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Last Sunday, I was at Soho House enjoying what was an amazing Birthday brunch with several friends and family. The manager came over and asked if we would like to participate in” My Intent”…. an organization headed by Chris Pan (yes, the same Chris Pan of Facebook fame) and have our Word stamped onto a bracelet. With a resounding yes… we stampeded over to meet Chris and find out more about this incredible movement. In 2013…. Chris, for his 36th birthday had a friend offer to make him an “intention bracelet” by choosing a word that would be a reminder to live a better and more meaningful life. His first word? “Impact” because he wanted to remind himself to make an impact with his life…. and there my people… the “My Intent Program” was born. Us girls all chose our words and Chris stamped each one by hand in our presence. I chose “Protect as the mother in me came out at that moment and I decided that as the matriarch of my family that I would be reminded on a daily basis that protecting my family is one of my priorities. Since that Sunday…. I have come up with 100 different words that have come out of 100 different situations. But “protect” is my first with many more to come….

So easy to get your own Intent stamped… just go to, choose your word and order. The easiest way to be reminded on a daily basis on how to live a better life….

Laura-Dunn-My intent-collage


Laura-Dunn-my intent-bracelet



With Lots of Intentional Love,

Laura Dunn



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Ode to: Burning Man





A week long festival in the middle of Black Rock Dessert…. Burning Man….. a most welcoming event where money is left behind and kindness and free spirited-ness are the currency spoken there. A festival dedicated to radical self expression, creativity, freedom of speech and art. I have never been…. but do plan in this lifetime to able to whisper the words… “I survived the extreme conditions at Burning Man.” The first Burning Man was in 1986 with 20 participants…. and this year there is an expected 70,000 people that will be radically self reliant….

Always starting the last Monday in August and ending the first Monday in September…

With today being the start of Burning Man…. I thought we should go over the 10 Principals.












Laura_Dunn-Burning Man (9)

Our Ode to Burning Man OutFit: Creatures of Comfort black linen jumpsuit. Headdress bought in Kauai (originally from Bali ) and cost only 80.00. The statement beaded pullover is from a little store in London and was in the $200.00 range. Whenever I see unusual pieces I grab them as quickly as possible…. because you never know when a statement piece will come in handy for changing the entire look of an outfit. 

With Some Burning Love,

Laura Dunn


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Pay it Forward… The Giving Keys


3 years ago I was at Nine Zero One Salon getting my hair cut. While getting shampooed, I saw these old beautiful keys hanging on the wall. They were very old and kind of banged up… yet hanging on beautiful gold chains. Hummmmm Upon further inspection I noticed what looked like a hand stamped word…. LOVE… on another… STRENGTH…. on another…. COURAGE. I instantly fell in LOVE…. with The Giving Keys. I raced to the front desk to find out all I could about these old special keys. They explained that a friend of the owners, Cailtlin Crosby, started this company by acquiring old keys and having people down on their luck… stamp them with inspirational words. I was to buy that key and give it to someone that needed those words. I was with my daughter Beau and we were getting ready for her engagement party… so I bought her LOVE. So that she could bask in the LOVE of her fiancé, James Fay for the rest of her life. Beau returned the favor and bought me a tiny little key also with LOVE…. explaining that it was the LOVE that she had for me. As tiny drops of tears flowed… I knew I had to share this amazing story. So 3 years ago I did a little story here on FABULOUS365 about The Giving Keys. I had so many calls after the story went live…. that I am sure they sold out that day.



On to Mother’s Day this year… 2015. Beau shows up on Mother’s Day morning with a beautiful key stamped with the word “Darling” and a video of a man hand stamping it…. just for me. Darling is my name that her child will one day call me. Talk about “Pay it Forward!” Beau had met Caitlin Crosby…. the woman behind The Giving Keys… and went for a visit to her work shop. The love and elegance that went into that stamping was astounding to watch. They key itself holds a special message and I am honored to have such a personal key.

