Rebounding to Health…. The Mini Trampoline


Rebounding….. it’s just another way of saying…. jump on the mini trampoline. This exercise is so good for us and once you read this…. you will be running to buy one. For a 50.00 investment…. you get so many benefits that you will wonder why it hasn’t been a part of your beauty and health routine always. Our lymphatic system is technically the “garbage disposal” of the human body. It relies on conscious movement… unlike our cardiovascular system that automatically pumps… the lymph system relies on us moving to pump the waste through our bodies. It’s the movement that helps drain the stagnant toxins that collect until we can help flush them through our systems. Exercise of all types helps move that fluid… as does a lymphatic drainage massage, but research has found that “Rebounding” is by far the most effective way of draining of lymph system for men and women.

Let’s get started….

What you will need…. Any exercise clothing that you are comfortable in and a mini trampoline.

How We do It…. So simple…. even a toddler can do this exercise!! All we are doing is basically a moderate run in place. It’s not even necessary to catch air as I did in the photos…. 10 minutes daily is enough to see and feel the benefits.



CELLULITE… By supporting lymphatic flow in the thighs and butt cheeks…. we can improve drastically the root cause of “non hereditary” cellulite. After a few weeks of daily rebounding you should see a rather dramatic reduction. Add in my favorite “dry brushing” and your success rate will sky rocket!

WEIGHT LOSS… Rebounding at a moderate pace where we can still comfortably breathe…. gets us moving without stressing our metabolism. Long periods of “cardio” can actually backfire on weight loss attempts because long periods of breathless exercise can actually lower our metabolism.This gentle detox encourages weight and fat loss.


Improves Immune and Endocrine Systems…Rebounding helps improve the Immune System by increasing red bone marrow and supports tissue repair. The Endocrine System benefits by excess hormones and toxins being flushed.

Improves Posture and Balance…Our posture automatically improves during rebounding as we are engaging abs and core. Balance is another automatic and it helps improve once we get off the trampoline.



There you go…. 50.00 and 10 minutes a day…. is all it takes to start on this excellent detox adventure!!


CAUTION…. If you have a bad back or neck…. Rebounding is not for you! The pounding will actually exacerbate any symptoms….

September 23rd, 2014

First Day of Fall

Happy Fall! 


signature Laura Dunn

Pillow Talk

laura, dunn with juverest anti aging pillow fabulous365A month ago….. I wrote about the anti aging “Copper Pillow” and how the copper infuses into our skin to keep it young, firm and somewhat wrinkle free. Now we are on to the “Juverest Pillow.” So here’s the skinny…. My pillow arrives…. and it’s the strangest looking pillow I have ever seen. It has these head shaped indentations all over it…. It’s got a really cozy and soft blue cover…. and it’s really squishy. The goal…. To not smoosh our faces when sleeping…. thus causing more wrinkles than we (me) already have. 

laura dunn with juverest anti aging pillow

Juverest Pillow Laura Dunn Fabulous 365

The first night I tried it… I aborted the mission. I was to tired and it was too difficult to navigate. Night two… I find a comfortable position and sleep the night away. I wake a few times during the night trying to readjust and fall back to sleep. The science? YES…. one of the major causes of winkles is… sleeping on our faces. When I sleep hard…meaning dead asleep…. I can wake up with indentations from my pillow…. NOT GOOD. It can also cause puffy faces and eyes. From what I can tell so far… it’s been a couple of weeks…. the pillow does work when used properly. No indentations… and no puff on this face. Now this is a commitment for sure. A time commitment…. because you must get used to the pillow (it takes roughly two weeks to completely adjust) and a monetary commitment because it costs almost $200.00. My honest opinion… If you are up to the time and monetary commitment…. this pillow does work and it is for you! If you can make this commitment…. Then two thumbs up!!! I so look forward to hearing if you made the commitment to sleeping wrinkle free! 





