Pregnancy Clothes?

I was sent this amazing Michael Stars, leather front sweater/jacket from our friends over at “Mom’s the Word” Maternity Wear. Maternity wear you ask? Crazy right? Nope! Because we wanted to show just how fabulous these transition clothes are…. for anyone. “Mom’s the Word” has curated an amazing collection of designers to help get you from your skinny ole self…. to your 
pregnant self…. back to your skinny ole self…. all while keeping you perfectly in style… and spot on trend! I was so confused when the package arrived from Mom’s the Word… because I thought these clothes were just way too hip to be maternity wear. I had to read the label several times! With such a great collection of clothes…. who needs to be pregnant to shop at Mom’s the Word
            Red lepard scarf by Alexander McQueen
signature Laura Dunn

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24 thoughts on Pregnancy Clothes?

  1. Crazy, Good!!! I could’ve stopped you on the street and I would’ve believed you bought it in some swanky non maternity shop!!
    Bravo !!

  2. I wish maternity clothes looked like this when I was pregnant with my son! This is great for those that ARE pregnant to still feel good and hip while growing with their baby.

  3. Whaaaat?? This definitely doesn’t look like it came from a maternity store!!! It looks great on you! So cute & super stylish for maternity wear!

  4. No way is this maternity! This looks like it came straight from your closet, Laura! And they hit the mark with your style when they sent this to you. You look beautiful!

  5. WOW!! Really?? This is a really cute outfit! Awesome that they make maternity clothes to make the women still feel like they are looking good and in style.

  6. Moms The Word ROCKS!! Such a cute outfit! I am in the beginning stages of pregnancy and I can’t wait to start shopping. This will be the first place I go! Thanks Laura & Moms The Word!

  7. You look stunning. I don’t know what pregnant woman would fit into this leather jacket at full term but I bet thy have progressive sizes as you grow! Very chic.

  8. Great to know! I will be passing this store information along to my BFF who is pregnant! She’s going to love this store!

  9. I love the overalls you have a the bottom of the blog! SO cute and still able to maintain your inner Fashionista while you are growing! Love the boots paired with them too!

  10. This is a great blog but I can’t stop loving the pic below of Beau and Stevie picking his nose!! Flashback Friday!

  11. I am an old fashioned girl and yes, I used to redecorate every room I walked into with the full jumpers etc. I must admit that I think the top is far too short to cover any growing belly. Just a thought from a nana of 7. XOX

  12. Oh oh oh! I love love love to see what you toss on. As always, you look amazing and I am totally inspired to try to make this tired self look good.. I also have to say that I shopped at Mom’s the Word and everything that I got made it to term. Not zipped maybe, like that jacket is, but unzipped? All the way to the bitter and sweet end.

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