Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer



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I threw down the gloss, picked up the LACQUER…. and I liked it…. the taste of that gooey gloss-stick! For me to set down my Chanel Glossimer… and pick up, try on and actually leave the house in a new gloss…. is nothing short of a miracle! And that is something that’s NOW happening on a daily basis. To know me…. is to know that I don’t leave the house without a gloss in my pocket! Then… last week…. in walks into my life…. Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer. Let me digress….

I recieved a stunning box last week, filled with eight of the glossiest, gooiest and freaking down right perfect colors of glosses that I have ever seen. “The Shinning” is a collection of 8 lip glosses by Smith & Cult…. the amazing women that started “Hard Candy” nail polish in the 90’s, and then went on to create Smith & Cult Nail Lacquers earlier this year. With names like… Fade The Sun, Her Name Bubbles, The Lovers and The Queen is Dead… how can we not fall head over heels? The Shinning is a continuation of the Smith & Cult nail lacquers line and just the beginning of a Beauty Love Story that will hopefully go on forever…. and ever….

With my nails and lips covered…. what will these amazing women come up with next?


With Some Seriously Glossy Love,

Laura Dunn

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Dinner With Jackson Pollock




My daughter Beau and I had the extreme pleasure of going to a book signing last week at the Christofle Silver Gallery in West Hollywood. The featured author? Robyn Lea, who penned the book “Dinner with Jackson Pollock.” The cover alone is beautiful enough to sell the book – and that is actually what it did for me. “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is an absolutely stunning cookbook, highlighting abstract artist Jackson Pollock and his wife Lee’s recipes. Who knew that one of the most celebrated artists of all time was also a chef?! “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is part cookbook, part art book, and part history book that brings us an interesting and new perspective into the life of the artist himself and gives us a context for his work. The stunning photos of Pollocks’ home, art, recipes, artifacts, scribbled notes are all shot by the talented author and the recipes are easy to follow and very sound. It’s a start to finish cookbook that translates well into 2015.

Ana and I picked an easy recipe to try  and headed into the Fabulous365 kitchen to cook up some “Brandied Peaches and Custard.” We actually skipped the custard as we are both watching our weight, and went for the straight Brandied Peaches. Easy to make and delicious to eat! This book is a must for the savory chef and a home run for any foodie. But even if you are not a chef (or hate to cook) this stunning book would look great in any kitchen! Bravo Robyn Lea for allowing us a glimpse into the undiscovered food life of Jackson Pollock.

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With Some Serious Yummy Lovin,

Laura Dunn

P.S. And why would I not dress to cook with Jackson? I picked this fancy Christopher Kane paillette front, black dress from my closet archives. It’s one of my all time favorite dresses! I added in a pair of inexpensive opera length gloves for the chic factor! Voilà! An outfit worthy of Mr. Pollock!

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Today brings us to The Lemon Grove at Coldwater Canyon. Wearing an amazing Fendi sheer, ruffled front skirt, a crisp white button down shirt by Zara (talk about Pennies & Posh)  and a pair of insanely fabulous YSL platform pumps. Not exactly the perfect lemon picking outfit… but when you find out the how many benefits this little yellow sphere holds…. you will completely understand why I dressed for the occasion!


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A few years back….  I did a little story on my dear friend and actress, Dyan Cannon. It was a tip based story about how a woman in her mature years could look so beautiful, thin and sooooo young. Let me please digress….

Right before I wrote that story…. I had dinner at The Ivy with the beautiful Dyan. Ms. Cannon ordered enough food for a pack of hungry truck wolves. I am the Queen of ordering… but even I was surprised! She proceeded to eat most of it… I am talking an order of fried mushrooms included! The Ivy has the best specialty drinks on the planet… so I of course expected Dyan to order up something fun and exciting to go along with her massive quantities of food…. Not! She had cup after cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed in each serving. Now Dyan is one of the thinnest women I know. What allows a woman with the body of a teen-ager to consume that amount of food…. and still stay so thin? After grilling her all night on anti-aging tips…. The Lemon Water is the one thing that stayed on my mind. There had to be a correlation between the…. ageless skin, the most amazing body I have ever seen on a woman that age, the shiny hair… the list goes on. Dyan drinks hot lemon water all day and night and I am 100% convinced that is her secret to the fountain of youth….

When life gives you lemons… do like Dyan…. and squeeze them into hot water!

