Happy National Donut Day!


Move over Cronut…. The Cruffin is here!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year – National Donut Day! Who knew that a bunch of dough could make so many people…. so happy! Because my Beautiful People, who doesn’t love a good donut? We have done our homework and, through a lot of research and even more taste tests, we have found the top two donut shops in all of Los Angeles! Let’s get started!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 5

Let’s start with our newest find… Kettle Glazed Donuts. In the Hills of Hollywood and having some of the best tasting donuts that have ever graced my lips, this is the place that brought me my very first CRUFFIN.

What’s a cruffin you ask? Well if a croissant married a muffin and had a baby…. it would be a cruffin. It’s a creamy filled cinnamon muffin with the tastes of croissant, muffin and donut all rolled into one. When I ordered mine through PostMates last week, they were completely sold out at 9am so we waited while they made a full brand new batch JUST for us. When they arrived at my home they were still hot and smelled like a dream!

Other notable flavors from Kettle Glazed:

The S’more, which is insanely good filled with marshmallow madness!

The Maple Glazed topped with bacon…. wow my mouth will never be the same!

The Peanut Butter… with a peanut butter taffy filling… OMG!

They also have vegan donuts (also sold out early… cause this place is that good!!). The list goes on…. every single thing that came from Kettle was so good that I couldn’t even make it through the shoot without stuffing my mouth!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 4

On to…. California Donuts. If it’s good enough for Beyonce…. It’s good enough for us! California Donuts has what has been described as having the most beautiful donuts in the country and we can tell you that it’s true! Where else can you get a panda-faced donut? Hello Kitty? And have it taste amazing?! Where else can you order letter donuts that spell out anything your hearts desires? My son Steven actually asked his girlfriend to prom this year through donuts! They spelled out in full donut size – a message to Miss Jillian (the Gf) – and, of course, when the message is presented surrounded by rose petals the only thing she could have said was yes!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 3


There you go my most fabulous Peeps… The two best Donut Shops Los Angeles has to offer and a few more reasons to celebrate National Donut Day!!

Big Sweet Donut Kisses!

Laura Dunn



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Dr. Scholls Are Back!

laura dunn fabulous365 dr. scholl marc jacobs


The Marc Jacobs or the Original Dr.Scholls? Well if I had my druthers…. The Marc Jacobs. But if I wish to go retro…. The Dr. Scholls. The day I got my Dr. Scholls back when I was 13…. was one of the happiest days of my life! They were so hip… so cool…. only the most trendy girls wore them… and I joined that club! So when Marc Jacobs brought them back in a seriously fabulous way… rich velvet wrapped… crystal buttons and a lushes padding who wouldn’t want this luxurious copy of an iconic wooden sandal?

When I threw on the Original Dr. Scholls for our photo shoot…. it brought me back to a time where life was carefree and all I had to look forward to was a magnificent life. Buy the originals or the Jacobs…. EITHER WAY YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!!





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Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots Review – Fabulous 365

Laura Dunn - Fabulous 365

Photography Ana Ochoa                                                                                                                                                            Make Up by Edgar Santos

There comes a time in ones life…. when wearing a mini skirt is just not age appropriate. My time has come. So when I saw that thigh high boots in light colors were the rage for summer 2015…. it hit me! This is the perfect way for someone not comfortable revealing a lot of leg to be able to go short. My inspiration? Chrissy Teigen at LAX in a gray pair of Sergio Rossi boots. I have searched high and low for that amazing gray suede boot…. to no avail. My second choice…. and quite a good one may I add…. The Stuart Weitzman Highland. This beautiful thigh high is the perfect summer boot that will  allow anyone the right to go short…. all while looking insanely hip!

Laura Dunn Chrissy Teigen Thigh High Boots Stuart Weitzman Highland Gray Suese boots

Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots

The Highland by Stuart Weitzman comes in 3 stunning colors… Taupe, Black and I am wearing the Charcoal.





Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Highland thigh high boots



Laura Dunn Fabulous365




Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots


Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-50 Shades of Gray(4)


Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Fabulous 365

Laura Dunn - Fabulous 365

Laura Dunn - Fabulous 365

Stuart Weitzman

437 North Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills



All my love!

