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Laura Dunn - Fabulous 365

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There comes a time in ones life…. when wearing a mini skirt is just not age appropriate. My time has come. So when I saw that thigh high boots in light colors were the rage for summer 2015…. it hit me! This is the perfect way for someone not comfortable revealing a lot of leg to be able to go short. My inspiration? Chrissy Teigen at LAX in a gray pair of Sergio Rossi boots. I have searched high and low for that amazing gray suede boot…. to no avail. My second choice…. and quite a good one may I add…. The Stuart Weitzman Highland. This beautiful thigh high is the perfect summer boot that will  allow anyone the right to go short…. all while looking insanely hip!

Laura Dunn Chrissy Teigen Thigh High Boots Stuart Weitzman Highland Gray Suese boots

Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots

The Highland by Stuart Weitzman comes in 3 stunning colors… Taupe, Black and I am wearing the Charcoal.





Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Highland thigh high boots



Laura Dunn Fabulous365




Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots


Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-50 Shades of Gray(4)


Laura Dunn Stuart Weitzman Fabulous 365

Laura Dunn - Fabulous 365

Laura Dunn - Fabulous 365

Stuart Weitzman

437 North Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills


All my love!

Laura Dunn

signature Laura Dunn

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21 thoughts on Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots Review – Fabulous 365

  1. WOW!!!! THEY look AMAZING on YOU!!
    Love the color, Super-CHIC, Super-HOT!!
    They R actually SEXIER than showing leg!!
    I must have a pair!!
    THX LD!!

  2. I have boots very similar, but mine aren’t as high on the thigh. I like that! And they are really comfortable!!

  3. You are crazy lady…If anyone can pull of a cute mini in the summer, it would be you! You have the best stems!

  4. I have to be carful with tall boots because I am short and don’t want to give the illusion of being any shorter!

  5. Age…with all the wisdom comes not being able to do what you always used to! I like that you are not telling us to NOT wear minis…just wear them classier…good advice!

  6. What looks great about these boots are that they tie at the top. I have bigger thighs so they will tie to fit!

  7. The boots are really cute. I like the shall you are wearing too. Great outfit. More for winter (for me) than summer. I think I would be way too hot in these suede boots.

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