SuperFoods for Super Sleep


SuperFoods for SuperSleep

I am going to give you a list of 6 foods that will help us all sleep better tonight. Why all the hype on sleep? Why are all the experts touting the benefits of sleeping 8 hours? For one… it is proven that sleeping 8 hours…. beyond a shadow of a doubt…. is one of our best weapons in the war on anti-aging. Please note the difference on how you look after a poor nights sleep verses a great nights sleep. Two nights ago I slept a whopping 3 hours. The next day my skin looked dried out and crepey, my hair looked dry and lifeless and my complexion was sallow and gray. That alone is enough to have me consuming the foods that I am about to tell you about. But let me go just a little further and give you another 10 proven reasons that we NEED SLEEP!

1. We will be happier…. Research has shown that lack of sleep has a significant impact on our moods

2. Better sex… Sleepless nights lowers our libidos

3. We will be able to build more muscle…. No sleep…. no muscle.

4. Research shows that we learn better with 8 hours

5. We need sleep to lose weight…. between this and anti-aging, I am so in!! It was proven in a 13 year study that our bodies go through hormonal changes with sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep stimulates our appetite… OMG!!

6. Less Anxiety and Depression. I am usually filled with anxiety if I don’t get enough sleep. Add in depression… and I am walking dead without at least 7 hours.

7. Better skin… In a study published in Experimental Dermatology, it was found that the good sleepers recovered faster after ultraviolet exposure and showed fewer signs of aging.

8. Speaking Easy… Staying awake too long can cause us to get punch drunk causing slurred speech, repetitive word usage and a slow monotonous tone.

9. More productive and more focused…. Research says: Attention tasks appear to be sensitive to sleep loss.

10. Better Sleep-Better Sight…. Our vision is not as sharp if we are tired. Ranging from double vision to tunnel vision.

So now that we know that sleeping is an absolute MUST. Let me give you 6 super foods that will help lull us to La La Land.

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There you go My Most Beautiful Peeps…. 6 ways to a better nights sleep and 10 reasons to eat all 6!!

Sweet Dreams!

Laura Dunn


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27 thoughts on SuperFoods for Super Sleep

  1. Oh man, this is the most helpful blog yet! The past year or so, I have had such trouble getting a good night’s sleep. I’m a night owl, so I don’t go to bed until 11:30pm or so. Then I’m up at 3am. And it’s a restless sleep from there. I will be eating some of these foods, for sure!

  2. Here’s to closing the eyes and going into dreamland! I couldn’t function without at least 8 hours of sleep! I’m lucky it takes me two seconds to fall asleep and I’m out for the whole night!

  3. I get a good night’s sleep every night! I don’t have sleeping issues, thank God! I do know people who do, so I will pass this along to them. I exercise everyday, so I think that helps with my sleeping pattern as well.

  4. I can’t tell you how FRUSTRATING it is not being able to sleep at night! I’m tired all the time and it really sucks! I’ve tried everything! Maybe these foods will help….fingers crossed!

  5. It’s so crazy how certain foods affect the body. This is much better than taking prescriptions and drugs to get to sleep! Thanks for the tips, Laura!

  6. I had problems sleeping when I entered into menopause. That s*** is real….and really frustrating! It does get better, but for awhile I was concerned that I would never sleep again! I looked & felt like a zombie!

  7. I am definitely trying them all! I agree with no sleep making you have more anxiety/depression etc. I have a small baby & wasn’t getting any sleep with her waking up 3-5x a night. After doing some sleep training in sleeping a little better. Still tired so eager to try this, but with getting more sleep, my depression went away!

  8. Is this what I have to do to get some sleep? Between these hot flashes and my laborador’s horrible gas I’m not sleeping much these days. Haha

  9. I couldn’t imagine having sleeping problems. I love my bed & pillow too much! I get about 9-10 hours of sleep and I feel great! I’m sorry for those that don’t 🙁

  10. I’m in the same boat….I just can’t sleep! I’m going to definitely give these super foods a try! I’m sick and tired of being tired all the time!

  11. I have a newborn baby at home. I don’t sleep at all!! She sleeps during the day when I have to be awake and working from home! I’m tired all the time. This is hard! But I know this too will pass. I’m sure faster than I really want it to. I am looking forward to a full night’s sleep someday soon though!

  12. Sleeping is a big problem for me. And it’s nice to know that I’m not alone on this. This information is invaluable! Thank you, Laura! I will take these foods into consideration.

  13. Ok Mrs. Dunn! I’m currently eating a bar of dark chocolate with my glass of white wine. Let’s see if this works! I need sleep! Lol

  14. If I ate Black Licorice id be up all night yacking. Not worth the thought of sleeping. Haha… I will try the chocolate though!

  15. Yummm! I love tomatoes! I grow a garden every year & love to eat fresh tomatoes with a little salt. Had no idea it helps me sleep!

  16. What kind of dog is that? I loveeeeeee dogs & especially snorty ones! Hopefully eating this stuff will help me sleep as good as them! Zzzzzzz

  17. Hmm I wonder if I eat a bowl of yogurt or ice cream with tons of raspberries n mint all over them, if it’ll help me sleep? I could definitely make that a nightly ritual!

  18. Late bloomer here just discovering your blog! Yes! Cinnamon and fall, as someone mentions above. And beautiful raspberries, I am going to have so much fun exploring your blog.

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