Peaches & Cream!


Okay my Beautiful People… Let’s eat our way to glowing and beautiful skin! Eating peaches can actually help make our skin glow from the inside out.


Other foods that can help us glow from the inside out? Any fruit or vegetable that is orange or red usually has beta-carotene…. which is beneficial in helping get that “glow” factor…

laura-dunn-peaches-2Other Super Foods that will help our skin glow….. Spinach/Blue Berries…. and Super Star Tomatoes, that will help eliminate free radicals caused from UV rays…



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Grapefruit…. The Fountain of Youth

laura-dunn-grapefruit-4 This is a story that I love so much…. that this is the third time I am writing about it. A scent that makes us appear to look younger than we are? YES!!! The scent of grapefruit has been proven to make us appear 7 to 10 years younger than our actual age. By just dabbing on a few drops of Essential Oil of Grapefruit, we can actually be perceived to be younger than we are. Those brilliant scientists at The Smell and Taste and Treatment Foundation in Chicago did this research in 2005 and it’s a tip that stands up to the test of time.


From the 2010 Archives:

In June of 2005 the AP published a story about how The Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago conducted a study to determine what makes a woman smell young. The scents of Lavender, banana, broccoli (what were they thinking on that one?) and spearmint were sprayed on several mid-age women, but not one of those scents made any difference to the men that they had brought in for the study. Then came the almighty grapefruit…… To everyone’s surprise the scent of grapefruit on the women made them appear 6 to 10 years younger than their actual age! The article went on to say “that the scent of grapefruit remarkably changed men’s perception.” 6 to 10 years……. AMAZING!


 My all time favorite Essential Oil of Grapefruit is “Now.” This oil is as close to the real scent of grapefruit as I have smelled.

Please give this one a try… get a bottle of the Essence of Pink Grapefruit, dab and go… see if you get more attention than before… I did and think you may be surprised also.  Do comment and let us know if this worked for you!

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LANCER Microcurrent Power Boost


Dr. Harold Lancer…. known in Los Angeles as “The Guru of Skin.” So of course it is natural for him to have a comprehensive skin care line… and  one of the secret weapons in that line? The MicroCurrent Power Boost…. A sleek and beautifully designed device… developed to win the war on aging for both our men and women. What it does…
LANCER™’s Microcurrent Power Boost is designed to optimize the skin’s electrical potential while gently massaging your facial muscles and stimulating the deep layers of the skin where collagen and new skin cells are produced. It works through a pure germanium head that plugs into its electrical field which then harmonizes the skin’s own electrical potential. Pure gold plating on the wand provides a neutral platform, while precise massaging action activates the skin and underlying facial muscles to temporarily improve circulation.


I could tell a difference after my first use. My skin felt and looked plumper… and had a more hydrated appearance. Whenever I use this little wand before our photos shoots… Both Ana (our house photographer) and Tanya (our resident make-up artist) compliment me on my skin. I give the Lancer MicroCurrent Power Boost… two thumbs up and highly recommend it for use on skin that could use a boost!


P.S…. Please use this device along with your anti-aging skin care regime. Please BE ADVISED that it is a boost… and not a miracle. The results will be subtle and not over the top miraculous. Continued use is advised…

SIDE NOTE: Starting tomorrow we will be taking Saturdays off. We will return this coming Sunday with a brand new feature called…. “Spiritual Sunday.” It is our hope to bring you a little “food for the soul” and anything else that can help bring awareness to our spiritual lives.


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Eddie Funkhouser For Rite Aid


Creative Director, Niz and I were walking through Rite Aid a couple of weeks ago when we noticed that there were several make-up artists doing make overs. One caught our eye…. and we just had to investigate. He was obviously leader of the pack… Yes It was…. Eddie Funkhouser, creator of the Eddie Funkhouser Color Cosmetics line. We sat and watched and were incredibly impressed with this new line to hit Rite Aid. An upscale… usually reserved for the department stores kind of cosmetics line…. not one you would find in a drug store. But there we were with Eddie… His cosmetics line… And in Rite Aid! Rite Aid has gone uptown and bringing Eddie along for the ride. We had the chance to have Eddie come over to Fabulous365 headquarters (AKA: Laura’s House) and tell us all about the line, the collaboration and the two products in the line no woman should be without. We kept it short and sweet… and then of course we asked Eddie do my make-up.  






Laura: Eddie… How did your cosmetics line “Eddie Funkhouser Color Cosmetics” end up in Rite Aid?
Eddie:… Rite Aid is launching major flagship “upscale” stores across the country and we were approached and asked to come in as the high end cosmetics line. Of course we said yes… and it’s been a major success!
Laura: What are your two favorite products in the line that every woman should have?
Eddie: Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara is just about as fabulous as it gets. We have an award winning technology that allows you to turn the bottom the mascara wand to change the tip. Changing that tip will give you a light to heavy coverage. It’s a brilliant technology and an amazing application. The mascara itself is one of the best on the market.
Laura: Second product?
Eddie: The Eddie Funkhouser LuxLight Hydrating Primer is a luminous hydrating primer that leaves skin with a dewy radiance. We are trying to teach women the importance of primer under make up. Apply the primer to those areas where more light is desired….Center of forehead, bridge of nose, chin… and just below eyes and cheek bones. By applying the primer to your face, neck and chest prior to your foundation application… it will keep you hydrated and you’ll be able to use less foundation and get the same great coverage. Less is more. 
Congratulations to Eddie Funkhouser and Rite Aid…. for this amazing collaboration!





