Peanut Butter…. Goes Back to School


I grew up with a mother that was a total health visionary…. a self taught nutritionist that had the smarts to know that eating live foods and having a “sugar ban” in the house would allow the perfect base for growing healthy bodies. Arlene Jones grew her own organic vegetables and made her own bread with flour that she milled herself. As a child I would go to school and see kids with Skippy peanut butter and jelly on Wonder Bread with chocolate milk…. in my lunch box? A sandwich with homemade whole wheat bread, sprouts (that she had sprouted herself), avocado and organic chicken she had baked the night before. In my thermos? Organic unpasturized milk. All I wanted was that chocolate milk, Skippy and Wonder! But I do know that Arlene’s health conscious ways helped me grow to become the healthy adult I am today! So thank you Mama and this healthy PeanutButter story is dedicated to you….

Let’s get started!!!

I would like to add…. any of the below recipes can be made with any organic or fresh nut butter…. cashew and  almond are my all time favorites!

Today we have a few healthy ways to enjoy America’s favorite Back to School sandwich….

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Happy Back to School!


Laura Dunn

P.S. We LOVE the peanut butter and almond spreads from Buff Bake! They are Organic and all-natural, full of protein and probiotic, Gluten-free  and come in fabulous flavors such as; Snickerdoodle, Cinnamon Raisin, Chocolate Chip, and Coconut Cranberry! Delicious and nutritious! Also all the Ezekiel Bread 4:9 products are incredible and healthy. Check out the links below or in the Boutique page!

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31 thoughts on Peanut Butter…. Goes Back to School

  1. And this is LOVE!!
    What a wonderful story!!!
    Love Ezekiel bread and peanut butter!!
    Your mommie must’ve had a crystal ball!!

  2. I’m not sure they serve peanut butter in school anymore because of all the kids with allergies to it. It seems that there are more & more kids with those allergies.

  3. What a great mama you have! She knew what was good for you and to teach you how to eat at a young age. Good for her (and you!) That being said, I’m really not a big peanut butter fan, but my kids love it! I’m going to make them some of these suggestions. Thank you!

  4. My mom was the same way. Nobody wanted to trade lunches with me at school, LOL! I try to be as healthy as I can with my kids, but I do allow “junk” from time to time. Peanut butter & jelly being one of them!

  5. I am watching my grandson this weekend and we are going to do some of these together! We love peanut butter in this house and these look like a fun way to eat it!

  6. I am one of those that is allergic to peanuts….and it SUCKS! You don’t realize how many things were packaged or made in the same space as peanuts and I can’t eat it 🙁

  7. My Dad was born and raised back East and they used to make peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches which I now make for my chill’ns!

  8. You are simply brilliant! I absolutely love the apple idea instead of bread. This will be a fantastic addition to my low carb diet!

  9. I see you have chocolate chip peanut butter…I have not seen this before. Maybe I need to shop more organic stores like Sprouts and Trader JoesI see you have chocolate chip peanut butter…I have not seen this before. Maybe I need to shop more organic stores like Sprouts and Trader Joes!

  10. At first I was chuckling at the taco idea but I think this would be such a fun idea for the kids! They love ideas that are out of the norm and I love the healthy factor.

  11. I grew up not really eating many carbs as my Mom hated pasta, rice and bread (she was from the East Coast and they ate a lot of potatoes). So now that I have kids, I like to let them try things that I didn’t really get to eat as a child.

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