This is one of the best things we can do for our bodies!! Grab a cup of steaming water… and squeeze a half of lemon. Let’s find out Dyan’s anti-aging secret…..




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Art and Fashion






Art and Fashion 

I had the great pleasure of meeting the RETNA himself in person for the first time at his studio right after his collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2013. RETNA was one of three artists that were chosen to design a series of LV scarves for the “Street Art Collection.” And it just so happened that on that bright sunny day in downtown Los Angeles, I had one of those scarves in my car! He signed it and it now resides framed above a fireplace in my home. It truly is a perfect mix of Art and Fashion! After a tour of the studio, I spied one of my all time favorite pieces of art – a highly polished, chrome airplane wing that was painted with the signature Retna calligraphy. Stunning does not describe the piece where upon viewing for the first time… my body was engulfed in goose bumps and the world stopped – at that moment I became a fan for life. Mr. Lewis was also commissioned in 2011 to paint the tail wing of a VistaJet valued at $60 million US dollars. We personally own several RETNAS, including a surf board that was part of a charity collection and can be seen in the archives here on Fabulous365. Not only is RETNA a great talent… he is an amazing human being.  One word describes the Man and his Art…. Fabulous.



Our Ode to RETNA Fashion

Red dress by Lanvin, summer 2015 collection, 

Necklace, Gloves & Shoes by PRADA 




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All my love,

Laura Dunn

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A Very Nautical “Pennies & Posh”


We are officially half way through the Summer of 2015…. and I am so hoping that at least once you have pulled together a nautical oufit. If not… I am hoping to inspire you today!! It is so easy to go Nautical – Red, White & Blue are our base colors, add in stripes, anchors, sequins, a navy double breasted blazer, a crisp white button down (mens or womens), a straw clutch or tote, some white Keds, red Louboutins, black or navy lace espadrilles, loafers, a knit skirt…. the list goes on. I think you get the picture.

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We kept it simple today as we headed down the stairs in the Neiman Marcus parking garage… hahahaha! We started off today’s “Nautical Pennies & Posh” with a Zara sale top that came in around $19 and our black lace espadrilles from Target ($29) then we added in the Posh with a white Valentino knit skirt from the archives of my closet. If I remember correctly, it cost in the vicinity of $1500 and it was worth every penny….. as it looks as good today as when I bought it 6 years ago. Please remember… when buying the classics…. go for the posh!



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With a Sailor’s Salute… and some Seaworthy Love,

Laura Dunn

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signature Laura Dunn

DIOR Sunglasses



The Trend Glasses

The hottest sunglasses of Summer 2015….. The Dior “So Real.” If you want to sit in the front row of the trend wagon…. pop a pair of these babies on…. simple, easy & stunningly fabulous. Made of metal and plastic…. these Dior sunglasses come in three different colors… black (black with an insanely fabulous two tone lens) Havana (brown) & Paladium (silver). I purchased the silver and I must say they are totally brining out my inner Andy Warhol.

Between $485.00 & $560.00





The Classic Aviator

You have seen these classic Porsche Aviators on me in so many different photos. They come with black and brown interchangeable lenses. Easy to pop in and out… so easy to wear and classically beautiful. Bringing out my inner Tom Cruise in Top Gun.




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Let’s Talk About SEX!



I recently read an article in a very well-known health magazine and was so freaking excited to share that story with you…. that I just had to tell my daughter Beau first. When I excitedly explained to her my story… she laughed hysterically and said she had already heard this information at Pepperdine. As photographer, Ana and I were shooting… I told her what today’s story was about…. and she too laughed out loud! She also learned about this information at University of Miami. WHAT? Where was this info when I was in college?

Pineapple & Sex?

Let’s talk Pineapple My Most Beautiful Peeps!

laura=sex-pineapples trio

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Let’s first talk science…. according to my many days of research on this topic…. there is not a lot of scientific evidence to support what I am about to say, but in a study done on the blog (hahaha are you laughing? cause I am!) it confirmed the next sentence. Eating pineapple and other sweet fruits will help our nether regions (aka: vaginas) smell and taste sweeter. Yum! Since an important component of the odor is caused by sweat…. foods that cause our sweat to be more odiferous will most likely do the same for our vag. If we are ingesting foods with strong odors like garlic, curry or asparagus…. it’s a good possibility that it will translate to the smell in our vaginal area. According to many other sources –  same goes for boy’s semen. Keeping clean and dry down there is also a MUST for odor control and personal hygiene. Here are a few other ways to keep our privates clean and working perfectly….

