The Count Down Begins:

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The Count Down Begins!!!

The Brand New

Monday is the day!!

November 9th, 2015 at 6am…… is the day we launch the brand new WWW.LAURADUNN.COM. We have taken everything you love about and we are giving it a new name and a new home. While we all loved the name Fabulous365…. this blog is such a huge part of my life, my world, my heart and my soul, we thought it only fitting to change the name to….

Laura Dunn.

As a model and actress, I have spent my entire adult life in front of the camera in one form or another. I started over 5 years ago as a way to share the information I have learned along the way. I use my many years in the fashion industry as a roadmap to help guide others on how to live a healthier and more fashionable life. I do not pretend to be an expert on any subject…. what I am an expert on is research. I research, research and then research some more on every single thing I write about. I will never write about a product unless I have personally tried it. I never will write about an item of clothing unless I have personally worn it, nor will I ever write about a service unless I have used it and know that 100% it works. I bring this blog to you because I love to help people…. and if in just the smallest way, I can help change your life… I have done my job well. I pour my heart and soul into into every photo and word on these pages. I love this blog so much and I hope with all my heart that translates to you My Most Beautiful Readers.

So….. with all that said….We so hope you will join us Monday as we launch the brand new….


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Pennies & Posh … The Pink Coat

laura-think-pink-new-titleLaura-Dunn-think pink coatlaura-pink2

The Pink Coat

Today’s edition of Pennies & Posh brings us to….. The Pink Coat. Dior pink that is! Since summer of 2015, Dior has been running ads featuring “Pink.” Pink coats, pink purses, pink perfume bottles, pink flowers… Pink, pink, pink! So gorgeous are these ads… especially the one with a pink coat and pink gloves, that I became totally obsessed with pink. So I googled “Dior Pink Coat” and the first image to cross my screen was our coat featured today. At $59.00…. Dior it’s not, but you can still get that Dior feeling by adding a pair of pink leather gloves (another fall 2015 obsession of mine) and a little black dress. Of course you have to posh it out with something fabulous, so we chose a pair of pink Valentino Rockstud patent leather pumps and a pair of embellished La Perla hose to give it that oomph factor.

There you go…. a way to get that Dior look….. without that Dior price!

Big kisses!!

Laura Dunn


IMG_9107-1 IMG_9038-1IMG_9132 (1)-2 IMG_9071-1 IMG_9034-1IMG_9043-1

Here are some great links that will help you “think pink!”

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Happy Halloween: Comfy Kigurumi Costumes

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Happy Comfortable Halloween!

Kigurumi by Sazac

It’s 3 days before Halloween… and the big question is…. To dress or Not to dress. Not everyone loves to get all Halloween-ed out and not everyone feels comfortable in a costume. So we have options… The one piece allows you to still have that Halloween Holiday spirit and it feels like a big sack of comfort!! It doesn’t get more comfortable than a Kigurumi by Sazac one piece…. and every year they add more choices to the pack. This year we are featuring Hello Kitty, The Tiger, The Jaguar, The Hippopotamus and the newest addition… The Sloth! These are great last minute outfit choices and a great way to say…. Happy Halloween!!

Kigurumi comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru (“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”). Traditionally, it referred specifically to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. In Japan, kigurumi costumes are worn as a way to break the conventions of traditional dress… or just as comfy pajamas!


Laura Dunn

Laura-halloween-20153-IMG_9415-1 copy2-IMG_9411 copy

Onesie | Sixty Dollars – Kigurumi Shop

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Pin Up: Embellish with Chanel Pins

laura-dunn- chanel pins



laura-dunn-chanel pin-1

Chanel Pins: Embellish Now

I was getting dressed for a really fun event at Neiman Marcus last week…. and upon looking in the mirror, I noticed that I looked like I was going to a funeral. Somber and just not fun. So I reached into my CHANEL pin collection that I started a few years back, and grabbed the bling-i-est I could find. Upon re-checking…. Success! The outfit now had that Ooomph factor that it needed. Ooomph enough to get me several compliments on my outfit and pins. One pin alone garnered 6 compliments and actually helped me meet some amazing new friends. Now I am not saying dash out to CHANEL and buy pins…. but what I am saying is any outfit can be changed up with some simple accessories. Pins are an incredibly easy way to brighten up any outfit and really think outside the box with placement.

Big Kisses!!

Laura Dunn




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Pennies & Really Posh: Burberry trench

laura-dunn-burberry trenchtitleIMG_0005IMG_0016IMG_0001

Posh off the Runway….

Today’s story brings us to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, AKA: LACMA…. where we shot inside the famed rows of lights. These photographic dream lights have been shot by many a photographer…. and today our creative director, Tiffany Marie Brannon, takes all the photo credit. Today’s Pennies & Posh could be just about one of my all time favorites! The Italian made, Burberry trench coat is straight off the Spring/Summer runaway 2015, with details only Burberry could put on a trench coat. The removable collar and cuffs are a dreamy pink patent leather that accentuates the multi-color cotton blend body of the coat. The cut of this trench coat is so exquisite…. I actually squealed with delight upon placing on my body. Add in a front button closure, front and back storm flaps, two side pockets and a matching belt. PERFECTION in TRENCH! Coming in at a very posh price around three thousand dollars…. but unfortunately Sold Out across the globe! An Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf and a sequin Mui Mui purse finish off the Posh.

We “Pennied” out this outfit with a pair of Zara glitter boots that were gifted to me by my daughter, Beau. Talk about excitement!!! I opened that package thinking I was holding the Saint Laurent glitter boots that took the runway by storm this Fall 2015/16! I cried with delight when I found out these Zara knock offs were a mere $49.00, compared to the $1000.00 for the Saint Laurent. We finished off the Pennies part of this story with a pair of Flying Monkey jeans….

laura-dunn-burberry collagelaura-dunn-burberry-glitter bootie

Happy Wednesday and Happy Shopping!!