Side Note: The Giving Keys does not personalize keys. The whole point of the inspirational word stamped on each key is… to bring that forward into our lives… all while helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-The Giving Keys (4)
From The Giving Keys Site:
Since the beginning, The Giving Keys has employed 19 people experiencing homelessness, providing opportunities for the team members to move into permanent housing. 
Today, The Giving Keys are carried in over 1200 stores in the US and internationally including Nordstrom, Fred Segal and Kitson. 
In March of 2013 The Giving Keys began partnering with Chrysalis to help find more employees. Chrysalis is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment. 
As the staff of The Giving Keys grew, they moved in June of 2013 to the Los Angeles’ neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, where they have plenty of space to expand and develop the team.
Now that you know each of these keys were hand stamped with love, we hope their inspiring stories inspire you not only to support our cause with your purchase, but also to keep your eyes peeled for the next person who plays a part in that key’s journey.
Laura Dunn Giving Keys Review
Please help “Pay it Forward” by getting someone you love…. or someone that needs to see that special word… a key and help support this beautiful organization.
Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-The Giving Keys (3)
Caitlin Crosby: Founder of The Giving Keys…. Our Heroine!
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Spiritual Sunday By Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn Fabulous365 Butterfly Effect

Photo: Ana Ochoa/Make up: Edgar Santos

Angel signs are everywhere! We featured a story on “Feathers” a few months ago….and then most recently “Dimes” as signs that Angels are in our presence. Today? We are onto to “BUTTERFLIES!” Yesterday was a day that was filled with Monarch Butterflies for me. They were everywhere…. I even found a perfectly preserved (past it’s expiration date) Monarch butterfly… on the sidewalk. At that point…. I knew it was a story and something I must share with you.


The lesson of the butterfly is letting go of old behavior and expounding into the next phase of existence. Each of us transforms through multiple stages in our life. It is only through exertion that we emerge into who we will be next. Ask for butterfly help when:
• You need help organizing a project or detailing the sequence of steps to complete it.
• You know it is time for a change and need the courage to break free from your “cocoon.”
• You are experiencing a major life change.
• You take things too seriously.
Access butterfly power by…
• Noticing colors you are drawn to and trying to discern what they mean for you.
• Choosing a habit you no longer want, developing and implementing a plan to change it.
• Observing butterflies in their natural environment (a park or preserve) and noting what you are thinking when one comes into view.
• Wrapping yourself tightly in a blanket for a few minutes and then slowly unwrapping it and emerge. Does this seem like a metaphor for anything in your life right now?
• Dance! Alone or with someone, release the energy to propel you forward.
So keep your eyes open in search of Butterflies…. dance to your hearts delight! We only get one shot in this lifetime to live the lives that God intended us to live. Live life with your heart open and throw caution to the wind…. Live a life of a butterfly!


Laura Dunn Fabulous365 Spiritual Sunday

Photo By Steven Dunn


Please excuse our switching of days and times of stories (Posts). We are in the middle of building you a much bigger, much better and way more exciting site and we have been experimenting with days to see what suits your viewing pleasure. So until our new site is finished…. we will be posting stories on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with our most sacred “Spiritual Sunday” back by popular demand! As always…. Our hearts are filled with profound gratitude for your visiting WWW.FABULOUS365.COM

With all my love,

Laura Dunn

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Spiritual Monday


Make up: Edgar Santos

The first time I was at the Chakra Spa in Beverly Hills (last Spiritual Monday’s story), I bought several of the Crystal Journey Candle soy herbal votives…. in glass. I was attracted to the colors and upon further inspection I noticed an affirmation to be recited before each lighting. I asked owner, Lilly Adams if they worked…. meaning could you feel a difference when they are lit and could these candles actually help you manifest the saying?  She said a resounding “YES!”. I bought ~joy~ ~love~ ~laughter~ and upon arriving home…. I immediately said the affirmation on each candle… and lit. Within a half hour my room smelled like a dream and I felt so at peace. This intensely joyful feeling came over me… which had me wondering… was it all in my head? I am not quite sure…. but since that afternoon, I have purchased over 30 of the candles and keep them lit day and night (always when I am at home… and I never leave them burning in a room I am not in). I pair them in 3’s and will mix and match different sayings and colors.


Stop by….. 
Charkra Spa
468 South Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Ask for Lilly
Big kisses and lots of love!
Laura Dunn


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Spiritual Mondays


Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-Dimes (8)-1
 Spiritual Monday is back …. and back to stay! What a better way to start the week…. than having a little Spiritual tidbit to help keep us on track. Let’s get started….
There is a growing phenomenon know as “Dimes from Heaven.” So big is this phenomenon…. that there is even a FaceBook Page. Let me explain…. There is a movement that is in the belief… that finding random dimes in your path is a sign from heaven. What kind of sign?  A sign that a power bigger than us….. is letting us know that they are here with us…. and helping guide us or even help with questions that have been plaguing us. I have been going through some personal weirdness in my life as of late….. I have been questing everything on my spiritual path to a bigger and better life. In the past weeks I have been finding dimes in my path. Everywhere. A dime here… a dime there. At first I just thought it was a coincidence…. but after the 8th dime in one week…. I knew that there had to be something so much bigger to these random dimes. So I googled and low and behold… I am not the only one. The next 2 paragraphs comes from “Ask Angels.”

