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Today brings us to The Lemon Grove at Coldwater Canyon. Wearing an amazing Fendi sheer, ruffled front skirt, a crisp white button down shirt by Zara (talk about Pennies & Posh)  and a pair of insanely fabulous YSL platform pumps. Not exactly the perfect lemon picking outfit… but when you find out the how many benefits this little yellow sphere holds…. you will completely understand why I dressed for the occasion!


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A few years back….  I did a little story on my dear friend and actress, Dyan Cannon. It was a tip based story about how a woman in her mature years could look so beautiful, thin and sooooo young. Let me please digress….

Right before I wrote that story…. I had dinner at The Ivy with the beautiful Dyan. Ms. Cannon ordered enough food for a pack of hungry truck wolves. I am the Queen of ordering… but even I was surprised! She proceeded to eat most of it… I am talking an order of fried mushrooms included! The Ivy has the best specialty drinks on the planet… so I of course expected Dyan to order up something fun and exciting to go along with her massive quantities of food…. Not! She had cup after cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed in each serving. Now Dyan is one of the thinnest women I know. What allows a woman with the body of a teen-ager to consume that amount of food…. and still stay so thin? After grilling her all night on anti-aging tips…. The Lemon Water is the one thing that stayed on my mind. There had to be a correlation between the…. ageless skin, the most amazing body I have ever seen on a woman that age, the shiny hair… the list goes on. Dyan drinks hot lemon water all day and night and I am 100% convinced that is her secret to the fountain of youth….

When life gives you lemons… do like Dyan…. and squeeze them into hot water!

This is one of the best things we can do for our bodies!! Grab a cup of steaming water… and squeeze a half of lemon. Let’s find out Dyan’s anti-aging secret…..




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26 thoughts on Lemons

  1. These r beautiful !! You look like a fashion ad for a beautiful Italian designer .
    I always forget the healing properties of just a little hot water and Lemons!! Thanx LD!
    Dolce Gabbana eat ur heart out!

  2. Fresh and gorgeous (And so helpful). Lemons are the best. “No dish has ever been ruined by a squeeze of Lemon” I heard a chef say once. 🙂

  3. you are so right….suck on a lemon for fresh breath….drink hot water with lemon for good digestion (per the italians-daily)…they’re good for so many things!!! grgeat post!!!

  4. I agree! Lemons are amazing! Thank you for sharing this tip! I’m starting today! BTW – love love love the outfit! Stunning & young as always!

  5. Growing up my Mom wouldn’t allow me to eat a lot of lemons or limes saying it was bad for the enamel on my teeth.

  6. Some people are “Sweets” people but I am a “Sours” person! I love anything that it tart like lemons!

  7. It was a brilliant idea to plant several lemon trees in my yard when I moved into my house. Now all I have to do is walk outside and pick my own lemons!

  8. My Mom taught me a long time ago the there are special powers in lemons! Even the rinds can be used for some amazing things!

  9. After thinking about it, I think this is why people in some Asian countries are always so thin. Usually instead of a heavy dessert after dinner, they will eat an orange to help assist with digestion.

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