Pennies & Posh: The Trench Edition



This edition of Pennies & Posh brings us back to one of my favorite “Pennies” stores….. FOREVER 21… and today we are “Diggin on a Trench”…. a gray trench that is! FOREVER 21 sent us this gray trench coat last week and I have to say that I was kind of blown away at how rich it looked. Now mind you we are talking $49.00, so I am not promising you the moon…. but for that price it’s a lot of bang for the buck! Especially if you pair it with a few expensive items like our Saint Laurent (YSL) suede fringed, kitten heel boots. They came in tan and black and are just about as comfortable as it gets. Pricing in at $1,195… you can now find this boot on sale between $700.00 and $495.00. Add in our Rag & Bone skinny jeans that cost $190 and you have a smashingly great “Pennies & Posh” outfit that will take you from summer evenings…. into fall days with the snap of a finger!

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43 thoughts on Pennies & Posh: The Trench Edition

  1. It’s no wonder you are so FABULOUS! I love how simple you make putting together an outfit that is comfy and classy!

  2. I’m usually not into trench coats, but this one is super CUTE!! And you can’t beat the price! Looks great on!

  3. I absolutely love Forever 21! They have the cutest stuff for a very reasonable price. You always have a good find there!

  4. Super cute! It doesn’t look too heavy, so it would be great for our SoCal evenings. I love what you paired it with!

  5. Always my favorite segment! I love Forever 21 because of all your posts. I never really thought to go in there before. I have found a lot of cute stuff there!

  6. This is perfect for fall coming up! I love the color! I will be going to Forever 21 very soon to see if I can get this.

  7. I’ve always loved the ripped jeans look, but when you add this coat, it just really completes the outfit. Really cute on you!

  8. Diggin’ On a Trench
    8/5/15 Suzanne K.
    Love the coat and jeans but I would ever wear those cute shoes in the rain!

  9. I remember the first London Fog trench I bought while in the UK…I still have it and love it just as much as the day I bought it!

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