Leather OverAlls

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New School Overalls

We actually featured this story a year ago…. without a bang. This year…. BANG! It took a year to catch on…. but the leather overall is a serious trend staple for this fall 2015. Easy to wear and easy to dress up or down. With a black pump and silk shirt…. these Rag and Bone leather overalls can take us from day to night in the change of just two items. The original story I wrote on these overalls was “Am I too old to wear leather overalls?” The answer is a resounding… No! I am not too old. My view in the past year has changed so much on what is “Age Appropriate.” I am at the stage of…. if it looks good on you and you feel great in that outfit… wear it! Unless you have things hanging out that could be offensive to other people… I think we can all be our own judges on to what we should wear. I paired the overalls with my favorite pair of glitter sneaks by Philippe Model and I felt pretty damn good!!

Happy Friday and Happy Wear Whatever Looks Good on You Day!!

Big kiss and Lots of Love,

Laura Dunn

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The Donut Burger


donut burger



~Donut Burger Heaven~

This day could have been the MOST Fun in the Kitchen I have EVER experienced!! EVER!! We started with a delivery from California Donuts. I ordered a mixed dozen and then several of their speciality donuts. And then…. let me digress. Our photographer…. Ana Ochoa, showed me a beautiful photo a couple of months back of a donut burger. I am obsessed with donuts! Add a burger, cheese and some ketchup and can you say “I’m in Love?” After days of obsessing and wondering how we were going to get out to the place that served them…. without killing a whole day… I decided that we could make them at home. And at home we did! We made beef and turkey burgers and at the end, with the grill still hot…. we threw on a bacon wrapped hot dog to serve in a long maple bacon donut! Talk about decadent!! Talk about the best burger to ever grace my lips!! Talk about the calories! On a day like this you just have to throw caution to the wind and know you are gaining a solid two pounds….










Every single person on the planet must try this burger at east once in their lives! Did I enjoy? A resounding YES! It was the best burger I have ever eaten! YES!!!!!! We all agreed the beef tasted better than the turkey. And that bacon wrapped hot dog? Can you say HEAVEN?


Laura Dunn

p.s. Don’t forget the cheese of your choice! We used Monterey Jack…. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Pennies & Posh: The FRINGE Jacket

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I just can’t stop…. I am fringe addicted!! I found this jacket by Glamorous on-line when I couldn’t find a fringe jacket at any store over the summer. We shot this a month ago and I started my fringe jacket search in June. Now…. it’s everywhere!! But this little light weight jacket is a steal at $59.00 and it’s is a lot of look…. and a lot of comfort. I paired with my ripped Rag & Bones white jeans, my staple James Perse white button down (I own 15) and my Mui Mui clogs (another staple). This jacket is the absolute perfect throw-on for those cool fall days…. or if you live in Los Angeles… those cool fall evenings.


Laura Dunn


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GENLUX Magazine


October 2015


The Fall Genlux Magazine is on the newsstands now! This issue is about as good as it gets!

Please pick up a copy of Southern California’s premier fashion magazine!!




Laura Dunn

P.S. We just wanted to remind you that we are stripped down because…… we are under construction!!! The brand NEW (With a new name) blog will be up in a little over a week!! Exciting? You bet cha!! We can’t wait to debut our new look!! Stay Tuned!!


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Yesterday was … National Coffee Day





Pour-Over Coffee, the beautiful way

Yesterday was National Coffee Day!! Sorry we are a day late…. but better late than never! So here’s our scoop…. pun intended! The Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Kaufman Mercantile is kitchen worthy! Meaning… I keep it out on the counter always! A stunningly beautiful coffee maker and one that makes some of the best Pour-Over coffee you will ever taste! The heat resistant pour-over glass cone sits in a brass ring holder that is based on a beautiful pice of walnut. All we did was add organic coffee to a disposable all natural filter (you can also use cheese-cloth), popped it into the glass holder…. and poured-over a cup of boiling water. The coffee brews as it drips and you have within seconds…. a beautiful cup of the freshest brew you can make at home. It tasted so fresh and so special… most likely in our heads… but who cares. It’s a very special way of brewing coffee and great for single cups… or great for a party and let your guests make their own.

We finished it off with some French sugar hearts that I found at Harrods in London this past summer. Canasuc Paris makes beautifully designed sugars that come in different shapes and sizes that fit right on the lip of your coffee cup. Stunning accent for any coffee cup or…. anytime you need a beautiful sugar cube.


Laura Dunn







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TOMS = Life




TOMS’ Fringe Bag

I was dashing through the Four Seasons in Westlake Village a couple of weeks ago…. to get to my car. It was Friday afternoon rush hour and I had to get back to Beverly Hills to get ready for a dinner. I was mid-dash when I spied a fridge suede bag hanging in the gift shop window. From afar it looked like a Saint Laurent bag that I had just seen at Barney’s a few weeks back with a very serious price tag. Of course I had to investigate… and that I did. Upon further inspection I see that it’s not a Saint Laurent purse… but actually a TOMS purse. TOMS? They make purses? And did they give a purse for each one sold? I was in a rush… so who had time to ask questions? I bought the two colors that they had (olive and rust) and went on my merry way!! The next day I had the chance to investigate to find out that TOMS does not give purses for each one sold…. they give LIFE!