All my love,

Laura Dunn

IMG_0012laura-dunn-LACMA trench

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Pennies & Posh: The Denim Jumpsuit

Laura-Dunn-denim jumpsuit title

Laura-Dunn-pennies posh denim jumpsuit

The Denim Jumpsuit

The JumpSuit just keeps rolling along and seems to be gaining some serious momentum for the fall and winter of 2015/16! I found this little bargain of a jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters for a cool $29.00! $29.00 bought me a serious bargain and some serious cool factor!! What I loved most about this outfit is the fact that it can be…. repeat after me…. dressed up or dressed down…. with the change of a few items. We started off with our Converse to give it that slouchy “I don’t care” look. We added more Pennies with our ridiculously inexpensive leather and brass belt from Planet Blue. Then we stepped into our favorite Mui Mui clogs from a few seasons past…. and thew on a Shourouk necklace, the ever present Harry Winston watch and called it a Posh day. Easy breezy and so easy to wear for any body type, and height (just roll up the legs for an even cooler look) and as we all know… denim looks great with any skin tone. So there you go my most fabulous Peeps… a really inexpensive denim jumpsuit that gives you a lot of bang for the buck…. and anyone on the planet can wear it!!


Laura Dunn

laura-dunn-denim jumpsuit converse




As always, click the links below for this look or visit our Boutique page! xoxo

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New Designer: Sanyae Demure


Sanyae Demure

Once a month going forward we will be featuring a brand-new fashion designer. Being a fashion editor at Genlux, one of Southern California’s premier fashion magazines, I have been exposed to many talented new designers. So I thought it would be exciting for you… to be able to experience them also. I was going to wait for the launch of the new site to start this chapter… but was so impressed with this designer that I couldn’t wait any longer. So with all of that said… I would like to introduce you to….

Sanyae Demure.

When I first saw the Sanyae line, my thoughts we that it was for a much younger woman. But when a box of the Fall 2015/16 collection arrived at my office it was a completely different story. The fabrics in person were very impressive, but it was the fit that blew my mind. Every single pice out of the collection fit my body like a glove. I have never had an entire collection fit like Sanyae Demure. Of course the little rompers were too young for me… but every other piece would be something I could see myself wearing. Designer Sahar Amiry knows the female body and knows how to accentuate every curve and knows what to hide. Her curve fitting dresses are sexy yet sophisticated. A mixture of conservative and revealing cuts make the pieces unique and daring. All the clothes are locally made in Los Angeles, promoting manufacturing in the USA and the highest quality of work.





Laura Dunn


Check out the looks below of visit the Boutique page for more great ideas!


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Leather OverAlls

laura-leather overalls-title





New School Overalls

We actually featured this story a year ago…. without a bang. This year…. BANG! It took a year to catch on…. but the leather overall is a serious trend staple for this fall 2015. Easy to wear and easy to dress up or down. With a black pump and silk shirt…. these Rag and Bone leather overalls can take us from day to night in the change of just two items. The original story I wrote on these overalls was “Am I too old to wear leather overalls?” The answer is a resounding… No! I am not too old. My view in the past year has changed so much on what is “Age Appropriate.” I am at the stage of…. if it looks good on you and you feel great in that outfit… wear it! Unless you have things hanging out that could be offensive to other people… I think we can all be our own judges on to what we should wear. I paired the overalls with my favorite pair of glitter sneaks by Philippe Model and I felt pretty damn good!!

Happy Friday and Happy Wear Whatever Looks Good on You Day!!

Big kiss and Lots of Love,

Laura Dunn

p.s. Check out the links below for this look and our Boutique page for more goodies!

laura-leather overalls-2


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Pennies & Posh: The FRINGE Jacket

Laura-Dunn-fringe-jacket-title IMG_5345-1

2 Fringe JAcjet-1 copy



I just can’t stop…. I am fringe addicted!! I found this jacket by Glamorous on-line when I couldn’t find a fringe jacket at any store over the summer. We shot this a month ago and I started my fringe jacket search in June. Now…. it’s everywhere!! But this little light weight jacket is a steal at $59.00 and it’s is a lot of look…. and a lot of comfort. I paired with my ripped Rag & Bones white jeans, my staple James Perse white button down (I own 15) and my Mui Mui clogs (another staple). This jacket is the absolute perfect throw-on for those cool fall days…. or if you live in Los Angeles… those cool fall evenings.


Laura Dunn


1 Fringe JAcjet copyIMG_5349-1

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TOMS = Life




TOMS’ Fringe Bag

I was dashing through the Four Seasons in Westlake Village a couple of weeks ago…. to get to my car. It was Friday afternoon rush hour and I had to get back to Beverly Hills to get ready for a dinner. I was mid-dash when I spied a fridge suede bag hanging in the gift shop window. From afar it looked like a Saint Laurent bag that I had just seen at Barney’s a few weeks back with a very serious price tag. Of course I had to investigate… and that I did. Upon further inspection I see that it’s not a Saint Laurent purse… but actually a TOMS purse. TOMS? They make purses? And did they give a purse for each one sold? I was in a rush… so who had time to ask questions? I bought the two colors that they had (olive and rust) and went on my merry way!! The next day I had the chance to investigate to find out that TOMS does not give purses for each one sold…. they give LIFE!

For every single purse sold… TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. Does it get any better than that? I just helped two moms give birth and for that…. I thank TOMS for giving back to those in need.






Worn with: Rag and Bone jeans, Michael Kors suede fringe sandals, Rails plaid shirt, & a Derek Lam silk tank

With Love,

Laura Dunn

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