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When I booked our last minute trip to Kauai (we had to cancel a planned trip to Istanbul) I was not expecting much…nor was I planning on writing about the trip. I have been to Hawaii 18 times and many of them were on photo shoots. The last time I was in Kauai was so many years ago…. that I won’t even go there. To be frankly honest…. our last trip to Lanai was such a disaster we made a vow to never return to Hawaii. The Four Seasons on Lanai was so tired and so old that we all felt they should have burned it to the ground (it’s under new ownership now and it’s being completely renovated… yay!). When we arrived on Kauai and I had forgotten just how stunningly beautiful this island is. I was not expecting much in the resort department and I am glad I didn’t. That’s not what this island is about. This island is about beaches, outdoor adventure and the sheer beauty of this magnificent island. With all that said…. I want to give you a few must Do’s and must See’s on this ever so magical island of Kauai.


We drove past Nana’s 3 times expecting… I don’t know what…. but something a little bigger that the tiny little trailer that was present in the strip mall parking lot it resided in. Finally we found the Yelp “5 star” Nana’s Snack Shack. Nana had just gotten there and she didn’t skip a beat when we ordered our 18 items. Starting with the best smoothies and acai bowls my family has ever tasted, on to the waffle hot dog (a hot dog baked into a waffle) which my husband Steve, said it was the best hot dog he has ever had. My teriyaki chicken sandwich on Hawaiian sweet bread was so good that I think I moaned. A wrap, another sandwich and finishing off with Nana’s chocolate Kit Kat covered frozen banana…. Giving Nana’s 5 stars would be an insult… this little roadside stand is such a gem we went twice and everyone wanted to go everyday! Nana is culinary roadside genius!!

4-971 Kuhio Hwy
Kapaa, HI 96746


Going on a helicopter tour was the last thing I wanted to do on the perfect mid-trip day. Beach yes! Out-voted yes! So helicopter we did…. and OMG I am so happy I was out-voted! To see Kauai by helicopter is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. Beau’s fiancé James, grew up flying in helicopters all over New Zealand and at one point told our captain it was the most beautiful scenery he has ever experienced. I had to agree. I can’t even verbalize the vivid visual beauty we witnessed. There are 14 amazing waterfalls on Kauai and seeing them from a helicopter is like a beautiful dream. Add in the fact that we had to go through training with Blue Hawainan to board that copter… and I would have to say it was the best and safest helicopter experience of my life.



Tunnels is the most beautiful snorkeling experience on the Na Pali Coast (north island) with a beautiful natural reef. I laid on the beach while my people snorkeled. The 360 degree view was absolutely stunning with a mountain range sitting just behind the ocean… making it a surreal backdrop. To see the most fish…. head to Lawai Beach aka: the Beach House in PoiPu. There is also a great restaurant also called the Beach House with fabulous lunch right next to the beach.
Chickens where everywhere! Hahahaha I have never in my life have I seen so many chickens running around any island. Adorable, but they have fleas so enjoy from afar! My chicken photo op turned into flea bite city.


We found the the best Shave Ice on the way to Princeville from Poipu (south to north). Wailua Shave Ice uses the finest Japanese ice grinder to finely shave their ice… and use only real fruit and fruit juices. Add in some milk and Viola!… the perfect shaved ice! To say we were in shave ice heaven is an understatement.

I  just switched out “Shaved Ice” for “Shave Ice” after we were informed by “Shave” in our comment section. Thank you so much for letting us know! I had no idea!! 



The best dinner on the island comes from Merriman’s Fish House. Don’t let the fact that this farm fresh to table restaurant is in a cute little mall confuse you. We discovered Marriman’s 2 nights before we were leaving and managed to squeeze in 3 dinners (one on the way to the airport)… it was that good! Everything we ate at Merriman’s was amazing. From the Kalua Pig Quesodilla to the fresh beet salad that tasted like it was just pulled from the ground. There is a casual restaurant below the finer dining option below that serves gourmet burgers and pizza. AMAZING!

2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka Rd, Koloa, HI 96756
Phone:(808) 742-8385

laura-dunn-kauai-off roading

Ask me to off road…. Never. Ask me to go with other people on a tour… Never. Ask me to purposely get filthy dirty… Never. I guess never say never as somehow I ended up with my family at Kipu Ranch one beautiful afternoon. We went on a group off road adventure through a massive cattle ranch and I must say we had a blast! My husband was kind enough to let me drive so I could feel in control as a few times I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it out alive. Exciting… fun and really really dirty!

235 Kipu Rd, Lihue, HI 96766
(808) 246-9288


The Blue Hole Sea Caves and The Queens Bath Princeville are two of the most important visual wonders on Kauai. We saw both from the air, but due to weather conditions we were unable to see by foot or boat. A visit to both will be first up on our next Kauai adventure.


