The Holiday Party Season is here!

Holiday Party Season What to Drink by Laura Dunn
YAY!! It’s official!!! The Holiday Party Season is here! With so many parties…. and so many cocktail choices….. let’s drink safe and smart this holiday season. Champagne…. festive, sexy and usually the number one hostess cocktail choice for holiday parties. But is it the best drink for us? No. Champagne contains acetaldehyde…. a by product of the fermentation process…. which causes some serious hangover symptoms. Headache, nausea and body aches.
Holiday Party Season What to Drink by Laura Dunn
According to Wilkie Wilson, Ph.D., professor of prevention at the Social Science Research Institute at Duke University….. sipping cocktails made with clear alcohol…. tequila, vodka or gin…. is a much better choice. Stay away from the sugary mixers which can also cause those nasty hangover symptoms.
 Let the party season begin!!
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20 thoughts on The Holiday Party Season is here!

  1. “It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas”
    Awww no bubbles, Yikes!! Even the sound of the cork popping is exhilarating. Oh Well, I do know if I’m really tired at a gathering always head for Tequila, the one and only Spirit that keeps u awake!!
    Cheers LD!!

  2. I’m not a Champagne drinker. Maybe a sip or two for a toast, cause it really does give me a headache. I’ll stick with vodka this holiday season.

  3. I love the holiday seasons and all the yummy drinks that go along with it. I’ll take my chances, just for these couple of weeks! CHEERS!

  4. Vodka is a great alcohol to mix with everything. It seems to work with anything you add to it. And you can sprouse it up with holiday colors.

  5. I quit drinking years ago. But I do still enjoy a little bubbly in the way of sparkling water or juice. Put it in a Champagne glass and voila! Cheers to the Holidays!

  6. Hangover = BAD! I’ll stick with my beer & wine for the holidays! But thank you for this information! I will definitely pass this along!

  7. Excellent information to learn. Totally bummed about the Champagne part, but there are plenty of other options! Thanks, Laura! Salute!

  8. What a good suggestion…clear liquors are also much better on a gal’s figure than those caramelized concoctions! But Champagne is really the party starter!

  9. I agree with you Laura, Champagne does make for a nasty headache but it is a good tradition if you don’t drink more than one glass! I am not much of a drinker but a little “Bubbly” is a must!

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