The Count Down Begins:

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The Count Down Begins!!!

The Brand New

Monday is the day!!

November 9th, 2015 at 6am…… is the day we launch the brand new WWW.LAURADUNN.COM. We have taken everything you love about and we are giving it a new name and a new home. While we all loved the name Fabulous365…. this blog is such a huge part of my life, my world, my heart and my soul, we thought it only fitting to change the name to….

Laura Dunn.

As a model and actress, I have spent my entire adult life in front of the camera in one form or another. I started over 5 years ago as a way to share the information I have learned along the way. I use my many years in the fashion industry as a roadmap to help guide others on how to live a healthier and more fashionable life. I do not pretend to be an expert on any subject…. what I am an expert on is research. I research, research and then research some more on every single thing I write about. I will never write about a product unless I have personally tried it. I never will write about an item of clothing unless I have personally worn it, nor will I ever write about a service unless I have used it and know that 100% it works. I bring this blog to you because I love to help people…. and if in just the smallest way, I can help change your life… I have done my job well. I pour my heart and soul into into every photo and word on these pages. I love this blog so much and I hope with all my heart that translates to you My Most Beautiful Readers.

So….. with all that said….We so hope you will join us Monday as we launch the brand new….


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SuperFoods for Super Sleep


SuperFoods for SuperSleep

I am going to give you a list of 6 foods that will help us all sleep better tonight. Why all the hype on sleep? Why are all the experts touting the benefits of sleeping 8 hours? For one… it is proven that sleeping 8 hours…. beyond a shadow of a doubt…. is one of our best weapons in the war on anti-aging. Please note the difference on how you look after a poor nights sleep verses a great nights sleep. Two nights ago I slept a whopping 3 hours. The next day my skin looked dried out and crepey, my hair looked dry and lifeless and my complexion was sallow and gray. That alone is enough to have me consuming the foods that I am about to tell you about. But let me go just a little further and give you another 10 proven reasons that we NEED SLEEP!

1. We will be happier…. Research has shown that lack of sleep has a significant impact on our moods

2. Better sex… Sleepless nights lowers our libidos

3. We will be able to build more muscle…. No sleep…. no muscle.

4. Research shows that we learn better with 8 hours

5. We need sleep to lose weight…. between this and anti-aging, I am so in!! It was proven in a 13 year study that our bodies go through hormonal changes with sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep stimulates our appetite… OMG!!

6. Less Anxiety and Depression. I am usually filled with anxiety if I don’t get enough sleep. Add in depression… and I am walking dead without at least 7 hours.

7. Better skin… In a study published in Experimental Dermatology, it was found that the good sleepers recovered faster after ultraviolet exposure and showed fewer signs of aging.

8. Speaking Easy… Staying awake too long can cause us to get punch drunk causing slurred speech, repetitive word usage and a slow monotonous tone.

9. More productive and more focused…. Research says: Attention tasks appear to be sensitive to sleep loss.

10. Better Sleep-Better Sight…. Our vision is not as sharp if we are tired. Ranging from double vision to tunnel vision.

So now that we know that sleeping is an absolute MUST. Let me give you 6 super foods that will help lull us to La La Land.

laurasuper foods fixed

There you go My Most Beautiful Peeps…. 6 ways to a better nights sleep and 10 reasons to eat all 6!!

Sweet Dreams!

Laura Dunn


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The Halloween Macaron

laura-title-macaroons-haloweenIMG_6537-1 IMG_6568-1IMG_6518-1

The Halloween Macaroon: Paint me a Cookie

This is such a fun and creative way to express yourself this Halloween… The DIY Macaroon. The easiest and most professional way to decorate (or personalize) a cookie that I have ever seen! When my markers arrived… I couldn’t wait to get my hands on something to decorate! So fun for a last minute holiday party because you don’t need to have mad cooking skills…. just a little creativity and the world is your cookie oyster! Let’s get started….

IMG_6566-1 laura-halloween-macaroon-directionsIMG_6532-1IMG_0232IMG_6561-1

Tomorrow is the big day…… so whatever you are doing… please be safe and have the most amazing

With some Spooky Love,

Laura Dunn



Here are some great food dyes and edible paints to get you started!

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Caramel Apples – The Easy Way



Caramel Apple Magic

I discovered Concord Caramel Apple Wraps several wars ago…. and became TOTALLY obsessed! From the moment I made my first perfect caramel apple, I knew I would never go back to the old school way of melting caramel in a pot… and then trying to figure out a way to not burn myself in the process. So easy and safe to use are these wraps, that even a small child can make a perfect fall treat! Last year Concord sold out of the wraps in September…. I went into a total panic and searched all over the US to no avail. This year at the beginning of September, I ordered several cases just to be sure to not miss out on being able to share the ease of making homemade caramels apples with you. When I was in Ralph’s last week I noticed that they had a huge display… so not to worry. And if you get stuck in a pinch… give me a call… I am prepared this year!!