And a moment of reflection…. 984215_957280880955103_4554941517625108832_nIn our thoughts and prayers…..

signature Laura Dunn

Spiritual Sunday


Happiness is a warm puppy…. or is it a warm glass of saffron/almond/milk?? This ancient old recipe is said to bring happiness to our hearts, souls and psyche.… and allow us to speak only “in kind” to those around us. Ellen Whitehurst of “Experience Your Extraordinary Life,” wrote about this recipe a couple of months ago… and I went on to research this ages old drink. As it turns out…. this drink is that… and so much more. Saffron Milk can calm nerves, it’s a lovely sleep aide to drink before bed, it helps ease arthritis pain, helps soothe menstrual cramps, helps maintain heart health, it’s an aphrodisiac and helps boost our immune systems. 
So….. myself and the Fabulous365 team headed to the kitchen…. to see if indeed, we would be speaking only “in kind” to each other and if drinking Saffron Milk could truly make a difference in our afternoon…. 
Ready to get Kind? We were…. Let’s get started!
Put all ingredients into a pot and boil on the stove top until bubbling. Pour into cups or glasses… and drink!
laura_dunn_happiness_ingredients copy
Did we get kinder? I am not sure if it was placebo…. the joy of a group activity…. or the thought of something so simple could bring us so much joy? Whatever it was we all laughed until we cried and we truly had the “kindest” afternoon! 

                                                          ~Happiest Spiritual Sunday~


signature Laura Dunn

A Lancer Love Story



The Sunscreen

You know that thick, greasy feeling… after applying make-up to skin that has already has a base of sunscreen? I do… and I know it well. And it stops me on a daily basis from using sunscreen under my make-up. I feel dirty, greasy and thick (3 best words to describe). Well dirty-greasy no more! Dr Harold Lancer has taken the dirty, greasy and thick out…. and has left us with weightless, smooth and radiant skin. So smooth is the “Sheer Fluid” sunscreen……. that you can actually use it as a primer. Finally… I have found sunscreen that smooths, protects and even delivers anti-aging ingredients… all in one…. Thank you Dr. Lancer!



                                                                    The Book
I started reading “Younger” in Dr. Lancer’s office…. and couldn’t put it down. I actually (for the first time… ever) wanted to be left alone in a doctor’s treatment room! This man knows skin… and he knows it well. You can feel when reading this book….. his passion, love and obsession with skin, skincare and anti-aging. Dr. Lancer has devoted his entire adult life to helping people turn back the clock… and now shares his secrets and his years of knowledge… for the first time with us. For anyone on this planet that is seeking groundbreaking and sane information on….younger, radiant, ageless skin… this book is for you. 
Dr. Harold Lancer
444 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, Ca.

The “Sheer Fluid” sunscreen is available at Nordstrom and select Neiman Marcus across the country. Also available online at

signature Laura Dunn


We were having dinner one evening in Australia…. when the nicest couple approached our table to find out… what the desert sitting in front of us was. I offered them a bite (they looked really nice… and clean… hahaha) and explained since it was dark chocolate (it was a plate of dark chocolate truffles) it was good for them. Little did I know… that I was addressing the World Famous Dr. Sali…. Head of: The Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, Australia. This man knows his chocolate… and anything else to do with nutrition and health. After finding out who he was… I asked that they please join us for a few minutes so I could pick his brain…. and pick I did!
Dr. Sali knows Happy…. and he knows what to eat to be happy, healthy and what is necessary to keep our bodies functioning at full potential. In those few moments that I held Dr. Sali captive at our table…. I learned of a few foods… and things we can do, that are absolute musts to improve our mood. Read on My Beautiful Happy Campers…..
Dark Chocolate is nutritious… very! A 100 gram bar of Dark Chocolate contains… 11 grams of fiber, 67% RDA for Iron, 58% RDA of Magnesium, 89% RDA for Copper, 98% RDA for Manganese, while loaded with minerals. Loaded with Powerful Antioxidants, it may help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Dark Chocolate lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease… And tops our Happy List.
Dr. Sali recommends 20 minutes of sun EVERY single day…. on face, chest and arms. Since I have given up the sun trying to salvage my skin… I am opting for taking Vitamin D instead. Please have your doctor test your Vitamin D levels to see where you are at. Surprisingly (even those of us in sunny California) have low levels of Vitamin D. Proper levels of Vitamin D….ARE A MUST FOR MOOD IMPROVEMENT and health!!
30 minutes daily…. is what Dr. Sali recommends. Break it up into 15 or 10 minutes sessions… but just make sure you get some form of exercise daily to improve mood.
Mandatory on Dr. Sali’s list for health and happiness. Olive Oil considered a superfood and it is the cornerstone of health according to Dr. Sali. Olive oil is a healthy fat and it has advantageous effects on the body. Olive tress are extremely resilient an so it stands to reason that the active properties in olives will also be of benefit to our bodies…. as research has proven.
There you go my Most Beautiful Happy Peeps… 3 to ingest… 1 to do… for the road to happy!!
louise_gray_topshop_laura_dunnWe will be reporting back in on more of Dr. Sali’s advice on how to live a happier…. healthier and all around more fabulous life!  
signature Laura Dunn

