Today brings us back to the kitchen to create two amazing berry cheesecakes! Pass the fresh organic strawberries & Blueberries please! I have never made a cheesecake in my life…. as my mother-in-law, Marilyn Dunn is a master cheesecake maker. Marilyn’s cheesecakes are absolute New York cheesecake perfection…. and how was I to compete with perfection? So a couple of weeks ago I stumble over this cheesecake recipe…. it looked so easy…. I thought even I could make this. And it was! So simple was this cheesecake to make…. anyone can make it! Let me modify and let’s go!








Add berries of choice to the top and whipped cream if you are feeling daring! This is not a traditional cheesecake…. but it is delicious and such an amazing summertime dessert!

With Big Delicious Kisses!!

Laura Dunn

P.S. Please beware that the blueberry could look a bit burnt due to the darker berry.


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29 thoughts on CheeseCake

  1. and” Let them eat Cake!!”
    One of my favorite desserts!!
    The Strawberry one issa callin’ my name.
    I shall have to attempt this UNO day!!

  2. I m not a cheesecake fan at all, but this blueberry one looks and sound so yummy! Since it’s not a “traditional” cheesecake, I may just like it! Worth a try, for sure!

  3. I’m going to make this for my family! My daughter’s birthday is approaching and she loves cheesecake. Looks really good.

  4. I have the best vanilla from Mexico that my brother turned me onto. It makes such a difference when you are baking. I think it will go great with this recipe! Thanks!

  5. I LOVE cheesecake! One of my most favorite things in this world! I’ve never baked it myself though (I may feel differently about it then, ha!) The berries are the perfect blend!

  6. You are not the only one Anne W, cause I’m not a fan of this cake either. Not sure what it is, but I just don’t like it. But I do LOVE the PURPLE mixer!! So cute!!

  7. My kids love cheesecake. I’m going to do this with them after school. Something we can do together and enjoy the finished product! Then it’s straight to the gym for me!!

  8. I really like the different flavored cheesecakes. I can’t eat just plain, it’s not that great. But add fruit or Oreos or something yummy like that and it’s heaven! These blueberry & strawberry cakes look wonderful!

  9. This reminds me of when I was a kid in Georgia…my Mom and Grandma would be in the kitchen bakin’ Georgia peach pie and cheesecakes with fresh black and blue berries! Yummy.

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