My absolute all time favorite bathroom accessory? My Bond No. 9 Swarovski crystal spray bottle…. filled with… Saks for Her…. created exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue. The classic gardenia eau de parfum is given a chic, contemporary twist with the addition of sparkling jasmine, vetiver and smooth vanilla. This all-white bouquet captures the heart and soul for most who smell. There is not one day that goes by that I am not asked… what scent I am wearing. Men fall at my feet…. while ladies squeal with delight. In Greek mythology every god/goddess has his or her own scent… check out the Bond No. 9 counter at Saks and see which one of the 87 scents is yours…..


signature Laura Dunn

Tania Says… Precision Brow Shaper

The Precision Brow Shaper by Trish Mcevoy

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Tania Bures of Page Beauty…. and our very own Fabulous365 make-up artist…. adores the Trish McEvoy Precision Brow Shaper. Tania loves the colors… the ultra-thin duel-end brow shaper that creates the perfect hair like strokes and how it adds the right amount of color and definition without the hassle of sharpening!

Not tested on animals!

brow shaper trish mcevoy makeup accesories

Get it here…

Precision Brow – Neman Marcus


signature Laura Dunn


sandyIsn’t it amazing how nail polish has branched out to having literally any color/texture you long for!? My latest polish discovery is OPI Liquid Sand which is a completely matte polish that literally textures like grains of sand once it dries. Don’t you worry if you ran out of top coat because you don’t need any for these sandpaper nails. There are some dynamite colors to pick from but I thought why not pick the sandiest color of all. I’m a fan!

signature Laura Dunn