There are so many beautiful and swimmable beaches in Kauai, that my feeling is to look a few up on The Beaches Map and just go for it.


Any one of the many, many roadside juice stands will have a fresh chilled coconut for your hydrating pleasure!


p.s. Renting a car, suv or jeep on Kauai is essential. Plan on driving around and exploring this island for at least half of your trip. There is just way too much beauty to miss if you don’t.


Laura Dunn


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Dinner With Jackson Pollock




My daughter Beau and I had the extreme pleasure of going to a book signing last week at the Christofle Silver Gallery in West Hollywood. The featured author? Robyn Lea, who penned the book “Dinner with Jackson Pollock.” The cover alone is beautiful enough to sell the book – and that is actually what it did for me. “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is an absolutely stunning cookbook, highlighting abstract artist Jackson Pollock and his wife Lee’s recipes. Who knew that one of the most celebrated artists of all time was also a chef?! “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is part cookbook, part art book, and part history book that brings us an interesting and new perspective into the life of the artist himself and gives us a context for his work. The stunning photos of Pollocks’ home, art, recipes, artifacts, scribbled notes are all shot by the talented author and the recipes are easy to follow and very sound. It’s a start to finish cookbook that translates well into 2015.

Ana and I picked an easy recipe to try  and headed into the Fabulous365 kitchen to cook up some “Brandied Peaches and Custard.” We actually skipped the custard as we are both watching our weight, and went for the straight Brandied Peaches. Easy to make and delicious to eat! This book is a must for the savory chef and a home run for any foodie. But even if you are not a chef (or hate to cook) this stunning book would look great in any kitchen! Bravo Robyn Lea for allowing us a glimpse into the undiscovered food life of Jackson Pollock.

Laura_Dunn-Dinner with Jackson Pollock (14)









Laura_Dunn-Dinner with Jackson Pollock (6)

With Some Serious Yummy Lovin,

Laura Dunn

P.S. And why would I not dress to cook with Jackson? I picked this fancy Christopher Kane paillette front, black dress from my closet archives. It’s one of my all time favorite dresses! I added in a pair of inexpensive opera length gloves for the chic factor! Voilà! An outfit worthy of Mr. Pollock!

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Today brings us to The Lemon Grove at Coldwater Canyon. Wearing an amazing Fendi sheer, ruffled front skirt, a crisp white button down shirt by Zara (talk about Pennies & Posh)  and a pair of insanely fabulous YSL platform pumps. Not exactly the perfect lemon picking outfit… but when you find out the how many benefits this little yellow sphere holds…. you will completely understand why I dressed for the occasion!


Laura_Dunn-Benefits of Lemon (17)

A few years back….  I did a little story on my dear friend and actress, Dyan Cannon. It was a tip based story about how a woman in her mature years could look so beautiful, thin and sooooo young. Let me please digress….

Right before I wrote that story…. I had dinner at The Ivy with the beautiful Dyan. Ms. Cannon ordered enough food for a pack of hungry truck wolves. I am the Queen of ordering… but even I was surprised! She proceeded to eat most of it… I am talking an order of fried mushrooms included! The Ivy has the best specialty drinks on the planet… so I of course expected Dyan to order up something fun and exciting to go along with her massive quantities of food…. Not! She had cup after cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed in each serving. Now Dyan is one of the thinnest women I know. What allows a woman with the body of a teen-ager to consume that amount of food…. and still stay so thin? After grilling her all night on anti-aging tips…. The Lemon Water is the one thing that stayed on my mind. There had to be a correlation between the…. ageless skin, the most amazing body I have ever seen on a woman that age, the shiny hair… the list goes on. Dyan drinks hot lemon water all day and night and I am 100% convinced that is her secret to the fountain of youth….

When life gives you lemons… do like Dyan…. and squeeze them into hot water!

This is one of the best things we can do for our bodies!! Grab a cup of steaming water… and squeeze a half of lemon. Let’s find out Dyan’s anti-aging secret…..




Laura_Dunn-Benefits of Lemon (9)

Laura_Dunn-Benefits of Lemon (13)


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Breakfast, Both Ways


Go Healthy, Go Fun…. Just Eat Breakfast!!

Today we are featuring two breakfasts ideas – one that’s incredibly healthy, and one that’s not so healthy – but both are necessary to having a great day!

As we have heard time and time again…. breakfast is the most important meal and sets the tone for the day. So there is no better way to start the day than with Eggs…. that little oval sphere that get’s such a bad rap, but is actually one of the best things we can consume! So before we get started… let’s get enlightened on the benefits of this magical little white bundle of health! Let’s get started….



Eggs contain Choline! Eggs are an excellent source of choline which is grouped with the B Vitamins. Choline helps build cell membranes and has a roll in signally molecules in the brain along with other various functions. Most people are choline deficient…. so eggs are a great choice to help raise our choline levels.

