FRAME: Jet Black Distressed Jeans


I was on the hunt for the perfect jet black, perfectly distressed (ripped) jeans…. that were blacker than black…. and would hold their black-ness after washing. Of course my “Fashion Specialist” at Barneys New York came through with flying colors!
Whenever I hit a fashion glitch…. I know Barbara Gallardo will come through! These FRAME jeans are so hot and so on trend that they are actually very hard to find…. as they are sold out in most stores around the country. Barneys knows their buyer and their market. They were the only store that had them when I was on my mad hunt! You too can be sporting these amazing fit and amazingly sexy jeans by tomorrow…. if…. you live in Los Angeles…. and if…. You get your bootie to Barneys New York, second floor and ask for the Barbara Gallardo!









Our FRAME Jeans are worn with a bitchin Louis Vuitton jean jacket with a velvet collar and a pair of PRADA studded, platform sandals.

With some serious love!!

Laura Dunn

signature Laura Dunn

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18 thoughts on FRAME: Jet Black Distressed Jeans

  1. My Gorgeous minx, YOU make my job easy!!
    Your fantastic figure!! I always say, you make a potato sack look Tres Chic!!!
    And You look Amazing !!!!

  2. You look hot in the outfit! I LOVE the shoes! Where did you get them? The jeans are adorable, and look great on you!

  3. You look SMASHING Laura! I have a pair similar and I love them! So many ways to wear them and the shoes just top off the ensemble! You’re a beautiful gem!

  4. Love the ripped jeans. The color is great. Have you washed them yet? Did the color fade at all? I need to go check them out. I hope they look as good on me as they do you! 😉

  5. Looking fab! You sure do know how to have a good time while taking photos! The outfit is stunning on you! You can even make a ripped pair of jeans look classy!

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