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 Spiritual Monday is back …. and back to stay! What a better way to start the week…. than having a little Spiritual tidbit to help keep us on track. Let’s get started….
There is a growing phenomenon know as “Dimes from Heaven.” So big is this phenomenon…. that there is even a FaceBook Page. Let me explain…. There is a movement that is in the belief… that finding random dimes in your path is a sign from heaven. What kind of sign?  A sign that a power bigger than us….. is letting us know that they are here with us…. and helping guide us or even help with questions that have been plaguing us. I have been going through some personal weirdness in my life as of late….. I have been questing everything on my spiritual path to a bigger and better life. In the past weeks I have been finding dimes in my path. Everywhere. A dime here… a dime there. At first I just thought it was a coincidence…. but after the 8th dime in one week…. I knew that there had to be something so much bigger to these random dimes. So I googled and low and behold… I am not the only one. The next 2 paragraphs comes from “Ask Angels.”

Why Coins?

Signs from spirit through objects are not limited to coins, and regularly found are crystals and beads in a similar manner. But, there are a couple of reasons your angels and loved ones may align coins on your path and drawn your attention to them.
Firstly, coins are typically contained in wallets, coin purses, pockets, or dishes⦠And so when you see a coin just laying about, it captures attention. Coins also tend to have a bit of a shine to them, so they catch the sunlight which further increases the odds of you noticing them.
In addition, coins are a form of currency, and since ancient times they have been used as a symbol and way to communicate value. Plus coins are available in abundant supply, and while theyâre a symbol of value, no one really misses a dime which is dropped, misplaced, or relocated. This gives angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit an opportunity to re-align a few coins to position them onto your path without harming, scaring, or adversely affecting you or anyone else.

What is the meaning of finding Dimes?

Other than the obvious meaning, that coins are a sign from your loved ones, angels, and guides. Finding dimes and pennies from Heaven means you are loved and valued. Your angels, or loved ones showing you something which carries value as a metaphor of you being valued by them.
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         My wish for you…..
          To find a dime in your path this week….. so that you too may feel the love of your guide, angel or higher power.
             Welcome back to “Spiritual Monday!!” 
             All my love!
             Laura Dunn
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27 thoughts on Spiritual Mondays

  1. I love this one….and will think of it! someone once told me that when I randomly keep running into old friends….that it means your life is “on track”….something I never have forgotten!:)

  2. Funny I always find pennies!! And yes I definitely agree that it’s a correlation to the heavens and your loved ones.
    I feel it’s your loved ones, letting you know they are here with you and your Not Alone!!
    It’s such a comforting feeling when I see them on the ground.
    I pick them up and carry them with me all day! And later I gather them, and when I have a hefty pile I donate them to my church.

  3. I love this post! I firmly believe in things such as this. I can’t wait to find a dime in my path! Then I’ll know a loved one is thinking of me! This brings comfort!

  4. This is very beautiful! I love that Barb G takes the coins she collects and donates them! That is paying it forward! Nice job!

  5. It’s a beautiful idea, but I am a skeptic when it comes to explanations like this why dimes are found. But at the end of the day, it only matter what YOU believe!

  6. Definitely not a coincidence that you are finding these dimes! Someone you love is guiding you and letting you know they are there for you. What a great gift!

  7. Wow! I never thought about what it might mean by finding coins along your path. I always pick them up, but never gave it much thought. I love this idea and now when I pick up a coin, I will smile and know someone is thinking about me and guiding me! Thanks Laura!!

  8. My grandmother once told me that nothing in life is a coincidence! Everything always means something. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it means and applying it to you.

  9. I hope the personal weirdness in your life gets less weird really soon! I think someone was trying to definitely tell you something with 8 dimes in one week! How special is that?!

  10. I’m not sure I believe it’s a “sign” when you find coins on the ground, But I do appreciate and respect your post. Happy Monday!! I hope everyone has a great day!

  11. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful spirit with a beautiful message! Thank you!! I needed a little uplifting today. I will be keeping my eyes open for dimes from heaven!

  12. I don’t buy into that stuff about money being dropped from heaven. I agree with Amee R, that someone just dropped money and didn’t pick it up. Just like “when you see a penny, pick it up and all day all you’ll have good luck”….that’s never worked for me, LOL!

  13. It’s funny because I hate pennies so I tend to toss them on the floor thinking that kids always love finding pennies on the ground but this is a fun twist on folklore!

  14. I like and feel safe knowing that sprits and angels may be making themselves present to me whether it is by feathers or dimes!

  15. It is human nature to believe that there is a “Higher Power” that will take care of us in the next life. This just proves that even though family and friends have passed on, there a not truly “Gone”.

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