Eating cooked eggs with raw vegetables increase our bodies’ absorption of nutrients… especially cancer fighting carotenoids. With all this said…. Let’s start with our healthy Egg Breakfast…..


Egg in an Avocado

This breakfast could not be any easier to make!




Stuffed French Toast Rolls

This breakfast is just a tiny bit more complicated…. yet pretty easy and so stinking yummy!




There you go! Two great breakfasts… and two great ways to start your day!

All my Egg-a-lish-ous Love!

Laura Dunn


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4th of July Desserts!


Laura_Dunn-4th of July (9)

4th of July!

So many parties…. so little time. I am all about a great homemade dessert, but this time of year, with so much going on, I just don’t always have the time to make something fabulous for the party I’m throwing or going to throw. So I’ve come up with a few classic ideas on how to take that store bought cake, pie, cookie or rice crispy treat and make it look homemade by just adding some fresh red & blue organic berries. So simple even a baby could do it! Let’s get started!!


When buying your store-bought cake, look for the desserts with plain tops… or the tops with decorations that will accent the berries that you will be piling high. My go to “glue” would be the strawberry glaze and just pour it generously as your base and just add berries… to anything!

Laura_Dunn-4th of July (1)



A great way to present your cutlery for your 4th of July Bash…. Simply line a glass or Mason jar with a red linen napkin and place knife,spoon and fork in the middle. Looks great lined up on any buffet table!! 


At my last years 4th of July Bash, we had amazing desserts…. but the most popular (by far) was my daughter Beau’s Rice Krispy Treats. All she did was make the traditional Rice Krispy Treat recipe below and add red food coloring. The minute we cut them they were gone! I have made my own individual treats into American flags with blueberries and strawberry glaze.




Laura_Dunn-4th of July (12)

There you go…. easy, breezy 4th of July desserts that are beautiful, look homemade…. without serious time or effort!

Laura_Dunn-4th of July (11)

Big Patriotic Kisses!

Laura Dunn

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All Hail the Kale!


The Chic Greens…

Monday brings the team Fabulous365 into the kitchen… where we are making kale chips. One of the easiest, healthiest and crunchiest snacks you can make!


But before we get into making our chips… I would like to go over the amazing benefits of one of the healthiest greens on this beautiful planet of ours.

kale info

Today we are working with 3 different types of this leafy green… but did you know that there are actually 57 different varieties? Not all are edible… but hey…. there enough that are that everyone one of us should be consuming one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet at the very least a few times per week!

Laura-Dunn-Makes-Kale-Chips-step 1-2





So “HAIL THE KALE” and grab the healthiest, crunchy chip today!!


Laura Dunn

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Happy National Donut Day!


Move over Cronut…. The Cruffin is here!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year – National Donut Day! Who knew that a bunch of dough could make so many people…. so happy! Because my Beautiful People, who doesn’t love a good donut? We have done our homework and, through a lot of research and even more taste tests, we have found the top two donut shops in all of Los Angeles! Let’s get started!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 5

Let’s start with our newest find… Kettle Glazed Donuts. In the Hills of Hollywood and having some of the best tasting donuts that have ever graced my lips, this is the place that brought me my very first CRUFFIN.

What’s a cruffin you ask? Well if a croissant married a muffin and had a baby…. it would be a cruffin. It’s a creamy filled cinnamon muffin with the tastes of croissant, muffin and donut all rolled into one. When I ordered mine through PostMates last week, they were completely sold out at 9am so we waited while they made a full brand new batch JUST for us. When they arrived at my home they were still hot and smelled like a dream!

Other notable flavors from Kettle Glazed:

The S’more, which is insanely good filled with marshmallow madness!

The Maple Glazed topped with bacon…. wow my mouth will never be the same!

The Peanut Butter… with a peanut butter taffy filling… OMG!

They also have vegan donuts (also sold out early… cause this place is that good!!). The list goes on…. every single thing that came from Kettle was so good that I couldn’t even make it through the shoot without stuffing my mouth!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 4

On to…. California Donuts. If it’s good enough for Beyonce…. It’s good enough for us! California Donuts has what has been described as having the most beautiful donuts in the country and we can tell you that it’s true! Where else can you get a panda-faced donut? Hello Kitty? And have it taste amazing?! Where else can you order letter donuts that spell out anything your hearts desires? My son Steven actually asked his girlfriend to prom this year through donuts! They spelled out in full donut size – a message to Miss Jillian (the Gf) – and, of course, when the message is presented surrounded by rose petals the only thing she could have said was yes!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 3


There you go my most fabulous Peeps… The two best Donut Shops Los Angeles has to offer and a few more reasons to celebrate National Donut Day!!

Big Sweet Donut Kisses!

Laura Dunn



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Bread Alternative: Cauliflower Pizza Crust!


