I just read the most amazing article on Anti-Aging. It involves Telomeres…. the caps on the end of chromosomes that protect our DNA from damage. Telomeres naturally shorten with age… stress, smoking, obesity and sun cause the telomeres to shorten prematurely and have been associated with higher risks of chronic disease. Now here is where my ears perked up….. studies have concluded that these shortened telomeres can also make us look older. “You know how some people who are 70 that look 90?” says Immaculata DeVito, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. “They probably have shortened telomeres.” So it’s all about the telomeres today. We are listing a few ways to help halt the shortening of these caps…. while improving our overall health. 


It has been shown that women and men on the Mediterranean Diet have longer telomeres. Rich in in vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole fish, legumes, whole grains, olives, oil olive and a moderate amount of red wine…. the Mediterranean Diet can actually help reverse aging.


TA-65 is a nutritional supplement that proponents claim can not only slow telomere shortening…. but can actually lengthen existing ones. TA-65 derived from astragalus root… a very powerful antioxidant… which is said to activate the enzyme telomerase…. which will actually counteract telomere shortening. The pill is reported to work best when use with positive lifestyle choices. Of course there is controversy around this magical little  pill…. with some doctors having concern over cancer risks associated with telomerase activity. So before ordering TA-65…. please consult with your physician….. and your wallet…. a supply of 250 pills costs around $600.00. 


Staying active…. In a study at McMaster University Medical Center in Ontario, Canada… it was found that moderate endurance exercise for 30 to 45 minutes per week… over a three month period developed younger looking skin. At the microscopic level, people in the study had skin that was about 20 years younger than when they started. Elliptical, biking and running are just a few ways to to reap the anti-aging benefits of a cardiovascular workout. 

There you go…. 3 ways to younger and more vibrant skin. 

With some young love!!

Laura Dunn

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30 thoughts on TELOMERES

  1. I think I’ll stay away from the T-65, but will continue to exercise and try to stay close to the Mediterranean Diet daily.

  2. This is fantastic information. I will try the diet, for sure! I eat most of what’s on this anyways, so it won’t be too much of a struggle!

  3. I want more youthful looking skin! I need to ramp up my exercise (for several reasons), but if it’s going to help with younger skin, I’m all over this one!!

  4. I love all those foods. I generally eat a lot of them, but I sure can incorporate the others and stick to this guide. I would like my telomeres to not shorten! That wouldn’t be good!

  5. I exercise 7 days a week and eat pretty healthy. I can tell the difference in my skin. It definitely makes a difference! Plus really good skin care helps too!

  6. Being that I am from Greece, this is a lifestyle. I am lucky that I have a few “Wrinkle fighting” tricks up my sleeve!

  7. Back in the day when I was growing up, Doctors had no idea about any of this helpful information. But now that I know, I have the opportunity to reverse some damage.

  8. I try to be good and take care of myself, but sometimes we slip and let days turn into weeks and weeks into months and so on. If you stick with a proper diet, exercise and good skin regimens, I think that would be good! Thank you for keeping us in check, Laura!

  9. Anything anti-aging catches my attention!! Thank you for this awesome information. We all could use all the help we can get!

  10. Staying active is so very important. As I get older, the more I believe, “A body in motion, stays in motion”.

  11. I’m so surprised how detailed and great this post is. I’m currently trying to get into the health field myself, but still have a way to go before I get to where I w ant to arrive. I’m currently adopting a lifestyle where I’m not consuming as much junk foods or sweets. So it’s a good start for me.

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