Chew Report…Do the twist

Twist Restaurant Review

TWIST restaurant


344 S La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90036
+1(323) 938-9478


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I took the team to TWIST for lunch and I must say… we were all completely… and utterly… blown away! Back story… My talented and beautiful friend Joelle Bercovitch had a dream…. a dream to open a restaurant with her vision of a cool cafe and her own recipes. And that she did! Twist is a casual and comfortable breakfast and lunch cafe on La Brea and Third Street in Los Angeles. Our Lunch…. The Kale Salad (FRESHER than fresh and YUMMY!), The Organic Chicken Sandwich (which could be just about the best chicken sandwich I have ever had), The Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich (the best biscuit I have ever tasted), The Salmon Bowl (dying over the flavor) The Pulled Brisket (OMG). We ended with the freshest and most flavorful desserts… the chocolate chip cookies are on my all time favorite list… the bars are to DIE for (lemon, chocolate, carmel with sea salt), a little tiny banana loaf with chocolate chips… And there are the original TWIST TOPS which are Joelle’s version of a yummy inside out cupcake with frosting in the middle.

signature Laura Dunn


dehydration chew laura dunn

We here in Southern California…. are going through an intense heat wave! I am talking…. sweltering! Three days ago I was outside most of the day setting up for a party…. By 3pm I had a raging headache, a severe case of brain fog and my energy tanked. DEHYDRATION! I remembered an old recipe from my grandmother that replenishes immediately…

8oz of water, 1oz of orange juice, a pinch of salt and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Mix and drink at the first signs of dehydration….. and within 40 minutes you will be feeling 100 percent better!

signature Laura Dunn