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PENNIES: Today we are featuring 4 pairs of shoes…. that are so much look…. for so little Moo! I love when I find items of clothing, shoes or accessories…. that look like a million dollars… and cost so little. Our four pairs of shoes today come from two different stores…. but all are such bargains that I had to feature all 4!

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn


Let’s start with our Chanel Lace Espadrille Knockoffs. The Black Lace Espadrilles featured… were purchased at Target for 19.00 and look almost identical to the $600.00 Chanel Lace Espadrilles that are the hottest ticket of spring/summer 2015! We featured the white lace Chanel’s a few months back and since I have worn both…. I know that the Target knockoffs are just as cute (excluding the fabulous logo Cs and the Chanel quality) and actually more comfortable! The quality of this knock-off is exceptible enough…. to get us through summer.

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn



On to our black leather and tan suede fringed gladiators. Both are by  “ecoté” and are available at Urban Outfitters for 39.00. Now these are a lot of look for this price! I so wish you could see the quality because they actually rival a $500.00 shoe. Both so comfortable…. so affordable… and so Spring/Summer 2015 wearable!!

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn


Last but not least…. our Target Gladiator. This little black wedge is so comfortable and so on trend that the 19.00 price tag makes it insane to NOT pick up a pair for knocking around in and looking point on trend!!

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn


POSH: Our hottest denim look…. the fringed bottom jean. These are by A/G and the price comes in at around $180.00.

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn

Pennies and Posh by Laura Dunn



With some Pennies & Posh Love!!

Laura Dunn

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25 thoughts on Pennies & Posh – by Laura Dunn

  1. WOW! Even more comfortable than the Chanel?! Goes to show you, you don’t have to pay the outrageous prices to look hip! I love this post!!!

  2. Great information! I must go to Target soon, before they run out of stock! Those are cute shoes for a very affordable price. I can even find the jeans (similar) for a much better price! Thanks, Laura!!

  3. The jeans are a little too pricey for me, I’ll stick with the adorable shoes! Thanks for the pennies post!

  4. My daughter LOVES the Gladiator style shoes! She’ll be so happy when I can get her a couple of pair at Target for the price of one pair somewhere else!

  5. I am such a shoe whore! Whether I need them or not, I must have them! These are a great deal that I can’t pass up!! I love the jeans as well. They look really cute with the sandals…all of them!

  6. I love going online and buying a few at a time at the beginning of summer, then a few more styles towards the end of summer!

  7. I am shocked that the Target espadrilles are more comfy then the Chanels! That is a deal if I have ever heard of one!

  8. This is one great thing about buying affordable sandals for summer; you can get a bunch and if they are in bad shape by the need of summer, just toss them and start over next summer!

  9. Sandals and shoe trends change so frequently that with these prices you can afford to buy a few pairs.

  10. Although I am a label-lover, I would venture out of my bubble and buy a fun pair to play with for the summer!

  11. I just love Pennies & Posh segments!! The shoes are really, really cute! What a deal! You look great in all the pictures. Always having a good time!

  12. Who doesn’t love a deal like this? Save money…yes please! I can buy several pairs for the price I would pay for brand name. And if they are more comfortable, then that’s a double whammy!

  13. Another fantastic pennies and posh blog! With two daughters, I love treating them to comfortable, trendy affordable shoes! Thanks Laura xo

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