The Kerchief Headband is back! Not just for Tupac anymore…. this new fashion statement had a few iconic moments at the Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 runway show…. and is now awakening an old trend and making it so hip to be cool! This look can be easily be made by tying any bandana or scarf around your head…. just making sure that you don’t over think the bow…. and the floppier the better! 
I cheated a bit with my pre-made vintage wrap…. that I purchased at a vintage store in Los Angeles. I now have instant wrap gratification…. and got the look….. the beautiful and easy way!! 




signature Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn – Anat B. Poncho and Unisa Boots – Fabulous 365


This edition of Pennies & Posh brings us to two of our “go to” amazing deal brands…. Anat B. & Unisa. Our Unisa over the knee, suede boots have a comfortable wedge and so much look…. for so little money. This $69.00 boot rivals the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot that retails at $650.00. Of course as with our last pair of Unsia boots that we featured a month ago… the quality is not the same. But good enough! Add in the Anat B. gray striped poncho retailing at 49.00 and this outfit is so much look…. without a lot of cash flow!

Posh… Our Robin’s “Marilyn”  jeans fit like a glove and the quality is off the charts fabulous! Our Marilyn’s price out around 200.00…. but worth every red cent!!











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Laura Dunn wearing Cushnie et Ochs’ Holiday Dress


I have been seeing this dress for months…. All over the internet… in magazines and on celebrities. I personally think this could be the absolute perfect Holiday Party Dress. The Color: Teal… The Neckline: Sweetheart… The Fabric: Velvet… The Slit: Perfect side placement… The Bodice: Hugs in all the right places, yet has the perfect flow. I was on the hunt for this dress for months…. until I spied it on a rack… all alone (in my size) at Saks Fifth Avenue. I squealed with delight knowing that I had just purchased the perfect Holiday/2014 dress!
Manufactured in the United States, Cushnie et Ochs was established in 208 by Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs. With body conscious contouring and beautiful feminine silhouettes… it is obvious that these designers have a complete understanding of the female body. Cushnie et Ochs is on our radar and hope you love them as much as we do!

Laura Dunn Cushnie et Ochs for Fabulous 365


Laura Dunn Fabulous 365




Laura Dunn wearing Cushnie Et Ochs



Laura Dunn


Laura Dunn Fabulous 365



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Laura Dunn’s Review of Dolce and Gabbana’s Luminous Liquid Foundation

Laura Dunn's review of Luminous Foundation Dolce and Gabbana

Laura Dunn’s review of Luminous Foundation Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana has ventured into the world of cosmetics…. and hit a home run with their new Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation. This luxurious light and dewy finish foundation is illuminated with particles of light reflecting mica and translucent pigments helping it instantly assimilate to the skin. The lightweight formula goes on sheer and can be built up depending on the coverage needed. My ultra dry skin was nourished with a special blend of moisturizing agents and conditioning vitamins…. leaving my skin hydrated and glowing! 15 colors to mix, match and blend… Two thumbs up for this silken and sophisticated foundation! 

Laura Dunn Luminous Foundation

Laura Dunn Dolce and Gabbana Luminous Foundation


Laura Dunn’s review of Luminous Foundation Dolce and Gabbana



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Laura Dunn – Orange to the rescue!!


Laura Dunn

As of late…. there has been quite a bit insanity going on in my life. I read about this ages old remedy to help clear chaos from our lives and home a couple of days ago….. and decided that it was time to implement….. ASAP! I followed the directions and within 24 hours there is a new found peace within my home. I must say…. I am feeling so much better. In my mind? Not sure…. but anything to help bring calm into our lives is worth trying…. 

*Fill the glass or crystal bowl 3/4 up with the distilled/spring water 

*Peel each of the 9 oranges and put into bowl

*Soak 24 hours
Take the orange water and fill a clean spray bottle. Starting at your front door….. Clockwise….start spraying the perimeter of the interior of your home. Getting every nook and cranny. I sprayed the water everywhere on all of my floor surfaces without an issue…. no staining. Now mind you I only sprayed a very fine mist…. but none the less… no issues. 
                       24 Hours later…. Peace, Calm and Happiness
P.S…. Side Note: One of my very best friend’s mother…. is a sage of sorts…. A very, very wise woman. Mama Madge recommends splashing pure rose water at the exterior of your front door. The rose water is said to remove any negative energy from your home and not allow any negativity in. Thank you Mama Madge and Grace for your advice and wisdom!!
– Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn


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Healing Bath Recipes




Fill a bath with warm/hot water while adding the Hydrogen Peroxide and ginger. Soak for 30 minutes or until bath has cooled. This bath is stellar during illness and helps clear congestion and alleviate body aches. It’s also very helpful for skin irritations and allergies.



Pour all ingredients under warm running bath water and soak for 30 minutes. This bath will help heal and moisturize skin during these dry winter months. 


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Rhonda Says…..


I complimented  a woman named Rhonda on her sweater last week. It opened up a conversation on her age and how that happened… I have no idea. But age we talked! And when I found out that she was almost 70…. I just about fainted with envy!! Her skin was so beautiful, glowing and youthful. I begged to know her secrets…..
Rhonda said…. Besides never laying in the sun (I’m dead here)…. She used the Clairsonic daily. She said that it kept her skin younger looking, clear and glowing.  After pouring over reviews…. what was said the most was… clearer and more radiant skin. I’m in!! I want my skin to look like Rhonda’s when I’m almost 70!!

signature Laura Dunn

The Flash Tattoo


Hot Trend Alert! The gold and silver leaf tattoo! I found out about the Flash Tattoos a couple of months ago from our friends at The Blonde and the Brunette…. and quickly raced out to purchase. I quickly applied and quickly had more compliments on those gold tattoos…. than anything I have ever worn. Since then… several companies have come out with the gold and silver leaf tattoos… so we here at fabulous365 decided to do a “Tatt Off” and see who has the best leaf tattoos out there. After trying 4 different brands…. Turns out that “The Flash Tattoos” are by far the longest lasting, smoothest all around best out there. If you want the best Gold & Silver Leaf Tattoos on the market….. Flash is where it’s at!!




The fun, easy and pain free way…. to have a beautiful, bright and shiny….  “non commitment” tattoo !!


signature Laura Dunn

Drink your way to Perfect Skin




laura dunn fabulous 354 skin cocktail green drink
Famed Nutritional Therapist, Vicki Edgson knows that the way to perfect skin is from the inside out. Vicki has come up with a cocktail that ensures within two weeks…. our skin will be glowing. While this little libation may not taste so great…. it is a skin powerhouse and something that all of us (men too) should be drinking on a daily basis. After one glass full…. I swear I could see a difference in my skin…..
Laura Dunn Fabulous 365 Beautiful Skin Cocktail Green drink
                  We are all just sips away from beautiful and glowing skin.



signature Laura Dunn



This is a MUST have product for ALL men and women…. period. I received a Sonya Dakar FlashFacial in a swag bag…. only to let it sit in that bag for two months. I found it… and pulled it out a week ago and….. I cannot believe I have lived my life without this product…. until now!!


It’s a “ONE MINUTE” exfoliating treatment with instant results…. for ALL skin types!! I was fearful of using the “Flash” due to my extra sensitive skin. But one minute couldn’t really hurt… right? So I left it on for 40 seconds. The results were so profound… that I did it again 6 days later to find the 60 seconds really changed my life!! Fresh, smooth and squeaky clean skin was unveiled after washing. If there is ONE product that is an all time must for EVERYONE…. It’s The Sonya Dakar Flash Facial.


Photography: Ana Ochoa

Make up: Tanya Bures

signature Laura Dunn