do they even still sell douching products, if it’s not good for you?!?

  12. Bravo for taking this subject on! Who doesn’t like SEX? And if we can have even better sex, then spread the word! Let’s start educating!

    • Agree totally on the bravery of he subject. I feel like I just eavesdropped on a group of women and got some valuable information that I would normally not have heard. Fantastic! Bravo.

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