Research says yes! Two recent ground breaking studies have shown that certain PROBIOTIC bacterias have powerful mood lifting effects. L. helveticus, B. longum and L. casei were the probiotics that were found to have a profound effect on the brain. According to Michael Messaoudi, Ph.D., lead author in one of the studies, “Probiotics decrease the protein molecules that cause psychological distress.” Within two months of taking these probiotics 73 percent of the women in the study were less anxious, slept better, felt calmer, less depressed and were better able to cope with life.

The issue….. Yogurts do not have these strains of probiotics….. But Nature’s Way to the rescue. “Nature’s Way Primadophilus Opitma” has all three in one pill. One pill, two months…. Worth a try for better brain health!


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Not just your mama’s Beatles song. Truth…. Karma catches up with you, no matter who, what or where you are in life. You get what you give in life. Period, end of story.

The Law of Karma is very simple….. It’s been known for many thousands of years. “What ever you do….. will be done to you” Straight forward, simple right? You would think….. If you knock your head against a wall… You will damage your head. Same principal applies with Karma. Whatever you do in life, is what you attract back. Once we become aware of how, what, where and why… Meaning once become aware of how are actions will ALWAYS come back to haunt us…. It will help us strive for a more loving and peaceful life.

Start today with small changes…. 2012 the year of Love, Peace and Honor… Let’s do it together. Come from your heart when dealing with others and watch as changes unfold in our lives.

Take the Y out of Your and you have Our…..



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Could this photo of my Son in law to be, be any cuter?? I am thinking… NOT! Hello Kitty strikes with an app…. And I am happy to report it’s a BLAST! YAY!!!

Now you can turn anyone into a Hello Kitty….. Just down load the “Hello Kitty Photo Booth” and the world is your Kitty oyster!

Transform yourself and your friends into the cutest Hello Kitties and share them via email or Facebook.

– Works with photos taken with iPhone/iPad Camera or browsed from your photo library

– Save results to your device

– Email results to your friends

– Upload results on your Facebook


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Not that we are having to worry about this problem….. Our problems here in Los Angeles have been more on the line of… which bikini should I wear…. Not which gloves in our 80 degree weather…..

But don’t be in the cold if you need to use your Iphone or Smartphone. Before these babies you had to either go fingerless or whip your gloves off…. Now you can keep your fingers warm and text too!!


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Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful women on this planet.. inside and out… Miss Dyan Cannon. Dyan is truly an ageless beauty that defies every rule in the book.

In honor of her birthday… Miss Cannon has agreed to share with us today, her top 5 tips for looking, staying and feeling young…..

1. Quiet Time….


3. Friends that support…. and don’t pull you down

4. Cold chamomile tea splashed on the punim (face) every morning….

5. Hot water with lemon at every meal….

Dyan…May your day be filled with light, love and all things fabulous! Happy Birthday BFF!


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I found an amazing web-site this morning called…. “I am Thankful”…. All about gratitude and the benefits on a daily basis. 2012 is the year to bring gratitude to our lives and watch as miracles happen… Here is a sample of what can be found on this amazing site….‘s mission is to foster peace and happiness through

  • Raising public awareness for thankfulness
  • Providing simple tools for practice
  • Inspiring joyful expressions of gratitude
  • Educating about related scientific findings


Benefits Of Gratitude

When we practice gratitude, something powerful happens. Instead of moving from being happy, then depressed, then happy again, we become grateful. Many people who practice daily gratitude report that their life has improved. They are more balanced, are easier to please and they generally feel a sense of calmness and peace.

Perspective matters

For some reason we often tend to look at a situation with the ‘glass is half empty’ approach. This tendency to see the negatives instead of looking at the positives is ingrained in most of us. Fostered by the media, who feed us a constant and deliberate diet of negativity, it is no wonder that most people fight with depression at some stages in their lives.

Interestingly enough, most negative situations also contain positives. When we practice gratitude, we take away the focus (and therefore the power) from the negative and focus on the positives instead.

Keeping a healthy perspective will help us to look at solutions rather than problems and give us more emotional balance.

Release the ego

Another benefit of gratitude is the release of our ego. There is a fine line between being egoistical and being strong and the former is what makes certain egos a pain to live with. By practicing gratitude we will become more and more aware that we are simply part of a greater power.

We expand our awareness and in the process become more humble.

Dropping our ego doesn’t mean we have to give up our personality though. That would be wrong since it could lead to dangerous brainwashing scenarios.

Releasing the go is simply our ability to tap into the higher consciousness of the universe and using this power to keep us balanced and happy by practicing daily gratitude.

Awake the giant within

When we practice gratitude on a regular basis we allow our heart center to open up. The heart center is what connects us with other people, giving us the power to love and being loved.

By learning how gratitude practice can align us with the higher realms of our being, we can truly raise to become a more noble person.

We will also learn how to stay humble while enjoying what life has to offer every single day. People who know the benefits of gratitude are like little children who discover the joys of living every day while having tremendous fun in the process.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of gratitude?

If you are ready to experience gratitude, feel free to use our online gratitude journal. Alternatively you could start by designing your own scrapbook journal, read beautiful gratitude quotes or use our tips in the post 21 days to form a habit to use gratitude in your life every single day.

Let’s change your lives with an attitude of gratitude!






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Now that we are officially into resolution time…. We need some defensive measures to help get this ball rolling…. weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution.

According to researchers at the “Smell and Taste Institute” in Chicago….. Peppermint stimulates the brain’s satiety center, which positively helps us feel fuller with much less food. Start sipping on peppermint tea half way through meals……. Or grab a peppermint candy whenever cravings hit. We are all in this together…. Grab for the peppermint now!

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Ring in the New Year

Alisha Spencer: Jewelry and Accessories Editor


Make your statement this New Year’s Eve with a cocktail ring from Olivia Collings. The antique inspired designs are elegant and speakeasy one’s independence, freedom, and happiness in a classy way. Right hand jewels that are meant to catch and dazzle the eye by drawing attention the way a proper accessory should!

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