Laura Dunn

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Fabulous365 “Mother’s Day” Gift Guide

Pink tulips in colorful vases

We shopped FABULOUS365 previous postings and have come up with a few Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…… Laura-Dunn-Actress-Fabulous365-Mother's-Day-Gift-Guide
First up on our Mother’s Day Gift Selection….. something new to Fabulous365 and something I am completely and utterly obsessed with….. PACIFICA Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter. I bought the Pacifica Body Butter only for the beautiful packaging… not expecting much…. so you can imagine my surprise upon applying…. and finding my skin was smoother and more moisturized than with any of my very expensive creams. It was shockingly fabulous and a great choice for Mom’s delicate skin. It comes in 14 different scents…. 100% cruelty free and vegan.
$ 15.00!
A small fun gift for Mom…. Flash Tattoos! What a great way to say…. You’re not old…. You are a freaking hip RockStar! Grab some of the new Flash Tattoos for Mom and after she opens…. put on matching tattoos! A great way to help her feel young again!! 


Months ago I wrote about one of my favorite things to do when hiking or walking…. seeking Heart Stones. For years I have kept my eyes on the ground in continuous search for heart shaped stones or shells. My collection is quite vast and it’s amazing how I remember exactly where I found each and every one. A great gift for Mama? Buy her the book “Heart Stones” by Josie Islin…. and then go on your own hunt and present her with a stone you found yourself just for her along with the book. Talk about a gift from the heart.
Sold out after we featured “The Evil Eye Tote” here on www.fabulous365.com. But….  it’s back and in better sizing! The large that we featured is no longer and Figue has replaced the sizing to small and medium totes. While I adore my Evil Eye…. it’s a bit large so imagine my excitement when finding out it’s now offered in smaller sizing! I have never had more compliments on a purse… Let your MOM be the center of attention… and be protected from the evil eye all with The Figue Evil Eye Tuk Tuk Tote.

 Laura Dunn Breakfast in Bed
My favorite part of Mother’s Day? Breakfast in Bed! In comes my family with a tray filled with my favorite breakfast…add in presents and my puppies and this is my favorite morning of the year! Having my family there with me…. basking in the glow of their love…. and then dining together in bed is as good as it gets….. as long as we can keep the food out of the dogs mouths! Hahahaha
 6. The Cartier LOVE Bracelet
The Love Bracelet by Cartier….  What a better way to tell Mom you love her…. than presenting her with a “LOVE” Bracelet from Cartier. This iconic bracelet has been around since 1970s. I was gifted a LOVE bracelet several years ago for Mother’s Day and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The meaning below sums it up…..
The LOVE  bracelet is a universal symbol of love and commitment. The  A  collection, created in 1970s New York, has sealed the passionate romances of a host of iconic couples. The  LOVE  bracelet is a flat bangle studded with screws that locks to the wrist. Opened and fastened with a screwdriver, the piece serves to sanctify inseparable love. This undeniably elegant unisex piece forms the basis of the signature jewelry collection. Bracelet, ring or necklace: how far would you go for love?
Starting at 630.00
7. Smith & Cult Nail Polish
Any color from the luxurious “Smith & Cult” nail lacquer… is sure to be a hit with Mom! Show her how much you care with the highest end nail polish on the market.


Know that the best gift you can give your mother this Mother’s Day 2015 is….  the gift of all the love in your heart!

All my love!

Laura Dunn

signature Laura Dunn


Just 5 years ago…. I went to the art show of an up and coming “starving” artist. My daughter Beau and I were charmed by the art…. and the artist. So simple…. yet complex…. Gregory Siff’s art has a child like quality with a very distinct emotionalism style that merges abstract, pop and action painting. His technique coalesces the voice of a fearless child with the wisdom of a seasoned warrior. Both Beau and I bought a piece that evening… She paid $600.00 and I paid $800.00 for mine. I knew Gregory was talented and so wanted to support this adorable artist…. HA! Little did I know….. 


Gregory has become one of the most prolific and exciting forces in the Los Angeles contemporary art scene. Siff’s work was included in the Museum of Modern Art PS1 exhibition Rockaway! to celebrate the post Super-storm Sandy recovery. The show, curated by MoMA PS1’s director, Klaus Biesenbach along with the Honolulu Biennial, included the “Experience Rooms” which Gregory painted in the Rockaway Beach Surf Club bathrooms alongside works by Marina Abramović and Tom Sachs. His past work include a mural for non-profit The Art of Elysium’s auction with Christie’s auction house at ACE Museum. Interview Magazine called that 12 x 40 foot painting of the over 75 donating artist’s likeness “Epic.” He was selected by Vans Custom Culture to be one of their “Art Ambassadors” inspiring students across the United States to embrace their creativity. His hand painted custom Vans Sneakers were on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Siff also collaborated with Helmut Lang and Project Angel Food, a Los Angeles based charity whose mission is to help those affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer and diabetes. All of his hand painted limited edition tees sold out and 100% of the proceeds benefitted the cause. He has exhibited at Gallery Brown (2012 LA); Scope (2012 Art Basel Miami) The Art of Elysium’s Pieces of Heaven, (2012-2014); The Art Reserve x Siren Studios (2012, LA) G Show (2011, LA) He has done commissions and installations for Deitch Projects, Mercedes-Benz, Marc Jacobs, The Standard, Christie’s, Bonham’s, Sotheby’s, Hyde, Red Bull and Warner Bros. Music.






