Nest and Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle

Every year….. for the past 5 years…. I have given you my top “Holiday” or “Christmas” candle picks here on What makes for a “top” pick? It must have that authentic Holiday scent and have nothing that could resemble anything faux or waxy. The NEST candle has notes of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla & amber. Ralph Lauren’s elegant holiday candle is scented with blends of evergreen, red currant and juniper berry.
 I have spent the past 25 years seeking these scents….and the Nest and Ralph Lauren Holiday candles are as close as I have found…. to the perfect Christmas scent.
Before you strike that match…. I have a candle warning…. this is very real and very important information that everyone should know. 
Many scented candles emit volatile organic compounds…. VOCs…. these VOCs are toxins that can disrupt the central nervous system. Frequent exposure can cause depression, brain fog and fatigue. Look for VOC free or Soy Based candles…. and if have a favorite that does have VOCs…. please use on a limited basis.









Nest and Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle




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23 thoughts on Nest and Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle

  1. Awww Laura you hit the nail right on the head!!! My All-time favorite, can’t live without candle, starting in September is the Nest pumpkin Chai and as we move into season of course the Gorgeous red felt box that holds Christmas in a jar!!! Umm umm delecious !!
    And I thank you for the toxic info on them, because I burn them for hours and I’ve noticed it effects my pooch, so I’m no longer keeping them lit too long. Thx luv

  2. Wow! I had no idea about the VOC’s!!! I burn candles all the time. I need to start paying attention to that!! I do love a holiday scented candle!!

  3. I am always looking for a good smelling holiday candle! They are really hard to find. They smell good in the jar, but when you burn them, they don’t smell at all! I will have to look into these two brands!

  4. Very interesting information on the VOC’s! Good to know! I love my candles! Also remember to blow them out before leaving the house or going to bed! 😉

  5. I love Nest candles! I had the Nest Orange Blossom candle and OMG did it smell good!! They last a long time too! I’ll have to check out the holiday ones!

  6. I love candles! I only use soy candles because of those nasty toxins! We have animals in the house and the hubby has bad asthma, so we can’t have regular candles burning.

  7. I would love to try one of these. I don’t burn many candles, but this sounds like it would make my house smell yummy!!

  8. I didn’t even know RL made candles!! Can’t wait to pick this one up! Thanks for sharing the info on VOCs, I had no idea!! Learning lots today 🙂

  9. Learning about the toxins that can be emitted from candles is a little bit scary. But, like they say, everything in moderation!!

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