Sally Hansen AirBrush Legs



The key to healthy and youthful looking skin? Smooth and even skin tones. The quickest way to achieve that on the body?  Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs! Although it’s technically a make-up for your body…. not a self tanner…. the Airbrush Legs should be called “The Skin Perfector,” because unlike self tanners that change the color of your skin and sometimes highlight imperfections…. this spray actually covers the flaws and leaves your skin almost perfect. I adore how flawless my legs (and sometimes arms) look after applying and I never wear a dress or skirt without a quick application. The beauty of this product is that it takes less than 4 minutes to perfect legs.


Four shades to choose from
signature Laura Dunn

Miracle Cream : Lanocreme Gold


DISCLOSURE: So….. I had a TCA chemical peel done over a year ago….. Or I should say a TCA chemical peel gone awry… seriously AWRY. Before the peel…. the skin on my neck looked much younger than my years. Now… it actually looks older.
According to a well known dermatologist in Beverly Hills… the wrong strength was used on my neck and it actually did damage to my neck tissue. THE GOOD NEWS: It can be reversed. But it will take a painful laser two to three sessions…. and it will be ugly and raw until it heals. I am actually going to photograph and share this whole process with you in the next couple of weeks. 

gold-pack-2Until then…. THE GOOD NEWS: I just returned home from Australia…. where I found this amazing cream called Lanocreme Gold….an exquisite moisturizing complex made with green tea extract and…. Placenta extract, which is a source of 56 natural bio-stimulants. THE RESULTS: I could see an immediate difference on my neck. So profound were the results… other people could see the difference… and commented. My daughter Beau… and I slathered our faces and necks for the flight home…. and we both had moist and glowing skin the entire 14 hours. Here is the insane news… It only costs 15.00 Australian Dollars (equivalent to 15 American Dollars) …. Two thumbs up for this rich, amazing and beyond affordable creme.   


signature Laura Dunn

Sty In My Eye


Two weeks ago I was being treated for a rather large, painful and horrific looking sty in my eye. It was so bad that we were canceling our photo shoot for the entire week. It literally took over the right side of my face. I had two rounds of antibiotics prescribed by two different doctors… and the damn thing was not budging. When miracles of all miracles happened!! My beautiful assistant Maria…. saw me with a tea bag to my eye trying to bring the swelling down…. just to be able to leave the house. She suggested I use chamomile tea instead of the English Breakfast that I presently had pressed against my eye. She quickly got me a bag…. we brewed…. I pressed…. and VIOLA!! Within an hour the swelling went down so much that we were actually able to shoot that same day!! It was nothing short of miraculous!! Chamomile tea is such a beneficial and healing tea.





These are just a few of the many reasons to drink…. or press this fragrant and effective flower.


signature Laura Dunn

Spiritual Sunday


Imagine laying on a cushion that cradles your body like a womb. You are surrounded by gongs, bowls and bells. The “Sound Bath” master starts…. your body, mind and spirit are transported to a place you have never been before…. a heavenly place like no other. You start to fade away from reality and comfortably go into a sound trance…. almost a mediation that you are not controlling. The sounds that come from the bowls, gongs and bells are like a spiritual song…. calling your soul to a place that is so beautiful… so relaxing and so pleasant that you never want to leave. You have been transported to bliss…. and this is what a sound bath feels like…..Sound is not only heard by our ears…. but it is felt by every cell in our bodies. Illness is a manifestation of disharmony and imbalance of the cells and organs in our bodies. A healing Sound Bath can help aide in reorganization the disharmony… and help shift from us from illness to health. Our bodies feel so many different sensations during a session. Energy is released in emotions, heart rates lower, blood pressure drops and our breathing is restored to it’s natural and pure rhythm.



One sunny beautiful Sunday afternoon. my daughter Beau, our creative director, Niz and I had the pleasure of heading to Topanga Canyon, California to meet with “Sound Bath” master Guy Douglas. We all had the “Sound Bath” experience and all felt the incredible sound high that came with our bath. We all agreed that the “Sound Bath” was one experience we would like to repeat over and over again… as it was such a healing, calming and magnificently euphoric world to be transported to….




Thank you Guy Douglas…. for taking us to a place none of us has ever been to before…..

The Sound Bath is an amazing way to connect with your inner spirit.




signature Laura Dunn