The Kerchief Headband is back! Not just for Tupac anymore…. this new fashion statement had a few iconic moments at the Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 runway show…. and is now awakening an old trend and making it so hip to be cool! This look can be easily be made by tying any bandana or scarf around your head…. just making sure that you don’t over think the bow…. and the floppier the better! 
I cheated a bit with my pre-made vintage wrap…. that I purchased at a vintage store in Los Angeles. I now have instant wrap gratification…. and got the look….. the beautiful and easy way!! 




signature Laura Dunn

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17 thoughts on WRAP ME UP

  1. So Lucy I’m home look!!
    Love it, it’s funny how fashion can be so demographically , this is a look that Worth Ave, Florida, ladies that lunch Love. Only they twist the ends. Sure great for a bad hair day!! Über Chic’n LD your rocking it!!

  2. Really cute accessory to your outfit, while sometimes serving a purpose as well. I have several bandanas in different colors!

  3. I wanted to do more sewing in 2015 and this is the perfect project to start with. This way I can make pre-made ones and in all different colors and patterns! I love it!

  4. I could not get this right if my life depended on it! It would look terrible on me. But it looks so cute on you, Laura. I know a couple of people I will need to pass this on to.

  5. This has got to be one of my most favorite throwbacks next to the classic shirt dress. So 1950’s chic! You look tres chic.

  6. I love playing with scarves and bandana’s to create new and fun wraps and do’s to spruce up my sometimes mundane look! This is the perfect accessory!!

  7. What a cute way to wear a scarf…very cute! I can make these in just about any kind of fabric, color or pattern! Thank you for another GREAT idea! 🙂

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