Batik Magic and Summer Sale Madness!



The Blue & White Batik Maxi…. is an absolute summer staple this Summer 2015… and the beauty of this batik pattern is that any height, size, or age can pull it off!

While the dark color has the same slimming effect as black…. the batik gives it that summer vibe and cool factor. The maxi elongates and the pattern helps hide flaws unlike a solid color that most of the time emphasizes those bumps and bulges. The Vee neck points the eye downward which is another elongating trick.



The beauty of buying summer clothes now? We are at the end of summer buying in the Northern Hemisphere meaning…. SERIOUS Sale time. Most of the Pre-Fall fashions are hitting the stores and many stores are at 70% clearance. Almost every single store in America is on sale now, so if there’s anything that you didn’t buy for summer but really wanted, now is the time.


Sale time is coming earlier and earlier… meaning we get to take advantage of great clothes at really great prices while it’s still warm enough to wear them. I have to say besides all major holidays…. sale time is my favorite time of the year.


Laura Dunn Batik Dress

Laura_Dunn-Batik Sales (15)

Happy Hunting and Sales shopping.

All my love,

Laura Dunn

signature Laura Dunn

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43 thoughts on Batik Magic and Summer Sale Madness!

  1. Love the dress! It looks great on you. Not sure about the necklace. I need to hit up some of these sales this weekend!

  2. Got to love those summer sales! Best time to buy clothes is now. But don’t wait, because the really cute stuff goes fast!

  3. Just when I am getting into the summer buying thing, they are putting fall clothes out It’s too fast for me, I can’t keep up!

  4. Zara is a popular in other countries; it’s nice to see more people are finding out about this amazing shoppe.

  5. I saw so many of these style dresses when I went to Japan and India last year! But always stays in fashion.

  6. Hasn’t Zara been around for years? At least in SoCal. I need to make my way in there to see what they have on sale!

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