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I complimented  a woman named Rhonda on her sweater last week. It opened up a conversation on her age and how that happened… I have no idea. But age we talked! And when I found out that she was almost 70…. I just about fainted with envy!! Her skin was so beautiful, glowing and youthful. I begged to know her secrets…..
Rhonda said…. Besides never laying in the sun (I’m dead here)…. She used the Clairsonic daily. She said that it kept her skin younger looking, clear and glowing.  After pouring over reviews…. what was said the most was… clearer and more radiant skin. I’m in!! I want my skin to look like Rhonda’s when I’m almost 70!!

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35 thoughts on Rhonda Says…..

  1. Hahahaha!! I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. Whatever your doing today, you look fantastic, which is a great foundation for the future.
    Indeed, I have heard how great this product is, I’m lucky to get my teeth brushed before bedtime. Certainly worth introducing to my schedule, Who dosent want dewy skin?!

  2. Laura, I’m sure you’re going to be just as beautiful as you are now, when you are 70! You have beautiful, youthful looking skin!

  3. What are you talking about…. you have beautiful skin!!! BUT…. i do own a clarisonic and I love it.!! Makes your skin glow and soft….. LOVE IT and I recommend it 100%

  4. I must have the best Karma on the planet to have such beautiful comments!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely and most special words!!

    All my love…. coming from the heart…..


  5. I love my Clarisonic! I just need to get better at being more diligent about using it. It makes my skin feel stimulated and alive!

  6. You have gorgeous skin! I’m sure woman much younger are saying the same thing about you. I love that we can share beauty secrets with one another!

  7. Thank YOU, Laura, for sharing your wisdom and fabulous finds with us! I love your blogs. I get great tips and learn something every day!

  8. You have flawless skin! If your skin looks like this without using the Clarisonic, then look out! You WILL be one hot, young looking 70 yr old!

  9. I actually use one of these and I love it! My aunt turned me onto it about a year or so ago. I believe I got mine at Macy’s.

  10. I am very interested in this. I looked it up online and it looks like they have one for your feet as well. I may have to get both! Thanks, Laura!

  11. You have such beautiful skin now, you will look FABULOUS forever!!! I need to get one of these! Another reason to go shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is great news for all us women. I love to hear these stories of youth-looking remedies that actually work….and look pretty simple to use!

  13. I need to get one this baby! Laura you skin is flawless how in the world do you think you wont look nice when you are 120? i bet you will look like you are 15 years old.

  14. I use the Clairsonic on my face daily, It makes me feel like i have washed my face the right way. Funny thing is if you take a picture before you use it and one after you use it you will notice a difference, well at least I noticed a difference. Give it a try and I bet you will never stop using it. Laura dont worry about your beauty, you have been blessed with beauty forever.

  15. I can’t tell you how much these amazing comments touch my heart……

    Full disclosure….. Ana Ochoa is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with…. her lighting could make an 80 year old look 30. And then there is the make up…. Mostly done by Tanya Bures from Page Beauty. Tanya is one of the most talented make up artists I have ever worked with. Then there is the retouching. Most photos that go up online or in magazines have been retouched by an expert retoucher. So… with that said…. I have had a lot of help in the skin department. So please know my skin the work of my behind the scenes people!! Thank you for the compliments!!

    With serious love and Gratitude,


  16. I have seen many commercials on this product but figured it was like all the other ones! Thank you for a personal tip. I will look into this product.

  17. I agree with the other bloggers, you seriously have nothing to worry about! You are smashing and look great. But for all of us that need a little more help or don’t have your great genes, this is something I will be looking into purchasing.

  18. Although I have not heard anyone else’s comments on this product, I think you are a reliable source so I may just do some research on it and buy one for myself.

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