Cute Culottes

Forever21 sent me this great quality, pair of pink culottes (or gaucho pants) about a month ago, we shot and scheduled it, but we should have scheduled sooner as these are as sold out as it gets!!



The good news? You can get the exact pair in black and we have found a few other stores that carry culottes that compare in looks… sadly, none in price. These were a serious lot of look for the serious little price tag of $21.00.


After Jennifer Lopez wore them on the red carpet… they were history. These are a great summer trouser that were originally a 1960’s staple… have made a 2015 come back! Easy to wear and easy to accessorize… They are perfect for summer and transitioning into Fall of 2015.

Big Kisses,

Laura Dunn





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28 thoughts on Cute Culottes

  1. That Simplicity pattern brings me right back to childhood! My mom would make us all culottes in all different patterns & solids.

  2. I love the stripped pair. Those are adorable! I’m going to check online at Forever 21 for those! Very comfy looking too!

  3. Those are adorable! and all over the red carpets! These comfortable pants have definitely come back with a vengeance!

  4. Culottes remind me of when I was a kid. My Mom always made these and I would be so embarrassed that my Mom “Made” them. Now I wish my Mom would sew me a bunch right now!

  5. I like the baby pink better than the stripes but if that’s all they have left I may have to try them out.

  6. Forever 21 is becoming my new quick-stop for trends on point. That’s AFTER reading the Fabulous365 blog of course!

  7. These look great on you! I will have to revisit these because they really are comfortable and in fashion!

  8. I loved culottes back in the day! I’m so glad they are coming back. I haven’t really seen these in the stores (now I know why, if they are sold out!). I’ve bought the printed flowy pants recently and those are comfortable as well. I will have to be on the look out for these. Thank you for the head’s up on fashion!

  9. I am going to have to get your trend advice broke it hits your blog cause almost every time I can’t live without something you feature, it’s sold out!

  10. The skinny belt looks great too! It breaks up the top from the pants and would rock with a pair of black heels.

  11. My mom used to make ALL my clothes. Culottes were a staple. I loved them then and I think I like them even better now! You can’t beat the price at Forever 21.

  12. I have a cotton pair that I wear with my bikini at the pool and to the beach. This is a clothing item that I cannot live without during the summer.

  13. Perfect for summertime! Good for professional wear too! Thanks for the reminder of how cute these actually are!

  14. These are sold out, but I think I can make them myself. I’m not a bad sewer and these look relatively easy to put together. I’m excited to see what kinds of prints and fabrics I can get.

  15. I want the stripped pair! SO CUTE!!! I need to get on the internet and see if I can find a store that still has them! Thanks, Laura!

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