Beau paired one of her famous “Barbie” photographs with an original Siff leather jacket… to create this magnificent photography piece. The photograph sold for many thousands of dollars reaping some serious benefits for this amazing charity…. and allowing one very lucky and smart art buyer… the ability to hang this one time collaboration in their home.



Mr. Siff’s art was added to the wall above…. in post editing

Starving no more….. Gregory has hit the art scene with such force…. that his rising star has risen to the top. Commanding up to $100,000.00 per painting now…. Gregory Siff is one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated artists. And don’t think I am not kicking myself for NOT buying every single piece in that first show!! Congratulations Gregory Siff for grabbing that star by the balls….. and letting the Art world know that not only are you are here to stay….. you are here to stay on the top!





Lisa Falcone
MORAL OF THE STORY: Support starving artists! It could be end up being some serious money in the bank for you!! 
My perfectly ripped black jeans are by: [BLANKNYC], vee neck tee by: Rag & Bone and black studded pumps by: Saint Laurent.
With some serious art loving!!
Laura Dunn
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DPS Bali Lake Bratan Temple2_b

Monday’s post is on it’s way….. I am in Bali sitting in front of some of the most powerful healers in the world! I wish each and everyone of you were here!


With love from Ubud,



signature Laura Dunn

RÈMEDE Hyrda Body Contour


Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365-REMEDE-Hydra-Body Complex

Great for men and women….  This lightweight lotion is an undisputed heavyweight at hydrating and firming. With an exclusive blend of plant extracts, moisture-binding sodium hyaluronate, vitamins A, C and E, bitter orange and wheat germ, it helps to fight oxidation and aging, stimulate collagen synthesis and create younger looking skin.

Great for all skin types…. but  especially great for skin that’s seen a lot of sun, older skin and younger skin that wants to get a jump on anti-aging.









RȈMEDE Hydra Body Contour firming body lotion

yellow daisy-1



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Embellished Leather for Spring into Fall


A leather jacket…. simple, easy and so on trend for the past 4 years… and continuing through spring/summer…into fall 2015. Now that’s a versatile item of clothing! A leather jacket is a great way to to trend up any outfit. Take a conservative little dress…. add on a leather jacket and you have just raised your cool factor. At this point a good leather jacket is a staple piece and one that every girl (and guy) should have in their closet. 
I am loving this grommeted leather jacket by Barbara Bui! Even though it’s a tad heavy…. it’s a great statement piece and one that I will have in my closet forever. Now is the time to buy leather for next fall/winter as even though a lot of sales are over…. there are still some really great ones out there. I found the Bui jacket on sale for 70% off and know that I will be wearing it not only now… but for many years to come! 









 May your day be filled with The Luck of The Irish! 

Happiest Saint Patrick’s Day! 

With love and Luck!

Laura Dunn

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3 Trends…. One Look


Make up: Edgar Santos
We are continuing to see how many trends for Spring/Summer 2015 we can put into one look. Today’s outfit brings us simple 3 trends that when put all together make for a beautiful daytime look…. that could easily roll into evening. First Trend: The Soft Trench. A trench that’s a soft fabric that has movement…. yet still keeps that structured trench look.  Second Trend: YELLOW. Anything bright yellow this spring will be spot on trend. Third Trend: The Belted Scarf. This is an easy one…. take the long ends of any scarf and tuck them into your skinny belt. There you go…. Three Trends…. One Look…. Spot on trend.




Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365-Spring Trends-2015-Dolce-Gabanna-Louis-Vuitton-j-bRAND-yellow-soft-trench-coat-ana-ochoa-photography




Yellow Trench: Dolce Gabbana
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
Jeans: Velvet J Brand
With some serious spring love!!
Laura Dunn
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Play Time this weekend!!







Wouldn’t you rather spend time with people that make you laugh?? Get out there and play this weekend and let out that inner child!! 
Big kiss and some serious Fun!
Laura Dunn


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