5 Vagina Rules





So let’s re-cap….

Follow the “5 Vagina Rules” and why would we NOT want to consume as many sweet fruits as possible to keep the Vag smelling and tasting sweet. Just PLEASE remember…. sweet fruits are just that… sweet and filled with fruit sugars…. so eat in moderation for your diet. We can also add to that sweet list: ORGANIC Kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, mango, green tea and parsley. PLEASE NOTE…. if sweet foods make for a sweet smell and taste… remember the stinky foods can cause stink. Another notable…. smoking can cause the “bits” to smell like an ash-tray… who wants ashy smelling bits?

With Some Seriously Sweet Love,

Laura Dunn

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Fresh Greens….


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It’s finally easy being green! Move over florals…. It’s all about the Leafy Greens for mid-summer. As we hit the mid-mark of summer 2015, it’s time to pull out all of our Fresh Leafy Greens…. a great floral alternative and a serious trend look. The leafy prints are a continuation of last years Banana Leaf trend… fun, kicky, and bright. Rock this bold pattern with ease by mixing it with your basic black and white, or, match up the greens and yellows found in the leaves.


Laura_Dunn-Pantone Greens & Banana Leaf Fashion Review (16)

This summers hottest green tone? Pantone’s “LUCITE GREEN.” Basically, it’s a mild mint tone and any article of clothing in this shade will have you sitting pretty on the trend wagon. Our Michael Kors leafy dress is spot-on! So let’s recap….. Anything Leafy…. Anything Minty…. Anything in shades of light GREEN…. will have you rocking it for the rest of this beautiful summer!!


Big Bold Kisses!

Laura Dunn

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INSPIRATION: Southern California has many great lifestyle magazines…. but no one focused exclusively on fashion, beauty and accessories. The national magazines like Vogue and Harpers, as compelling as they are… all the editorial is tagged to NYC. For someone living in Los Angeles, this can be frustrating if you want to purchase something in your own backyard. So Genlux was born: a publication like W, In Style, but everything tagged in Los Angeles

Founder: Cecilia Moreno/ Publisher/ Editorial Director


Whenever I tell people that I’m a Fashion Editor at Genlux Magazine…. the first thing to come out of their mouth is…. “I Love that Magazine!!!” I have been (with honor) a Fashion Editor Genlux for four amazing years now…. and have loved every second of it. Genlux is Los Angeles’ premiere fashion and luxury magazine. Never before have I been associated with a publication that is so highly respected and such a powerful force in the fashion arena. I had the pleasure of producing my first fashion story called “Seventies Remix” in this current issue, and it can be seen in all it’s glory half-way through the magazine. The spread stars first time model Corinne Digiamo – she will blow you away – and Rayana Ragan.

You can pick up your copy on the newsstands now with the beautiful Andie MacDowell gracing the cover…… and I must say that this could be just about our best issue to date!



With all my Editorial Love,


GENLUX_SS15_LAURA_FAB_360_ADAn ad running in this months edition of Genlux

signature Laura Dunn

Batik Magic and Summer Sale Madness!



The Blue & White Batik Maxi…. is an absolute summer staple this Summer 2015… and the beauty of this batik pattern is that any height, size, or age can pull it off!

While the dark color has the same slimming effect as black…. the batik gives it that summer vibe and cool factor. The maxi elongates and the pattern helps hide flaws unlike a solid color that most of the time emphasizes those bumps and bulges. The Vee neck points the eye downward which is another elongating trick.



The beauty of buying summer clothes now? We are at the end of summer buying in the Northern Hemisphere meaning…. SERIOUS Sale time. Most of the Pre-Fall fashions are hitting the stores and many stores are at 70% clearance. Almost every single store in America is on sale now, so if there’s anything that you didn’t buy for summer but really wanted, now is the time.


Sale time is coming earlier and earlier… meaning we get to take advantage of great clothes at really great prices while it’s still warm enough to wear them. I have to say besides all major holidays…. sale time is my favorite time of the year.


Laura Dunn Batik Dress

Laura_Dunn-Batik Sales (15)

Happy Hunting and Sales shopping.

All my love,

Laura Dunn

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