An Avocado a Day


I was at an event not too long ago and was speaking with a man who had the most magnificent skin. Plump, hydrated, dewy, glowing are just a few words that described his skin. His secrets weapon? An avocado a day! Well I put it to the test…. and low and behold…. My skin after day two actually started looking so much better…. Hydrated, clear and glowing. What other benefits does this magical fruit hold? Read on My Most Beautiful Peeps…..
There are so many reasons to start eating one (or even a half) raw avocado a day…. and start on the “Avocado a Day Journey” with me to see if they work as well for you… as they did for myself…. and Derek!


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21 thoughts on An Avocado a Day

  1. So Good to know!!! And more potassium than a banana!! WOW!!! I love Avocados!!!
    A little oil, a tad balsamic vinegar !! Or just alone!! Yum yum Yum !!

  2. I always thoughts avocados were high in fat so you shouldn’t eat too many of them. But with all these good benefits, it’s on! I love me some avocado!!

  3. Y.U.M.!! This is great news! I would love to eat an avocado a day!! Better than an apple a day! Can’t wait to see results!

  4. This post is not for me. I do not like avocados! But I will pass along this beneficial information to friends and family who do! And they will love me for it! 😉

  5. Avocados = Nature’s candy! I love these yummy fruits (veggies?) anyway I can get ’em!! Avocado is a fruit, right?! Ha!

  6. I started eating avocados when I found out I had high cholesterol and needed to make some dietary changes. Now I am all good!

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