The “Nothin But” Chocolate Coconut Almond Bar

The Nothin But Bar is…. nothing but…. organic oats, coconut, almonds, organic honey and sugar, seeds and chocolate. Gluten free, egg free and dairy free. I bought my first bar at Coffee Bean and I have been hooked ever since. The fresh healthy taste can’t be beat! Now mind you…. these are not low calorie snacks… but if you need that late afternoon chocolate fix…. these bars are the healthiest choice out there.






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19 thoughts on The “Nothin But” Chocolate Coconut Almond Bar

  1. Yummy for my tummy!!
    These all sound delecious and decadent!!
    Love coffe bean, and the next time I’m there
    I will pick up all four bars, they all sound delectable !!

  2. OMG! These look & sound yummy! I usually go for a Kind bar, but I just might have to switch it up and try Nothin’ But!! Can you buy them at a grocery store or somewhere like Wholefoods?

  3. I absolutely love your wrap that you are wearing in these pictures! I know this blog is about oat bars, which also look good, but I couldn’t help to comment on that wrap. LOVE!!

  4. I’m a snacker, so I love to try new, healthy snacks! Can you just get these at Coffee Bean? All the flavors sounds good!

  5. Wow! Those look really good. I like the location of your photo shoot! Great pictures, as usual! I don’t think you take a bad shot!

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