The Long and Short of it: Hair Extensions


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Going from Short to Long

It’s 2pm, two days before my birthday and I am leaving for San Francisco in the morning. My hairdresser asks me if I would like long hair for my birthday…. and of course a girl that’s had short hair her entire adult life of course would say…. “YES!!” I tell him I had the sew-in type many years ago and I tried the Great Lengths a couple of years ago and both had the same outcome…. within 48 hours all extensions were removed. I have so much hair on my head so it was a painful and very heavy experience. The extension team explained that they use the tape-in kind and it would be a much easier and no pain. My hair was carefully matched and we decided on a few different shades of blonde to give my hair more depth. I came back a few hours later to start the 4 hour process. Let’s get started on how to go from short to long in just a few hours….


1. Sections were made horizontally in my hair starting at the base of my neck.


2. A tape extension was placed onto my hair on one side, then repeated it on the other side of the same section. Then a flat iron and secured the two extensions together with heat.

3. The extension specialist went through my entire head with one inch sections while securing my hair in between the two hair extensions. Leaving the hair at the crown of my head untouched so it could cover all the extensions.


Placing the extensions closer to the scalp will help them last longer…. 6-8 weeks. Mine will most likely last for 6 weeks due to them being lower on my hair. When the extension specialist finished, I was off to my the hairdresser to have him thin out the hair and shape it to a naturally looking long hair cut. The whole process look 4 hours and if I didn’t have as much hair (I have more hair than the average person) it would have taken 2 hours… start to finish.

I have had the extensions in for almost a month now. Do I like them? I have had it cut 4 times already trying different hair styles…. and it took me a couple of weeks to get used to dealing with such a great amount of hair. But all in all I absolutely adore having long hair! So much fun and I know if I get tired of it… it will take us an hour to get it out. The best of both worlds!!


Laura Dunn

DISCLAIMER: I paid full price for this entire process. This is a story about my personal journey from short to long. This is not an advertisement. 



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32 thoughts on The Long and Short of it: Hair Extensions

  1. It really does look great on you! And that’s the fun part about being a girl….you can go from short to long and vise versa!

  2. It looks so natural! If I didn’t know that you have short hair, I would have thought this was all yours. I love the color too!

  3. About a year ago, I got extensions myself. I had a really bad experience with them in the past (they broke my hair and made it really thin). My hairdresser promised these were different. And she was right. I absolutely love them! I take them out from time to time and my hair is just as healthy.

  4. My only issues with hair extensions is how long it takes. There was one time I was in the chair for 6 hours and I vowed to never do this to myself again!

  5. This is great because you can have it for the time you want and when you are over it, it is a relatively quick process to go back to normal.

  6. When I get extensions, I try to do a color or cut that I would never do to my regular hair so I don’t ruin my natural hair.

  7. I will have to look this salon up and see what their method is and what kind of hair they use. I prefer real hair but horse hair is awesome too.

  8. I remember when I cut off 10 inches of my real hair to donate to Locks-For-Love and I missed it so much. Thank goodness we have extensions. I was able to get the extensions and pretend I still had the long hair until it actually grew out.

  9. I agree with Taylor A. Also they did a great job with blending it together so your hair isn’t obvious & chunky. I’ve seen some baddddd extensions but yours look really good!

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