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Laura Dunn for Genlux Magazine Fabulous 365

Welcome to this months Genlux Magazine! I would like to thank Stephen Kamifugi and Cecilia Moreno for allowing me to grace my pen on the pages of their beautiful magazine. This is our best Holiday issue ever! On the newsstands now.


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21 thoughts on Laura Dunn- GENLUX Magazine

  1. Love Love Genlux!!!
    The Gingerbread cookies and high Tea, how lovely is this!!! Love the Peninsula, usually for cocktails and bites!
    But must book for cookies & tea!!
    The youth serum, Helloooo!!!

  2. I have so many comments I don’t know where to start! I want to shop where you shop; I love what you buy. I wish I could model like you do…. You didn’t notice my bug necklace last night but you are forgiven after serving such a fabulous pre-Thanksgiving Dinner since I can’t be with you this year.
    I’m disappointed I am going to miss the special turkey Steve ordered but know I would love to be with all of you!!!

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