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The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn

The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn

Another amazing find from our friends at Anat B! This black lace cocktail dress comes in at $29.00 and the compliments I received when I wore to a dinner this past Saturday evening…. were so insane that even I was surprised! Starting with the hostess of the restaurant…. who squealed with delight when I walked in the door…. to our friends that we were dining with….  to the two different men on my way to the ladies room who wanted to buy the dress for their wives!

I kept it very simple and added in no accessories… except my Harry Winston watch and a beautiful pair of Casadei satin peep toe pumps. So much look…. so little money!!


Laura Dunn


The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn




The Black Lace Dress by Laura Dunn

Anat B.

271 South Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, Ca.


Please call for other locations in the Los Angeles area



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34 thoughts on Laura Dunn – Pennies & Posh – Fabulous 365

  1. As women, when complimented, we often let the person know where we got it and how much it was. That’s because we want to share the great deal and it makes it that much more cute! This is the perfect example. Adorable dress that anyone can buy, but looks so rich!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! This is the look I wanted for my birthday celebration. And this is something I can definately afford! I’m going to look and feel gorgeous!!

  3. OH-MY-GOODNESS! I must have this dress immediately if not sooner! I just went onto the website but could not find it! Can you steer me in the right direction? You look AMAZING and I must have this dress!

  4. This dress is so stunning and classy. A classic fashion that will never go out of style. You look absolutely stunning in this dress. Way to share the deals!

  5. Hello Most Beautiful Peeps,

    The dress can be found to try on at Anat B. in Beverly Hills or Sherman Oaks California. I will post addresses on the front of this post now! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and comment!!

    All my love,


  6. That dress would be perfect for a holiday party I have to go to! Looks like I’ll be going shopping 🙂 Thanks for posting the address!!!

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