For every single purse sold… TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. Does it get any better than that? I just helped two moms give birth and for that…. I thank TOMS for giving back to those in need.






Worn with: Rag and Bone jeans, Michael Kors suede fringe sandals, Rails plaid shirt, & a Derek Lam silk tank

With Love,

Laura Dunn

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My Intent


What’s Your Word

Last Sunday, I was at Soho House enjoying what was an amazing Birthday brunch with several friends and family. The manager came over and asked if we would like to participate in” My Intent”…. an organization headed by Chris Pan (yes, the same Chris Pan of Facebook fame) and have our Word stamped onto a bracelet. With a resounding yes… we stampeded over to meet Chris and find out more about this incredible movement. In 2013…. Chris, for his 36th birthday had a friend offer to make him an “intention bracelet” by choosing a word that would be a reminder to live a better and more meaningful life. His first word? “Impact” because he wanted to remind himself to make an impact with his life…. and there my people… the “My Intent Program” was born. Us girls all chose our words and Chris stamped each one by hand in our presence. I chose “Protect as the mother in me came out at that moment and I decided that as the matriarch of my family that I would be reminded on a daily basis that protecting my family is one of my priorities. Since that Sunday…. I have come up with 100 different words that have come out of 100 different situations. But “protect” is my first with many more to come….

So easy to get your own Intent stamped… just go to www.myintent.org, choose your word and order. The easiest way to be reminded on a daily basis on how to live a better life….

Laura-Dunn-My intent-collage


Laura-Dunn-my intent-bracelet



With Lots of Intentional Love,

Laura Dunn



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DIY Thigh High


Thigh High

One of the hottest trends this Fall 2015/16 is the boot. Take it all the way the thigh… and we have a sizzling hot 2015-16 trend. Dior did a patent leather sky high, thigh high that’s a serious fashion rage this fall and was my inspiration for today’s post. While googling leather gloves…. I somehow stumbled upon these faux patent leather socks that I wear in today’s photos. They are a tight fitting faux patent leather, thigh high sock…. that when worn with a platform pump gives the illusion of a thigh high boot. So much so that the 3 people that were at the shoot…. thought that I had on an amazing pair of boots. One even asked if it was the Dior. It’s not until you get up close that you realize that it’s actually a shoe…. and even then it just looks like a really cool shoe boot. Again…. another way to wear a shorter skirt with the ability to hide most of the leg. Great for older legs, tan-less legs or legs you just don’t feel like showing off.

Laura-Dunn-thighhigh-collage Laura-dunn-thighhigh-diorlaura-dunn-thighhigh-3IMG_3000-1

Worn with a Peter Piloto skirt from last year, my all time favorite Cosabella bodysuit (more on this body suit next week), a YSL tuxedo jacket from my closet and around my neck is an amazing crystal Prada statement necklace from 6 years ago.

With some sky high love,

Laura Dunn


Check out these amazing thigh high options and be sure to visit our Boutique  page for more goodies!

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The Sugar Trap



I am a sugar addict…. but I want to pick and choose the sugar that goes into my body. We all know that SUGAR is not our friend…. on any level and in the past 30 years, sugar consumption has skyrocketed…. along with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and a host of other life threatening diseases. According to a USDA estimate, the average American consumes 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar every 7 hours. So in a 24 hour period that could mean up to 33 teaspoons are digested! We all know that candy, soda, cookies, cakes and pastries are loaded with sugar…. but it’s the hidden sugars in so many foods that we are eating on a daily basis….. that are going to kill us. I know this sounds dramatic, but it has been proven time and time again that sugar is the cause of many diseases that can prevented by just avoiding sugar. Today we are listing 8 of the biggest offenders of “The Hidden Sugar Trap!” I am sure several of these foods will surprise you…..so let’s get started!!













There you go…. hidden sugars we can now avoid!

With some seriously sweet love,

Laura Dunn

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Pennies & Posh: 70’s Remix – The Fringed Cape


IMG_8789-1 IMG_8680-1


The Fringed Cape is here for Fall 2015! I was so excited to put this look together…. as it’s one that I wore back in my high school days. Suede fringed jacket with my bellbottoms and Kork-ease…. I was quite the fashion-ista! It’s back again…. only this time a little more refined. A Zara fringed cape at $129.00 replaces my fringe suede jacket, which many, many years ago cost in the $450.00. Paired with Frame blue washed bell bottoms (replacing my Levis) a white silk blouse by Equipment (replacing a Led Zeppelin tee shirt)…. a pair of metallic gold Prada gloves…. and a pair of Fernando Pensato cork wedges (replacing my Kork-ease). I adore this look and you will be seeing a lot of fringe from us… this Fall of the Fringe 2015!!

Lots of Fabulous Fringed Love,

Laura Dunn





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