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I threw down the gloss, picked up the LACQUER…. and I liked it…. the taste of that gooey gloss-stick! For me to set down my Chanel Glossimer… and pick up, try on and actually leave the house in a new gloss…. is nothing short of a miracle! And that is something that’s NOW happening on a daily basis. To know me…. is to know that I don’t leave the house without a gloss in my pocket! Then… last week…. in walks into my life…. Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer. Let me digress….

I recieved a stunning box last week, filled with eight of the glossiest, gooiest and freaking down right perfect colors of glosses that I have ever seen. “The Shinning” is a collection of 8 lip glosses by Smith & Cult…. the amazing women that started “Hard Candy” nail polish in the 90’s, and then went on to create Smith & Cult Nail Lacquers earlier this year. With names like… Fade The Sun, Her Name Bubbles, The Lovers and The Queen is Dead… how can we not fall head over heels? The Shinning is a continuation of the Smith & Cult nail lacquers line and just the beginning of a Beauty Love Story that will hopefully go on forever…. and ever….

With my nails and lips covered…. what will these amazing women come up with next?


With Some Seriously Glossy Love,

Laura Dunn

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31 thoughts on Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer

  1. OMG as I read, as u write, on my fingernails today, the most beautiful shade of Smith & Colt red polish they call Kundalini Hustle!
    Love this product!!!
    Can’t wait to get the lip lacquers for my flippers!!

  2. That is so funny that you talk about Smith & Cult…I have the “dark Like Me” nail polish on my toesies right now!

  3. If you can do it so can I. I too love my Chanel gloss… But I’m trying this now that you’ve recommended it! Muah!!! ?. Thank you!!!

  4. Oh yes! This is a must try! I’ve been looking for a replacement gloss since the one I liked and used has been discontinued.

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