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October 2015


The Fall Genlux Magazine is on the newsstands now! This issue is about as good as it gets!

Please pick up a copy of Southern California’s premier fashion magazine!!




Laura Dunn

P.S. We just wanted to remind you that we are stripped down because…… we are under construction!!! The brand NEW (With a new name) blog will be up in a little over a week!! Exciting? You bet cha!! We can’t wait to debut our new look!! Stay Tuned!!


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INSPIRATION: Southern California has many great lifestyle magazines…. but no one focused exclusively on fashion, beauty and accessories. The national magazines like Vogue and Harpers, as compelling as they are… all the editorial is tagged to NYC. For someone living in Los Angeles, this can be frustrating if you want to purchase something in your own backyard. So Genlux was born: a publication like W, In Style, but everything tagged in Los Angeles

Founder: Cecilia Moreno/ Publisher/ Editorial Director


Whenever I tell people that I’m a Fashion Editor at Genlux Magazine…. the first thing to come out of their mouth is…. “I Love that Magazine!!!” I have been (with honor) a Fashion Editor Genlux for four amazing years now…. and have loved every second of it. Genlux is Los Angeles’ premiere fashion and luxury magazine. Never before have I been associated with a publication that is so highly respected and such a powerful force in the fashion arena. I had the pleasure of producing my first fashion story called “Seventies Remix” in this current issue, and it can be seen in all it’s glory half-way through the magazine. The spread stars first time model Corinne Digiamo – she will blow you away – and Rayana Ragan.

You can pick up your copy on the newsstands now with the beautiful Andie MacDowell gracing the cover…… and I must say that this could be just about our best issue to date!



With all my Editorial Love,


GENLUX_SS15_LAURA_FAB_360_ADAn ad running in this months edition of Genlux

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Genlux Magazine- Spring Edition


I had goose bumps when I saw the final cover of the Genlux Spring 2015 edition. I have to say that this could be one of my all time favorite Genlux covers! Elizabeth Hurley looks like a dream and I was even more excited to learn that our brand new beauty editor, Beau Dunn… helped coordinate on this shoot. On the newsstands now…. the spring edition is one to not be missed!!

The back cover ad this month. Thank you Stephen Kamifuji for the amazing design….. and always helping Fabulous365 look so good!


By the time you see this….. the most anticipated new series of the season… starring Elizabeth Hurley will have premiered on “E!”

“The Royals”



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Genlux Magazine

laura-dunn-genlux-cant-live-withoutFor your reading pleasure….. The Winter Edition of Genlux Magazine came out today….. and is on the newsstands now!

Southern California’s premier luxury magazine!

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Laura Dunn- Thanksgiving Spice




We have 5 spices here that are usually used in Thanksgiving cooking. Little did I know that these 5 have great benefits….. so it would do all of our bodies good to make sure we go heavy on the spices this coming Thursday. Let’s find out exactly what those benefits are…..



Laura Dunn Thanksgiving Spice


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Laura Dunn – Pennies & Posh – Fabulous 365


The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn

The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn

Another amazing find from our friends at Anat B! This black lace cocktail dress comes in at $29.00 and the compliments I received when I wore to a dinner this past Saturday evening…. were so insane that even I was surprised! Starting with the hostess of the restaurant…. who squealed with delight when I walked in the door…. to our friends that we were dining with….  to the two different men on my way to the ladies room who wanted to buy the dress for their wives!

I kept it very simple and added in no accessories… except my Harry Winston watch and a beautiful pair of Casadei satin peep toe pumps. So much look…. so little money!!


Laura Dunn


The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn




The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn

Anat B.

271 South Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, Ca.


Please call for other locations in the Los Angeles area



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Laura Dunn – Orange to the rescue!!


Laura Dunn

As of late…. there has been quite a bit insanity going on in my life. I read about this ages old remedy to help clear chaos from our lives and home a couple of days ago….. and decided that it was time to implement….. ASAP! I followed the directions and within 24 hours there is a new found peace within my home. I must say…. I am feeling so much better. In my mind? Not sure…. but anything to help bring calm into our lives is worth trying…. 

*Fill the glass or crystal bowl 3/4 up with the distilled/spring water 

*Peel each of the 9 oranges and put into bowl

*Soak 24 hours
Take the orange water and fill a clean spray bottle. Starting at your front door….. Clockwise….start spraying the perimeter of the interior of your home. Getting every nook and cranny. I sprayed the water everywhere on all of my floor surfaces without an issue…. no staining. Now mind you I only sprayed a very fine mist…. but none the less… no issues. 
                       24 Hours later…. Peace, Calm and Happiness
P.S…. Side Note: One of my very best friend’s mother…. is a sage of sorts…. A very, very wise woman. Mama Madge recommends splashing pure rose water at the exterior of your front door. The rose water is said to remove any negative energy from your home and not allow any negativity in. Thank you Mama Madge and Grace for your advice and wisdom!!
– Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn


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Genlux Summer & What I Can’t Live Without


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As you may… or may not… know, for the past two years… I have the distinct honor of doing a monthly column for Genlux magazine. Genlux has allowed me to share my “I Can’t live without” fashion, health and beauty list with their readers. Genlux Magazine is Los Angeles answer to the fashion bible… it’s about a new generation of women that are passionate about luxury fashion, beauty, giving back and caring for the world. Their goal is to bring information about fashion, charity events, beauty and the people that create it. The photography rivals Vogue.. and it could be just about the most beautiful magazine in the world. The photo below… is on the back cover of the latest issue of Genlux…. that just hit the newsstands yesterday! It is beyond beautiful… and I would like to thank founders and Stephen Kamifuji and Cecillia Moreno for their support of Fabulous365 and myself… Laura Dunn. I am filled with gratitude for Genlux allowing me a voice… and bringing color and vision to Los Angeles and the world. 


signature Laura Dunn