Let’s get started!!

IMG_6170-1IMG_6107Laura-Caramel apple recipe


We used M&M’s, Oreos, cashews, AppleJacks, coconut flakes, chocolate chunks, Halloween sprinkles and dried cranberries. And we even made some mini caramel apples with some tiny little crab apples. We used some clean sticks from the yard… and VI’OLA!! The Halloween Carmel Apple is yours for the making!!

IMG_6136-1 IMG_6193-1


Laura Dunn


YES!! My hair is long! Wednesday’s story will be on how to go from short to long in just a couple of hours!!

For Laura’s outfit and secret caramel wraps click the links below or visit the Boutique page!

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The Donut Burger


donut burger



~Donut Burger Heaven~

This day could have been the MOST Fun in the Kitchen I have EVER experienced!! EVER!! We started with a delivery from California Donuts. I ordered a mixed dozen and then several of their speciality donuts. And then…. let me digress. Our photographer…. Ana Ochoa, showed me a beautiful photo a couple of months back of a donut burger. I am obsessed with donuts! Add a burger, cheese and some ketchup and can you say “I’m in Love?” After days of obsessing and wondering how we were going to get out to the place that served them…. without killing a whole day… I decided that we could make them at home. And at home we did! We made beef and turkey burgers and at the end, with the grill still hot…. we threw on a bacon wrapped hot dog to serve in a long maple bacon donut! Talk about decadent!! Talk about the best burger to ever grace my lips!! Talk about the calories! On a day like this you just have to throw caution to the wind and know you are gaining a solid two pounds….










Every single person on the planet must try this burger at east once in their lives! Did I enjoy? A resounding YES! It was the best burger I have ever eaten! YES!!!!!! We all agreed the beef tasted better than the turkey. And that bacon wrapped hot dog? Can you say HEAVEN?


Laura Dunn

p.s. Don’t forget the cheese of your choice! We used Monterey Jack…. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Yesterday was … National Coffee Day





Pour-Over Coffee, the beautiful way

Yesterday was National Coffee Day!! Sorry we are a day late…. but better late than never! So here’s our scoop…. pun intended! The Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Kaufman Mercantile is kitchen worthy! Meaning… I keep it out on the counter always! A stunningly beautiful coffee maker and one that makes some of the best Pour-Over coffee you will ever taste! The heat resistant pour-over glass cone sits in a brass ring holder that is based on a beautiful pice of walnut. All we did was add organic coffee to a disposable all natural filter (you can also use cheese-cloth), popped it into the glass holder…. and poured-over a cup of boiling water. The coffee brews as it drips and you have within seconds…. a beautiful cup of the freshest brew you can make at home. It tasted so fresh and so special… most likely in our heads… but who cares. It’s a very special way of brewing coffee and great for single cups… or great for a party and let your guests make their own.

We finished it off with some French sugar hearts that I found at Harrods in London this past summer. Canasuc Paris makes beautifully designed sugars that come in different shapes and sizes that fit right on the lip of your coffee cup. Stunning accent for any coffee cup or…. anytime you need a beautiful sugar cube.


Laura Dunn





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The Sugar Trap



I am a sugar addict…. but I want to pick and choose the sugar that goes into my body. We all know that SUGAR is not our friend…. on any level and in the past 30 years, sugar consumption has skyrocketed…. along with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and a host of other life threatening diseases. According to a USDA estimate, the average American consumes 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar every 7 hours. So in a 24 hour period that could mean up to 33 teaspoons are digested! We all know that candy, soda, cookies, cakes and pastries are loaded with sugar…. but it’s the hidden sugars in so many foods that we are eating on a daily basis….. that are going to kill us. I know this sounds dramatic, but it has been proven time and time again that sugar is the cause of many diseases that can prevented by just avoiding sugar. Today we are listing 8 of the biggest offenders of “The Hidden Sugar Trap!” I am sure several of these foods will surprise you… let’s get started!!













There you go…. hidden sugars we can now avoid!

With some seriously sweet love,

Laura Dunn

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Peanut Butter…. Goes Back to School


I grew up with a mother that was a total health visionary…. a self taught nutritionist that had the smarts to know that eating live foods and having a “sugar ban” in the house would allow the perfect base for growing healthy bodies. Arlene Jones grew her own organic vegetables and made her own bread with flour that she milled herself. As a child I would go to school and see kids with Skippy peanut butter and jelly on Wonder Bread with chocolate milk…. in my lunch box? A sandwich with homemade whole wheat bread, sprouts (that she had sprouted herself), avocado and organic chicken she had baked the night before. In my thermos? Organic unpasturized milk. All I wanted was that chocolate milk, Skippy and Wonder! But I do know that Arlene’s health conscious ways helped me grow to become the healthy adult I am today! So thank you Mama and this healthy PeanutButter story is dedicated to you….

