INSPIRATION: Southern California has many great lifestyle magazines…. but no one focused exclusively on fashion, beauty and accessories. The national magazines like Vogue and Harpers, as compelling as they are… all the editorial is tagged to NYC. For someone living in Los Angeles, this can be frustrating if you want to purchase something in your own backyard. So Genlux was born: a publication like W, In Style, but everything tagged in Los Angeles

Founder: Cecilia Moreno/ Publisher/ Editorial Director


Whenever I tell people that I’m a Fashion Editor at Genlux Magazine…. the first thing to come out of their mouth is…. “I Love that Magazine!!!” I have been (with honor) a Fashion Editor Genlux for four amazing years now…. and have loved every second of it. Genlux is Los Angeles’ premiere fashion and luxury magazine. Never before have I been associated with a publication that is so highly respected and such a powerful force in the fashion arena. I had the pleasure of producing my first fashion story called “Seventies Remix” in this current issue, and it can be seen in all it’s glory half-way through the magazine. The spread stars first time model Corinne Digiamo – she will blow you away – and Rayana Ragan.

You can pick up your copy on the newsstands now with the beautiful Andie MacDowell gracing the cover…… and I must say that this could be just about our best issue to date!



With all my Editorial Love,


GENLUX_SS15_LAURA_FAB_360_ADAn ad running in this months edition of Genlux

signature Laura Dunn

Orange Is The New Black!



The many shades of orange – from coral to burnt – whether you choose one or pick them all, be sure to wear Orange this summer of 2015! As the hottest color of summer, Orange screams “beach,” and is a natural complimentary color for the hot weather months.


Did you know that Orange is the color of joy and creativity?  Orange is also associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination!


It’s funny… I was never into orange until I wore a bright tye-dye sweater for a photo for Fabulous365 – my skin was absolutely glowing! Orange will bring out our skins natural golden undertones and accentuates a tan – helping us look and feel healthier. You can wear it head to toe with these perfect summer nail colors! Just don’t mix with black as it can look very Halloween-y.


We are sporting a couple of looks today. Starting with our orange tye-dye Michael Kors, leather neck, halter dress. This dress will give you a golden glow regardless of whether or not you have a tan. We also paired a bright coral wrap with a pair of cotton paisley pants that were found at Target on a Pennies & Posh run. Comfortable, hip and oh-so-groovy, any paisley pant will do to bring up the hip factor this summer. Add in the color orange and glow like a true fashion-is-ta!!

Fabulously Yours,

Laura Dunn


signature Laura Dunn


signature Laura Dunn

Men’s Grooming…. keep that Hipster Beard Clean!


LAURA-DUNN- Men's Grooming Keeping a Beard Clean

Men’s Grooming…. Let’s keep that hipster beard clean!! When a facial hair trend hits…. it really hits hard! Beards are not just for LumberJacks anymore… they are for the total Hipster! They are for anyone wanting to ride the hip train and anyone wanting to look so hip it’s cool! personally think it’s such a fun masculine look and think that everyman should give it a go at at least once before this trend ends. With that said…. let’s talk about GROOMING. So at this point I think we have all heard the stories about comparing the bacteria in men’s beards…. with toilet bowls. After some serious investigation we found out through SNOOPS…. That these studies are fake… and according my source…. Amber… A real “Wiskerina” (The USA’s Beard & Mustache Society) these stories were made up by the shaving cream and razor companies to boost sales.

No matter what…. If a man is going to have a beard…. he must properly clean.



signature Laura Dunn

24/7 Urban Decay Review By Laura Dunn

laura-dunn-eyeliner-urban-decay- review

24/7 Urban Decay Eyeliner Review by Laura Dunn


When celebrity make up artist Edgar Santos endorses a product…. I listen. Edgar’s pick? Urban Decay’s 24/7 WaterProof EyeLiner Pencil. Edgar has been using this pencil on my eyes for months now and it wasn’t until I used it myself…. that I totally understood just how amazing this pencil truly is! With just one stroke…. this liner delivered an intense smudge-able color that… once it set… it did not move! When I go out at night the last thing I do before getting out of the car is check my eyeliner to see how much has smudged under my eyes. Upon arriving at an event a couple of nights ago…. my usual check was one of sheer delight! My eyeliner was PERFECTLY in place… with zero smudge! It was nothing short of a miracle! I cannot tell you how much this little black pencil has changed my life….. I no longer have to worry about eye checks all night long. I now know that where I put my liner… there it will stay! Thanks Edgar for the amazing recommendation and thank you Urban Decay for making what could be the best eye pencil I have ever used!  


24/7 Urban Decay Eyeliner Review by Laura Dunn

24/7 Urban Decay Eyeliner Review by Laura Dunn


                  Urban Decay’s 24/7 EyeLiner Pencil Comes in 10 intense colors 

With some serious un-smudged love!
Laura Dunn


signature Laura Dunn




I just read the most amazing article on Anti-Aging. It involves Telomeres…. the caps on the end of chromosomes that protect our DNA from damage. Telomeres naturally shorten with age… stress, smoking, obesity and sun cause the telomeres to shorten prematurely and have been associated with higher risks of chronic disease. Now here is where my ears perked up….. studies have concluded that these shortened telomeres can also make us look older. “You know how some people who are 70 that look 90?” says Immaculata DeVito, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. “They probably have shortened telomeres.” So it’s all about the telomeres today. We are listing a few ways to help halt the shortening of these caps…. while improving our overall health. 


