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It’s officially here…. The Fall 2015 Shoe Trend of…. Fur Shoes! This trend has been hovering around the fashion arena for a couple of years, but 2015 is making it official. I found these amazing Simone Rocha fur trimmed shoes in London this past summer and I squealed with joy upon trying them on!





Two serious trends in one…. Men’s lace up’s and fur. You can’t go wrong with either in fall of 2015….. and in fact worn together they are a serious fashion statement. Which brings us to the question…. Why is fashion so important for us as women? Fashion shows the world who we are…. and who we would like to be. It’s one of the most powerful and empowering arts there is. Think of the amount time, manpower and money that went into the making of my silly fur shoe. How many people were employed in the process…. and how many were employed in the process of selling that shoe. Fashion is a daily way for us to embrace art, express ourselves and feel good about ourselves.
Is the Fur Shoe Movement for you?


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21 thoughts on The FUR Shoe Movement

  1. Definitely not my thing. I think it just looks weird. But I do get that it’s fashion and there are several that would wear this, so in that case, I’m glad it has employed many. And really, they look good on you!

  2. Oh wow!! So unique! I’ve never heard this before, but I get my fashion new from you! So now I’m “in the know”! Thanks, Laura!

  3. Funny, I just saw something on animal hoof shoes yesterday. Seems to be on trend right now. I’m not particularly a fan, but I can see how others would like them.

  4. This would be great for winter wear. I have actually seen a couple of people with this trend on. I like some of the styles. I think I would wear them. I like to get in on what’s new.

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