Pennies & Posh: The White Shirt


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The White Shirt

I found this white button down at one of my favorite Pennies & Posh stores… Forever21. Coming in at 19.00 it’s a great value and the bold black graphic writing gives it fun edge to a plain white shirt. I am the biggest fan of the white shirt as I have written about before (and I am sure I’ll write about it again in the future) but white is our best shade to wear on top…. as it acts like a reflector and gives every skin tone a nice glow. I paired it with one of my favorite denim brands… One Teaspoon. This distressed One Teaspoon skirt was my “go to” skirt over the summer…. and I will be wearing it to transition into fall with some chunky knit sweaters…. but for now…. I’ll just tie up my white shirt and dream of cooler days!!

Lots of Crisp Collared Love,

Laura Dunn xoxo

p.s. Check out the links below or visit our Boutique page for ways to shop this look! The One Teaspoon skirt was actually just marked down this week for Pre-Fall sales!


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30 thoughts on Pennies & Posh: The White Shirt

  1. I’m with you doll!!
    Love a crisp white shirt. Super sexy, can be a bit androgynous and even the Great Carolina Herrera pairs it with evening wear.
    I even love it over swim wear or whatever you may roll out of bed in for breakfast .

  2. The white shirt is so classic. You can never go wrong with it. But I LOVE the jean skirt! I’ve been looking for a good one all summer and I haven’t had any luck. Thanks for the info!

  3. Forever 21 again….really? I HAVE GOT to go there! You find the best items at that store. I really like the white shirt with printing on it. Spices it up, just the way I like it!

  4. I love my button down white shirts I own. So comfortable and they literally go with everything!! I don’t have any with print on them though. I like it! I must have one!

  5. These are classic shirts (and ones that every guy wants to see his wife in), but they remind me of when I was a waitress. This was a part of our uniform, so I can never look at them the same. Just reminds me of going to work, lol!

  6. I hope Forever 21 is giving you some kind of compensation for all the advertisement! You find the greatest stuff there. This is MY favorite segment (Pennies & Posh). I just love your style and it’s affordable!

  7. They must be crisp for sure…I hate when they start to look a lil dingy. That’s when is send them immediately to the Good Will.

  8. A good tip I learned when I was a caterer, you can buy fitted standard button down, collard shirts at tuxedo stores for a discounted price.

  9. One of my BF’s favorite looks! If he could dress me up this way everyday, he’s be happy! Very comfortable look that can be dressed up or down. Classic!

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