It has been shown that women and men on the Mediterranean Diet have longer telomeres. Rich in in vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole fish, legumes, whole grains, olives, oil olive and a moderate amount of red wine…. the Mediterranean Diet can actually help reverse aging.


TA-65 is a nutritional supplement that proponents claim can not only slow telomere shortening…. but can actually lengthen existing ones. TA-65 derived from astragalus root… a very powerful antioxidant… which is said to activate the enzyme telomerase…. which will actually counteract telomere shortening. The pill is reported to work best when use with positive lifestyle choices. Of course there is controversy around this magical little  pill…. with some doctors having concern over cancer risks associated with telomerase activity. So before ordering TA-65…. please consult with your physician….. and your wallet…. a supply of 250 pills costs around $600.00. 


Staying active…. In a study at McMaster University Medical Center in Ontario, Canada… it was found that moderate endurance exercise for 30 to 45 minutes per week… over a three month period developed younger looking skin. At the microscopic level, people in the study had skin that was about 20 years younger than when they started. Elliptical, biking and running are just a few ways to to reap the anti-aging benefits of a cardiovascular workout. 

There you go…. 3 ways to younger and more vibrant skin. 

With some young love!!

Laura Dunn

signature Laura Dunn


Old School Anti-Aging! 
I can’t even believe I am writing about these archaic strips of paper. But here I go…. 
I was at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills when I spied William Jenkins… the Kate Somerville anti-aging specialist. Now when I say William on a bad day…. has amazing skin… I am not kidding. But on this day…. his beautiful skin was exceptionally fabulous! Dying to know what he did…. I pinned him to the wall and begged for what procedure he had to have done. His reply…. He started using the old school Frownies again. I laughed my way all the way to Whole Foods where I immediately purchased the Frownies and a spray bottle of RoseWater to help adhere the Frownie to my face. That night I applied the Frownies to my entire face…. I basically applied the each individual Frownie on every inch of skin…. by spraying the shiny side with the RoseWater and then placing and smoothing on skin. I even applied to my neck. Now sleeping with hardened paper on your face and neck is not the most comfortable thing on the planet… but beauty hurts Kids! And it was worth every moment of un-comfort. I awoke to silky smooth and amazingly pore-less skin. How they work? I have no idea…. But….. they work! 
Here is our mini tutorial on how to apply the Frownies. So easy a child could do it!

signature Laura Dunn

Guinot Demaquillant Express Yeux Eye Make-Up Remover

Beauty Review of Guinot Eye Makeup Remover

One word…. AMAZING!! When I opened up the package of the Guinot Eye Make-Up Remover last week….. I was a bit bummed that it wasn’t something more exciting. That is….until I used it that night. OMG! One swipe and my eye make-up was off! In the flash of my wipe…. I had a completely clean eye. I can honestly say it is the best by far on the market and it was the easiest and most efficient eye make-up remover I have ever used. If you want clean eyes with no effort…. Get Guinot today!

Beauty Review of Guinot Eye Makeup Remover Beauty Review of Guinot Eye Makeup Remover

signature Laura Dunn

ioma Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate


Make up: Edgar Santos
Did you know that the area around our eyes uses 22 different muscles ….and blinking occurs approximately 10,000 times a day? No wonder that our poor orbital area is so compromised…. And no wonder wrinkles and crows feet are a given as we age. While most products target the delicate under eye tissue…. who’s minding the upper eye? Dr. Nadine Pomarède, who works with ioma.… says that the upper lids play a a much bigger role in how we look than has been taken into account. The neglected upper eyelid needs love too….. and I am pleased to report that the LOVE is finally here! 
Flash back to couple of weeks ago…. I was at the new ioma counter at Saks Fifth Avenue and they have some really cool stuff. They have a machine that will actually analyze your skin and give you the low down on what exactly your skin needs to look it’s best. I asked the beautiful girl behind the counter to give me her top product choice to try…. and try I did! 
So last week…. I wake to eyes wide shut! My eyes were so swollen from the last night’s meal…. that I almost had to cancel our photo shoot that day. I then remembered the ioma Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate that the beautiful ioma specialist gave me weeks prior. I quickly applied and within 15 minutes…. my eyes were literally camera ready. The difference was so dramatic that I was actually speechless!! Lifted, dewy skin was all that was left in the wake of application. Do I recommend the ioma Flash Youth? So much so…. that I do believe that everyone person over 35 years of age should stock this product in their beauty bag…. and especially our men that have heavy lids. One outta 10 for lifting results? 10
After we went to print… I found out from the Saks Fifth Avenue make up department manager…. that Saks no longer carries the ioma. Please see link below for purchase.


signature Laura Dunn

Genlux Magazine- Spring Edition


I had goose bumps when I saw the final cover of the Genlux Spring 2015 edition. I have to say that this could be one of my all time favorite Genlux covers! Elizabeth Hurley looks like a dream and I was even more excited to learn that our brand new beauty editor, Beau Dunn… helped coordinate on this shoot. On the newsstands now…. the spring edition is one to not be missed!!

The back cover ad this month. Thank you Stephen Kamifuji for the amazing design….. and always helping Fabulous365 look so good!


By the time you see this….. the most anticipated new series of the season… starring Elizabeth Hurley will have premiered on “E!”

“The Royals”



signature Laura Dunn