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Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion


When celebrity dermatologist….Dr. Mark G. Rubin talks…. I listen. This man knows skin. And when Dr. Rubin recommended Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion 10 years ago… I bought it, used it… and I am still using to this day. This is the one product… I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! I wear it over every product… it’s the last thing to go on my skin before make-up.
Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion protects the skin from oxidative damage while strengthening skin’s natural moisture barrier. Ceramides along with hyaluronic and essential fatty acids and seal in moisture while a botanical complex of meadowfoam, flax, avocado and lavender calm inflammation and neutralize free radicals. Zinc fortifies against future damage.
I ran out of Epionce a month ago… and went a full two weeks without using it. DISASTER! My skin lacked it’s usual moisture content and started becoming dull, listless and even the texture changed. I couldn’t figure out why my skin had gotten so bad. Then I remembered I was out of my Epionce. I ran to Dr. Rubin’s and slathered! Within an hour… my skin looked dewier, hydrated and had more of an overall appearance of youth. One out of ten…. I give this product a ten.


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The Sleeping Beauty Pillow Case


Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase! Yes My Beauties… we can now close our eyes and look younger in the morning! The Copper pillowcase is getting a lot of attention these days for the ability to fight wrinkles in our sleep! The pillowcase fibers are embedded with Copper Oxide and clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles for smoother and younger looking skin overnight. 10 years of solid research… with 4 different independent double blind placebo controlled studies…. are the proof that the copper pillowcase does indeed work on the war against aging! 


Winner of The Neiman Marcus 2014 Beauty Award



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Goodbye Gray!


Please pass the Color Wow…. Now!! Yes…. finally a root cover system that is so easy to use and so very effective. This product has become my “go to staple” for covering my grown out grays! My hair grows so fast that I must get my base color done every two weeks. I could actually go every week… that’s how fast my roots grow! It has been amazingly helpful and convenient to have a 5 minute system that covers quickly, efficiently and mess free!
To use Color Wow Root Cover…. Just take the supplied brush, swipe across powder and apply to grown out roots. Easy, breezy beautiful coverage! My only choice before was a mascara type wand. I would get the color all over my blondes and before I knew it I had color all over my hands and hair. Mess no more! Color WOW Root Cover has changed my life, covered my gray and made me one happy girl!! YAY!!


P.S…. Color WOW will not budge until you say so! It stays until it is shampooed out….
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Hug Me!


This is my fifth blog post on the benefits of hugging! Why so many? Because the benefits are so great that “The Hug” is something that we must incorporate into our everyday lives. 8 reasons why  you should…. get up from your computer right this minute… and find someone to hug!!!
1. The Hug raises our serotonin levels. 6 seconds or more (THE LONGER THE BETTER) can raise our levels of that feel good hormone in our brains, help elevate our moods and create happy feelings.
2.   Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels in our brains and can help heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger.
3. Hugging helps relax muscles by releasing tension in the body… and soothe aches by increasing circulation into the soft tissues. Hugging can actually help alleviate pain.
4. Hugs can teach us how to give and receive. There is equal value in giving and receiving… and hugging helps educate us on how love flows both ways.

5. Hugging strengthens our immune systems. The gentle pressure on the sternum and the emotional charge this creates activates the solar plexus chakra…. which in turn stimulates the thymus gland…which helps regulate and balance the body’s production of white blood cells… which in turn helps keeps us healthy and disease free. YAY!



6. Hugging teaches us to let go and be present in the moment. Hugging encourages us to flow with the energy of life and connect with our hearts and feelings.

7. The touch of a hug builds trust and helps us feel safe…. which in turn helps us to be open and honest with our communication.
8.  Hugging can help boost our self esteem. When we are born and growing up… our family’s touch shows us that we are special and loved. The associations of self-worth and the tactile sensations from our young years are still imbedded in our nervous system as adults. The hugs we received from our mommy and daddy remain imprinted at a cellular level in our bodies… so the hugs we receive now remind of that.  Hugs will help connect us to our ability to self love.
       There you go My Most Beautiful Peeps… 8 reasons to get out there and start hugging NOW!
Thank you Steven W. and Misha for the amazing hugs!!

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100 Days of Happy!


100 Happy Days? Is it possible? We say yes… and we just signed up! You wanna join us? Let’s find out exactly what it is. “100 Day of Happy” is a website designed to enable us to find happiness 100 straight days in a row. We just need to figure out what will make us happy… and do it every single day for 100 days. Happy begets Happy. When you are happy it will be impossible for those around you not not feel the joy and join in. Let’s make this world a better place and… come on get HAPPY!!
P.S. I have surrounded myself with chocolate! Chocolate has many benefits if used in the proper way, but that’s a whole other story…. so…. more on that later. But I hope you all can find your Happy place…. This is one of mine!


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Beauty: SK11 Skin Signature 3D

laura dun -SK11 Skin Signature beauty main

This face mask could be… just about one of the best facial masks on the market for firming and smoothing. So good is this mask… I wrote a short story in Genlux Magazine about it… so good is this mask… I need to re-tell that story to you! I was on a 20 hour flight to Bali and had packed my SK11 3D mask in my checked luggage… not my carry on. I got off that flight with sollow, sagging and very dehydrated skin. The way back… a completely different story! I put the mask on an hour before landing in Los Angeles with noticeably firmer, hydrated and smoother skin. It was miraculous! I even had several people compliment my skin on the way off the plane. My best and most faithful travel companion!


Here is a little fascinating SK-II history lesson:
“The fascinating story behind SK-II began at a sake brewery in Japan, where scientists noticed the elderly workers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful hands. These hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. It took years of research for scientists to find the miracle ingredient Pitera, a naturally-occurring liquid from the yeast fermentation process.
Since then, SK-II with Pitera™ has become the beauty regimen of many celebrities and beautiful women around the world. Today, these women have the pleasure of a luxury which the elderly,
Japanese women unwittingly enjoyed.”
Get it here:
buy SK11 for Skin


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