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There is one App that is mandatory in 2015…. for anyone that wants to let out their inner artist!! Color Effects is a free App that allows you to paint any photo in your phone’s library and turn it into a masterpiece. It turns your color photos into black and white…. then gives you a color palette to paint your photo in anyway you see fit!  So easy to use… even a child can make photos look like magic!! We give Color Effects an A+ for creative factor…. and an A+ for the fun factor!! 




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19 thoughts on Color Effects

  1. Very creative and fun. This app could make me look like I actually have some artistic ability, HA! I will definitely check it out!!

  2. Finally an app that is worth downloading! I have been deleting all the apps I thought would be great yet hardly match up to the hype. This app ROCKS!!!

  3. That is the coolest thing ever! I love it! I must download this and try it out. This could be hours of fun!! Wish I knew about this for my holiday cards! Thanks, Laura!!

  4. Wow…this is something I can do and I am a Grandma! Now all the Grandkids will be envious that Grammy is so hip and cool!

  5. I love technology! And after going tonTarget to have some pictures developed, I can do the artwork on my phone and print them in vibrant color with their self-serve picture processing! Wall pictures…HERE I COME!

  6. I just love the picture of that French Bulldog…looks just like Pearl!! I love Pearl and Bob…they make the cutest additions to your blog! 🙂

  7. You are a life saver…this will keep the kids more than entertained when we are on long car rides!! So simple and yet so much fun for hours!

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