Let’s get started!!!

I would like to add…. any of the below recipes can be made with any organic or fresh nut butter…. cashew and  almond are my all time favorites!

Today we have a few healthy ways to enjoy America’s favorite Back to School sandwich….

Laura-Dunn-PB-you will need










Happy Back to School!


Laura Dunn

P.S. We LOVE the peanut butter and almond spreads from Buff Bake! They are Organic and all-natural, full of protein and probiotic, Gluten-free  and come in fabulous flavors such as; Snickerdoodle, Cinnamon Raisin, Chocolate Chip, and Coconut Cranberry! Delicious and nutritious! Also all the Ezekiel Bread 4:9 products are incredible and healthy. Check out the links below or in the Boutique page!

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Today brings us back to the kitchen to create two amazing berry cheesecakes! Pass the fresh organic strawberries & Blueberries please! I have never made a cheesecake in my life…. as my mother-in-law, Marilyn Dunn is a master cheesecake maker. Marilyn’s cheesecakes are absolute New York cheesecake perfection…. and how was I to compete with perfection? So a couple of weeks ago I stumble over this cheesecake recipe…. it looked so easy…. I thought even I could make this. And it was! So simple was this cheesecake to make…. anyone can make it! Let me modify and let’s go!








Add berries of choice to the top and whipped cream if you are feeling daring! This is not a traditional cheesecake…. but it is delicious and such an amazing summertime dessert!

With Big Delicious Kisses!!

Laura Dunn

P.S. Please beware that the blueberry could look a bit burnt due to the darker berry.


signature Laura Dunn

Happy National Lemonade Day!

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-TITLE

~August 20th, 2015

Today is National Lemonade Day! So we thought we would bring you some really fun ways to enjoy what could be…. America’s favorite summertime drink. Ana and I headed into the Fabulous365 kitchen and came up with endless recipes and endless possibilities. It’s so easy to make a gourmet lemonade by just adding a few key ingredients to your base of basic  lemonade.

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-collage

Our Basic Classic Lemonade Recipe

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-1-lemonade ingredients

Directions: In a large pitcher combine the lemon juice, sugar, and 1 cup water. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then add 5 more cups water, a few slices of lemon to garnish, and plenty of ice.
(Sugar can be substituted with Stevia in powder or liquid form. Just slowly pour slowly while tasting until you achieve the perfect sweetness for your palate)

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-raspberry lemonade

Laura_Dunn-Lemonade Day (4)-2

Now comes the fun part…. Adding in the ingredients to make the perfect gourmet lemonade. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding in the fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Muddling is the art of smooshing up our ingredients. And that’s what we will do to all add in’s today. After adding in “the add in’s” you will need to let the mixture sit for at least an hour for the lemonade to absorb the taste.

To muddle….

Take a bowl, add in your ingredient and with a large spoon smoosh away until it’s broken up enough to allow the juices to come out.

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-3-muddle

Here are a few of the Fabulous365 Lemonades that we created!!



Laura_Dunn-Lemonade Day (15)


Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day -kiwi-raspberry

Laura_Dunn-Lemonade Day (8)

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-lavender-lemonade

This is one of my all time favorites! My sister-in-law, Linda Winkler, was so ahead of her time when she served Lavender Lemonade almost 10 years ago…. with some delicate little sugar cookies. It was such a delicious combination that I still remember all these years later how I drank 5 glasses!

Use your basic lemonade and add in 6 tablespoons of a very aromatic and good cooking lavender. Please let this one sit overnight for the lavender to absorb into the lemonade. Chill and pour into a beautiful glass.

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-strawberry-lemonade

Laura_Dunn-Lemonade Day (18)

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-1-sweet-cherry-lemonade

There you go…. just a few of the different combinations we came up with. When it comes to the “Add in’s” the possibilities are endless! So today…. buy your ingredients…. make your lemonade…. and let it sit overnight to be able to serve the perfect gourmet lemonade on National Lemonade Day!!

Happiest National Lemonade Day!!

With some serious Lemonade Love,

Laura Dunn

p.s. My Lemonade Outfit is one I wore in Kauai and I simply adore the comfort of the RAILS flannel shirt! I wore it with an ages old ruffled mini and always barefoot in the kitchen! Rails…. my new go to button-down shirts! The fit and comfort are absolute perfection!! Check out the Boutique page for links.

Laura_Dunn-Lemonade Day (14)

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