Today’s healthy creation is ABSOLUTELY mind blowing-ly fabulous! When Creative Director, Niz visits the Fabulous365 kitchen…  it’s guaranteed to be an easy, healthy and yummy creation! And that it WAS!! When Niz fist proposed cauliflower pizza crust…. I was a bit grossed out.… in fact I was really grossed out. I am not a fan of cauliflower and the thought actually made me gag.… but when Niz says a recipe is great….it’s great… and I always listen! I am so glad I did! Guess who ate half the pizza?
Are you ready to create a Palio approved healthy and delicious pizza? Let’s get started!! 





Last but not least…



signature Laura Dunn




I just read the most amazing article on Anti-Aging. It involves Telomeres…. the caps on the end of chromosomes that protect our DNA from damage. Telomeres naturally shorten with age… stress, smoking, obesity and sun cause the telomeres to shorten prematurely and have been associated with higher risks of chronic disease. Now here is where my ears perked up….. studies have concluded that these shortened telomeres can also make us look older. “You know how some people who are 70 that look 90?” says Immaculata DeVito, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. “They probably have shortened telomeres.” So it’s all about the telomeres today. We are listing a few ways to help halt the shortening of these caps…. while improving our overall health. 


It has been shown that women and men on the Mediterranean Diet have longer telomeres. Rich in in vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole fish, legumes, whole grains, olives, oil olive and a moderate amount of red wine…. the Mediterranean Diet can actually help reverse aging.


TA-65 is a nutritional supplement that proponents claim can not only slow telomere shortening…. but can actually lengthen existing ones. TA-65 derived from astragalus root… a very powerful antioxidant… which is said to activate the enzyme telomerase…. which will actually counteract telomere shortening. The pill is reported to work best when use with positive lifestyle choices. Of course there is controversy around this magical little  pill…. with some doctors having concern over cancer risks associated with telomerase activity. So before ordering TA-65…. please consult with your physician….. and your wallet…. a supply of 250 pills costs around $600.00. 


Staying active…. In a study at McMaster University Medical Center in Ontario, Canada… it was found that moderate endurance exercise for 30 to 45 minutes per week… over a three month period developed younger looking skin. At the microscopic level, people in the study had skin that was about 20 years younger than when they started. Elliptical, biking and running are just a few ways to to reap the anti-aging benefits of a cardiovascular workout. 

There you go…. 3 ways to younger and more vibrant skin. 

With some young love!!

Laura Dunn

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It’s that time of year…. PEEPS Easter!!


Make up: Edgar Santos 


For 27 years I have been helping the Easter Bunny make baskets….. and for 27 years I have been including Peeps. They started off with one color and one flavor…. and they were only available at Easter. No mas My Beautiful Peeps!! Peeps for every holiday and now in insane flavors! Watermelon, Cake Batter, Bubblegum and Blue Raspberry just to name a few….. It’s a total Peep Fest out there!!! 


Peeps are produced by Just Born,[1] a candy manufacturer founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, by Russian immigrant Sam Born. In 1953, Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company and its marshmallow chick line, and replaced the painstaking process of hand-forming the chicks with mass production.[2] When founder Sam Born would display a sign for his freshly-made candy, he would title it “Just Born,” playing off of his last name and the fact that he made his candy fresh daily.[3] According to Mary Bellis, the newly purchased company, Just Born, was soon the “largest marshmallow candy manufacturer in the world.” New shapes other than the chicks were produced following a theme according to the season starting in the 1960s. Twenty years later, the Marshmallow Peeps Bunny was released as a popular year round shape of the candy.[4] The yellow chicks were the original form of the candy â hence their name â but then the company introduced other colors and, eventually, the myriad shapes in which they are now produced. Peeps were manufactured in different colors such as lavender and blue starting in 1995. Prior to that they were only being produced in the traditional colors: pink, white, and yellow. New flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate were introduced between the years of 1999 and 2002.[5]
In 2009, Just Born expanded the Peeps product line further by introducing Peeps Lip Balm in four flavors: grape, strawberry, vanilla, and cotton candy.[6] Just Born has come out with several other various accessories. Items such as nail polish, wrist bands, umbrellas, golf gloves, earrings, and necklaces are produced and sold online and in retail stores. Other companies have produced items based off the popular Peeps candy. Peeps micro bead pillows were made by Kaboodle and conform to one’s shape. The company Kaboodle promises that “they’ll last a lot longer than their edible counterpart!” [7] Ranging from infant sizes to adult sizes, Peeps Halloween costumes can also be found on the shelves of several costume stores. The first Peeps & Co. store opened in November 2009 in Prince George’s County.[8] Peeps & Company retail stores were later opened in Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.[9] In 2014, Peeps Minis were introduced, and were intended to be available year-round.
If I may insist…….
Hahahahaha The Blue Raspberry tasted like a dream!! 
signature Laura Dunn