Why Coins?

Signs from spirit through objects are not limited to coins, and regularly found are crystals and beads in a similar manner. But, there are a couple of reasons your angels and loved ones may align coins on your path and drawn your attention to them.
Firstly, coins are typically contained in wallets, coin purses, pockets, or dishes⦠And so when you see a coin just laying about, it captures attention. Coins also tend to have a bit of a shine to them, so they catch the sunlight which further increases the odds of you noticing them.
In addition, coins are a form of currency, and since ancient times they have been used as a symbol and way to communicate value. Plus coins are available in abundant supply, and while theyâre a symbol of value, no one really misses a dime which is dropped, misplaced, or relocated. This gives angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit an opportunity to re-align a few coins to position them onto your path without harming, scaring, or adversely affecting you or anyone else.

What is the meaning of finding Dimes?

Other than the obvious meaning, that coins are a sign from your loved ones, angels, and guides. Finding dimes and pennies from Heaven means you are loved and valued. Your angels, or loved ones showing you something which carries value as a metaphor of you being valued by them.
Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-Dimes (4)-1
         My wish for you…..
          To find a dime in your path this week….. so that you too may feel the love of your guide, angel or higher power.
             Welcome back to “Spiritual Monday!!” 
             All my love!
             Laura Dunn
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The lokai Balance Bracelet


Imagine a bracelet that is filled with water from the highest point on the planet….. and mud from the lowest point on the planet…. and you have The lokai Bracelet. The white bead holds water from Mount Everest….. and the black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea. I found the lokai at Kitson, Los Angeles and from the moment I put it on…. I felt a calmness come over me. I was in the middle of Christmas shopping and was in a store that was loud, packed and absolutely nerve wracking. The peace I felt upon placing the lokai on my wrist was a welcome reprieve from the insanity of Los Angeles during the holiday season. Was it all in my head? Who knows…. but I every time I put my lokai on I feel instantly better….. 





I paid 25.00 for the lokai bracelets (I bought many) at Kitson…. but saw that you can find it much cheaper on the internet. Hunt around and find better deals… the best I saw was on Etsy for 11.00. I am hoping that you can find some inner peace, calm and balance with the lokai… like I did!!


signature Laura Dunn

Nest and Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle

Every year….. for the past 5 years…. I have given you my top “Holiday” or “Christmas” candle picks here on What makes for a “top” pick? It must have that authentic Holiday scent and have nothing that could resemble anything faux or waxy. The NEST candle has notes of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla & amber. Ralph Lauren’s elegant holiday candle is scented with blends of evergreen, red currant and juniper berry.
 I have spent the past 25 years seeking these scents….and the Nest and Ralph Lauren Holiday candles are as close as I have found…. to the perfect Christmas scent.
Before you strike that match…. I have a candle warning…. this is very real and very important information that everyone should know. 
Many scented candles emit volatile organic compounds…. VOCs…. these VOCs are toxins that can disrupt the central nervous system. Frequent exposure can cause depression, brain fog and fatigue. Look for VOC free or Soy Based candles…. and if have a favorite that does have VOCs…. please use on a limited basis.









Nest and Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle




signature Laura Dunn

Healing Bath Recipes




Fill a bath with warm/hot water while adding the Hydrogen Peroxide and ginger. Soak for 30 minutes or until bath has cooled. This bath is stellar during illness and helps clear congestion and alleviate body aches. It’s also very helpful for skin irritations and allergies.



Pour all ingredients under warm running bath water and soak for 30 minutes. This bath will help heal and moisturize skin during these dry winter months. 


signature Laura Dunn

Game Changer

How would you like happy…. no matter what the circumstances? How would you like to find inner peace and freedom? In a simple…. yet paradoxically profound way…. author, Michael Singer takes us on a journey that begins with a consciousness that’s connected to the ego…. and ends with us being taken beyond our self contained image…. to liberation and inner freedom. The Untethered Soul helps us realize that happiness is our birth right… and ours for the taking. 




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