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donut burger



~Donut Burger Heaven~

This day could have been the MOST Fun in the Kitchen I have EVER experienced!! EVER!! We started with a delivery from California Donuts. I ordered a mixed dozen and then several of their speciality donuts. And then…. let me digress. Our photographer…. Ana Ochoa, showed me a beautiful photo a couple of months back of a donut burger. I am obsessed with donuts! Add a burger, cheese and some ketchup and can you say “I’m in Love?” After days of obsessing and wondering how we were going to get out to the place that served them…. without killing a whole day… I decided that we could make them at home. And at home we did! We made beef and turkey burgers and at the end, with the grill still hot…. we threw on a bacon wrapped hot dog to serve in a long maple bacon donut! Talk about decadent!! Talk about the best burger to ever grace my lips!! Talk about the calories! On a day like this you just have to throw caution to the wind and know you are gaining a solid two pounds….










Every single person on the planet must try this burger at east once in their lives! Did I enjoy? A resounding YES! It was the best burger I have ever eaten! YES!!!!!! We all agreed the beef tasted better than the turkey. And that bacon wrapped hot dog? Can you say HEAVEN?


Laura Dunn

p.s. Don’t forget the cheese of your choice! We used Monterey Jack…. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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44 thoughts on The Donut Burger

  1. The one good thing about getting old and not caring about my weight anymore, is that I can enjoy the donut burgers guilt free! Yummy!

  2. Umm, not sure I’d be willing to try this concoction. I’m a little afraid, hahaha! But if you say it’s good, well then who am I to knock it?!

  3. This is definitely easy enough to prepare. I guess you should try everything at least once. This just might surprise me!

  4. I’m a very simpleton when it comes to food. And my food can’t touch each other while I’m eating it. So this will not be attempted in my house, sorry.

  5. I so remember a couple of months ago, the donut burger. Suffice to say I was aghast!!
    Alright PromQueen you’ve never steered me wrong. I’m trying it!!!!
    Ssh please but in my 20’s I remember putting jelly on my pizza. Our secret.
    So I’m trying it! It has such a come- hither dare to eat me LOOK!

  6. This is about the weirdest dish I’ve ever heard! And it just might work! I’m a experimental person when it comes to food, so I will try everything once and if I like it, twice!

  7. I’m not a big donut fan, so I’m not sure this will go over with me. But I will make it for my hubby and his buddies and see if they like it!

  8. Yes, a calorie buster, for sure! But it sounds pretty tasty, believe it or not! I’m willing to give it a try! I’ll let you know what I think.

  9. At first, this sounds a little bit too much but then you come to your senses and realize this is a brilliant idea that you must experience.

  10. I really like those pretzel chips so adding them to the burgers is something I never thought of but must try it out.

  11. Burgers & hot dogs on donuts! What’s next?! This would be good for one of the cooking shows. Or Drive-Ins Diners & Dives.

  12. I showed this to my family and the majority says “YES, please” and the others are running away from me, hahahaha!

  13. I think everything is okay in moderation. You can’t eat these everyday, but everyone should try at least one in their lifetime!

  14. This is one of the reasons I follow your blog religiously. You will give us good and healthy ideas but you still remind us that we are human and all need a “Cheat” item every now and again.

  15. Heard about this awesome page. Following for sure! I love the donut idea with the bacon wrapped hotdog. Looks so yummy. Even if I am going to gain a couple of pounds eating it its worth it! Btw….youre georgeous!

  16. Sugar Rush…. Not sure how the meaty taste & super sweet will go together but I like both of them separately so I will try it this weekend…

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